Testing perfumes


We plan to launch 3 Eau de Perfumes but before that can happen, besides lots of painstaking work in the lab, these is the testing stage to ensure that the final choice of fragrances are accepted by as many people in different countries.
Thus: frequently testing is a must! Last night at The Ocean Restaurant we invited some 10 Europeans and it was lots of fun doing the testing while the outcome is another challenge for Dr. Gatot in our lab to further fine-tune the 3 remaining choices.
Much more testing needed till we are ready to bring 3 new Eau de Perfume products to the market!

First batch of baby Mujonso arrived in Perlis


A first batch of baby Mujonso arrived in Perlis this morning and gardeners of The Ocean Residence start planting them at our lab and offices in Kangkar.

Despite a fire yesterday at a very irresponsible neighbouring company. Smoke even in our building and the fire department rushed out – luckily enough – our buildings were safe, thus the planting activity could continue.

We expect the Mujonso babies with proper watering and lots of LTC to become strong parents. From these strong parents we will continue to get more babies and these we will start growing on a large scale in Perlis – hopefully soon! All from the original same source – The Ocean residence, Langkawi. All for better health, and yes, also for more healthy skin too. (because here is too where we come in :-)

A strong handcarved tool


Our company manager Nasri came with a tool that had belonged to his grandfather. One can reshuffle hard earth easily with this strong handcarved tool.
Tomorrow fresh soil will go on top of the hard earth. Planting of the Langkawi Mujonso babies will be done partly by ourselves and two gardeners coming from Langkawi taking with them a first batch of some thousand baby Mujonso.
Babies will now become parent Mujonso in Perlis who then will give birth to new growth as well.

That is the way we spread the story of Mujonso, by hand and soon in Perlis as well, plant by plant.

Amazing Malaysia

Amazing Malaysia

Every day there is an opportunity to learn something new.
This is Rose, the assistant of Dr. Gatot of our lab. Today is our “Outside Cleaning Day” but today is special. Because we are going to plant organic Mujonso also in Perlis around our 10,000 S.F. office, lab and warehouse building.
Wherever we go we make things “green” and next week we will do it with Mujonso that we have start growing in Langkawi for Perlis. At The Ocean Residence in Langkawi we planted some 5,000 Mujonso plants to benefit the health of our guests.
Now some 1,000 of their babies come to Perlis. So we are extra cleaning here to welcome them.

What I learned new today is this interesting broom Rose brought to the office. It is fully made from road and field plants, not one single piece of plastic. And ….. wow! … what a great tool to clean the street of almost any dirt.
Thanks Rose for teaching me yet another of these amazing local tools.