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Did You Know That…

… your lips will look much more appealing, if you use two colors instead of one?
Apply the darker color closest to the outer side of your lips, and the lighter color in the center of your lips.
You can even use different shades from day to day, depending on your mood.

Paul Penders Cream Lipstick comes in a lovely variety of shades, made with certified organic colors and 22 certified organic herbs; soaked in nurturing natural plant oils to add extra moisture to your lips.
The lipsticks provide both classic and rich natural colors.
Lip Gloss can be applied after application to add moisture and for prolonged wear, if wanted.
Available in the following shades:

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Natural Lipstick: Why Your Lips Need To Go Organic

Did you know that by using lipstick every day, one consumes 5 pound lipstick in a lifetime?
Lipstick has been around for 5,000 years and it is one cosmetic that will never go out of style. Like stiletto heels, lipstick is a fashion accessory that, properly used, allows a woman to capture a man’s attention like no other. Lipstick outsells every other type of beauty product, and even women who don’t use makeup like blush and eyeliner usually have some lipstick on hand.

Trouble is, every time you lick your lips you’re ingesting a tiny amount of lipstick. Many lipsticks are potentially harmful because of D&C colors (drug and cosmetics colors) used that give an amazing spectrum of rich colors in lipsticks – but they are approved by the FDA for cosmetics, not for FOOD!
The FDA guidelines for approved synthetic FD&C and D&C colors concern only their lead and arsenic content. There are no guidelines for their allergic or carcinogenic properties.
Since the early 90s, Paul Penders has stopped using FD&C colors in his products, which was a bolder move than you think. Now we can’t make our shampoos and other liquid products in lovely glowing colors and ship them in transparent bottles (oh, the sacrifices we make).
Synthetic colors are not the only problem. Many commercial lipsticks are a witch’s brew of petroleum-based chemicals. Special-feature lipsticks will also contain certain chemicals and minerals to create their effects: bismuth compounds are used for giving that pearly sheen, silicon oil keeps the lipstick on your lips longer and mica particles gives a glittering effect. And don’t forget synthetic fragrances and artificial flavors for scent and taste.
These items are not deadly poisons like lead, but the companies selling these lipsticks will have to test them for allergies and other side effects, and that of course often means animal testing.
All in all, it’s a vicious cycle of health and ethical issues – all of which you can avoid just by switching to natural organic brands of lipsticks. Producers of natural organic lipsticks cannot possibly produce the range of colors that can be obtained by FD&C dyes but at least you can go ahead and “eat” your lipsticks 🙂
We at Paul Penders now use also certified organic pigments… and don’t worry, they’re still sexy enough.