The very beautiful older lady...

The very beautiful older lady
Here are some impressions from where we work with local people in the tropics. Here is a Grandmother and nobody knows how old she really is, but we were told by the villagers that she is far more than 100 years old. She proudly shows me her hands, still daily used to very hard labor. She explains that the very best skin care in the world is what she makes for her own use from local leaves, herbs and native plants. We feel touched that we from the Western world can learn so much from the local community in tropical countries.

The King & Queen of MalaysiaLady
The King & Queen of Malaysia

We are so proud to be able to present to the King and Queen of Malaysia one of our first batches of ICT (Intensive Clarifying Therapy).

Applying ICT at the Local CommunityApplying ICT at the Local Community

Imagine yourself relaxing in this beautiful natural beach setting… Imagine living here all year-round… We have become friends with these locals who shared some of their own typical skin care regimen. We were happy return the favor! We provided them with ICT treatments, with which they were interested, as it includes 2 powerful rainforest herbs as well. As you may see here… we had fun. The locals could barely wait until all the 'bubbling' of ICT had finished before seeing the results…. Yes, they were quite impressed and satisfied with ICT's remarkable results.

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