Meet the Safety Assessor for Paul Penders Company

Meet Paul Penders Company Safety Assessor, James Midgley. His specialty is toxicology and the possible toxic effects that can occur when substances are mixed together improperly. Educated at the University of Hull in the UK, his degree is in Organic Chemistry with an emphasis on ingestion, absorption and inhalation. He knows a lot about which blends of chemicals can have positive or negative effects on the human body.

What does a Safety Assessor do?

“I am an independent voice, paid to take an objective look at the product and assess its safety. I am paid by the company to be separate from the company — to provide that external view. It”s like an auditor position. Everybody wants to sell, sell, sell. But it”s my job to say “hang on a minute, this is what we need to look at.””

What does a Safety Assessor look for?

“There are three main things,” says James:

“One, a Raw Materials Check.”

“I look at the suppliers of the raw materials, check the inventory documents when a new batch is delivered, and match their certificates of conformity against the receipts to be sure they meet the criteria.

“Second, I am looking for possible chemical interactions in the matrix – functional groups of natural products.”

“At ambient temperatures, there”s no problem usually but some combinations can become toxic. So I check if at room temperature, substances in a product formula will form something else.”

“The third thing is the efficacy of the formulas.”

He explains that “efficacy” is a combination of the raw materials from suppliers plus the knowledge of interactions between substances. From that equation, you get evidence whether or not a product is safe for use in the global marketplace.

When the full Safety Assessment is completed, James will then issue a “Release Certificate” for that particular batch of Paul Penders products. He estimates it takes him about 4 hours to evaluate each batch of products before they are allowed to be shipped out.

You might think that a Safety Assessor would be a bit scary.

After all, this is the person who will determine if your manufacturing conditions are hygienic and your products are safe for human use. As it turns out, James Midgley is a warm, friendly and very funny man who just happens to have a vast knowledge of chemistry. He”s the kind of bloke that you might find yourself laughing with down in a caf” for coffee and a fascinating conversation.


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Skincare Routine – Not Just for Girls!

Paul Penders Brightening Hot Cloth Cream Cleanser now can form the basis of a luxurious daily routine, to bring back the glow of health and youth to your skin.

Brightening Hot Cloth Cream Cleanser product range is entirely composed of natural ingredients, some of which we grow ourselves. Due to our daily contact with the growing process, we are increasingly becoming interested in the natural world.

Interesting things we learn from the world of birds

One thing we have noticed: in the Bird world, it is the male of the species who takes great care of his appearance! Consider the humble mallard duck – while the female has dowdy, earth colored feathers to better hide herself when nesting; come breeding season and the male is resplendent, in glowing plumage from white, through chestnut, to jewel-like teal!

In previous times man visit his barber daily

Looking through history, it is only in the last century or so, that men have ceased to wear brilliant clothing, and spend time on meticulous grooming. In previous times, a man would visit his barber daily, for a deep cleansing and close shave.

Indeed, the very origins of the word ‘barber’ are the French word for ‘beard’. Only from the 1920s did our visits to the barber become mere hair-trimming, and limited to once every three weeks or so. Sadly, most of those old-fashioned barbers are no more.

However, you can now recreate the experience at home! Our Paul Penders Natural Brightening Hot Cloth Cream Cleanser can form the basis of a luxurious daily routine, to bring back the glow of health and youth to your skin. Make your daily shave a pleasure, and improve your skin at the same time.

A wonderful very fresh skin feel …

How to use Brightening Hot Cloth Cream Cleanser ?

  • Make sure you have a clean, sharp razor.
  • Massage a modest amount of cream cleanser into your wet skin, using small, circular movements. Take your time over this step; it is not a race!
  • Wet the provided muslin cloth in very hot water, and hold it over your face this allows your pores to open, and helps the cleanser do its work.
  • Rinse cloth, and then use it in circular motions to remove the cream cleanser. The texture of the cloth has a gentle exfoliating effect and helps prevent ingrowing hairs.
  • Wet your face again, and shave closely, using another small amount of the cream cleanser.
  • Finish by rinsing, then using the hot cloth again.

Chamomile and Moringa Skin Toner

To close your pores, splash with Paul Penders Chamomile and Moringa Toner. This product is soothing to the skin, and contains no alcohol. The ingredients are chosen to clarify your skin, and to naturally balance your moisture levels.

If shaving is not part of your daily routine, you can still reap great benefits from following this cleanse and tone principle. Your beard will be soft and conditioned, and your skin glowing and clear.


Available early 2015



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MY SKIN FITNESS Complexion Booster Coming Soon….!

Written by By Amanda McGillivray of The Natural Skincare Company in UK

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we firmly believe that! Just think about all the different ‘types’ of beauty, not only in your own culture but that of others. Beauty has a different meaning for all of us.

Thinking about this further got me thinking about what actually makes someone ‘beautiful’. One thing that does seem to apply to all cultures is that people who are healthy and fit, both in mind and in body, tend to exude beauty and radiance. We are so much more than what we look like.

What we eat, and what we do, will reflect on our inner and outer beauty possibly in equal measure. You may see a beautiful skin on a young man or woman, but their diet is compiled of fast foods, processed foods, sugar and alcohol. What will their skin look like in 30 or 40 years time?

people who are healthy and fit, both in mind and in body, tend to exude beauty and radiance.

Being truly beautiful means looking after your body, and in equal measure, looking after your mind and of course, your skin. Without all three we will struggle to keep that glowing youthful complexion throughout our lives!

Of course, you can be a beautiful person without caring for your skin too, but think of it this way. How many people can remember their parents saying to them ‘Look after it, and it will last….’? In our throwaway society, it is all too easy not to look after our possessions thinking that we can after all just purchase another….it will be a long time before we are able to do that with our skin! (I could say ‘never’ here but technology is an amazing thing…)

Paul went out sailing to Columbia and Panama islands searching for the best seaweed possible

Coming on to amazing things, I have got a little sneak preview of a new miracle in a bottle! it Is from our old favourite, Paul Penders.

MySkinFitness is a brand new skincare product which contains red seaweed and some other fantastic ingredients. Those of you who follow Paul Penders will already know that he travels the world to find unique and innovative new ingredients for his skincare range, and has been doing this for over 40 years now!

MySkinFitness Complexion Booster is all about new and exciting ingredients to stimulate and nourish your skin – keeping your skin fit and healthy just like you should do with your body.

Just watch this little video to get a taste of what is coming….

Mujonso and Red Marine Seaweed Algae Extracts

for Powerful and Greatest Skin Benefits

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Fake Paul Penders Products Still Circulating In China

A captivating image of a young Chinese woman with flawless gorgeous-looking skin looking serene with in the background the mountains ready to free a butterfly from her delicate hand, and surrounded by beautiful flowers. Yes, such idyllic beauty is truly China, and for this and much more I love China; the country and its great people.


Like in all countries, also in the wonderful great nation of China there are people who are out to make a quick buck. These people destroy the hard work of others who want to make the country clean of stolen identities; copied trademarks and fake products using the name of a brand that is known in one or another way.

In Hangzhou, China there is a company that calls itself “Paul Penders China” and they produce ILLEGALLY cosmetic products using my name without any permission or whatsoever to use my name. I fully own all rights to my name “Paul Penders” that is officially registered in China.

These products may look nice to some but they are illegal products! We do not make green products using this kind of packaging. The picture of the factory is a large printing company. Consumers are deceived into thinking that this is the company that manufactures my products.


I would like our clients to know that I am not involved whatsoever with that company in China. My lawyers have officially written to the Hangzhou company to immediately terminate the use of my name and stop manufacturing products under my name. The company is not entitled to use my name, logos, website as I am not associated with them at all.

I have been trying for the past 4 years to stop this injustice and unlawful; practice but these perpetrators just do not care since Chinese laws are not always enforced and a lot of corruption still goes on at all levels in China.

But we got Amazon in China to stop carrying these fake Paul Penders products or we would sue Amazon USA, the mother company of Amazon China. How is it possible that an American company can be part of these unlawful practices? Could greed be the case?

I urge the Chinese authorities to clamp down on the
Hangzhou Company in order to protect the image of
The country in the interest of consumers duped into
buying fake “Paul Penders” products in China.


While litigation is being pursued I am making every effort to protect my brand and to caution Chinese clients of damage that may be caused by using fake products. These bogus manufacturers do not use the same ingredients. I cannot guarantee nor endorse the quality of the fake products. Moreover, these products do not contain our certified vegan ingredients.

Chinese consumers will stand to lose when damage is done
to their complexion. Distributing companies in China that
continue to engage in distributing these products shall be
liable. My lawyers have already placed advertisements
in the Qian Jiang Evening Post to officially warn against
fake Paul Penders products made in China.



Actually a lot, because a regrettable aspect of China regulations is that any cosmetic company, small or large, manufacturing cosmetic products made OUTSIDE China must have their products tested on animals before they can be sold in China.

Because of this new law we are not allowed to sell our own original products in China! Isn’t this ridiculous? Of course this loophole is being used to its utmost advantage by this company in Hangzhou.

Even though people, also in China, are outraged about this new law, it is possible to steal a trademark and start producing using cheap chemicals under an established brand and …. Just get away with it.

Warning to Chinese consumers:
You put your face, body and hair greatly at risk
by using fake “Paul Penders” cosmetics
illegally manufactured in China.

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