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Consumers desire Education about Natural & Organic Claims

I ask myself many times how small companies like Paul Penders (small but still selling our products to many countries in the world) can succeed in make you become more informed about our products and values.

A brand-new study in the US by Kairos Consumer www.kairosconsumers.com points out that consumers require more education about effectiveness and claims of organic and natural cosmetics.
Consumers understand conventional cosmetic claims and are familiar with the brands associated with these claims. They are more likely to buy brands with claims they understand over products labeled organic or natural.
But consumers who buy organic and natural cosmetics admit that they know little about what is an organic or a natural product. They say that these products appeal mostly to them because of ‘absence of negative ingredients’.
They believe cosmetics are safe when they are free of ingredients they view as bad, such as parabens, dyes and chemicals. They place trust in a brand’s reputation making brand familiarity an important influence when buying cosmetics.
Smaller brands like Paul Penders also can educate organic shoppers more about the effectiveness of organic and natural ingredients. Many people in the study of Kairos Consumer indicated a desire for this information.
Can you let us know what is important to you when you buy cosmetic products? How can we at Paul Penders Co do better in educating you? Or inform you more about matters that are important to you?

Why Halal Certified Cosmetics?

Often people in the US or Europe ask me what halal cosmetics are. Many have heard about the word “kosher” but not “halal”. Long before the term “certified organic” became the newest kid on the block, Paul Penders cosmetics were already halal formulated. We are intensely serious about quality of our products and all Paul Penders natural herbal cosmetics are CERTIFIED HALAL
At the international cosmetics convention in Bangkok few months ago, Darhim Hashim of the International Halal Integrity Alliance spoke on the growing interest of halal formulated cosmetics world-wide.
The word halal means: permissible in Arabic. In the scope of halal cosmetics, the concept covers critical aspects of: production, sourcing of raw materials, and usage of permissible substances. All must be manufactured, stored and packaged according to specific halal requirements.
One of the reasons why I have been an advocate of halal cosmetics is that no animal products can be used, no animal by-products or slaughter products can be used, and no alcohol. But also, in order to get a government halal certification, manufacturing is a way more stringent process than simply GMP manufacturing.
Halal requirements for cosmetics have never been changed and are the same for ages. The process of certification is simple and clear; for everyone in any country of the world the same. In the US are no different requirements than in The Netherlands or in Malaysia. That too is why I like halal.
I found out 20 years ago that the halal requirements are exactly as to my own values. Our products are natural and use certified organic ingredients, no animal ingredients or whatsoever. Paul Penders products are officially halal certified not just the same process like organic certification board that wants to be in the business too and like the money aspects involved too. With halal certification is no money involved, period.
Paul Penders products are government halal certified in order to guarantee the best of ethically produced cosmetics made in the most clean environment, produced by people who care for these specific principles for the benefit of our consumers world-wide.

When you enter the Paul Penders offices at Langkawi UNESCO Geopark Island, the first thing is noticed are the many certificates hanging on the wall. We call it COMMITMENT towards quality of ethically produced cosmetic products without fanfare, without confusion and without sneaky business practices. A government approved halal certification for cosmetics means that these products are simply the best.