Paul Penders Plants New Roots Roots

It has always been our mission to seek out the finest, most pure ingredients that nature provides…

LevensESSENTIE™ Time-tested rejuvenation for over 100 years.

In 1900 Grandmother Penders developed a powerful infusion of essential herbs used by the family to nurture and heal. 100 years later, her grand-son Paul added to her proprietary blend the healing properties of the Malaysian Rainforest, and a new generation of organic skincare was born!

LevensESSENTIE™ adds Super Anti-Oxidant Green Tea

Visitor Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, a devout tea drinker, wrote numerous poems dedicated to “Paradise on Earth”, so called by an intoxicated Marco Polo upon discovering a land scented with lotus and incense… This legendary place in China, now called Hangzhou, is the Herbsgreen-tea capital of the world! Hangzhou still boasts some of the purest, most untouched spring water and mountain air - two essential elements that keep the earth clean and vibrant with anti-oxidant properties! Local legend has it that the water is infused with magical properties, and is still part of a cleansing ritual meant to keep the bather as beautiful as the gods… Paul Penders’ levensESSENTIE™ captures this magic by adding pure essential green-tea to it’s already potent blend. And now, we are thrilled to announce the acquisition of our very own centre, nestled in the hills of Hangzhou to produce our own, Certified Organic Green Tea Extract!

What is so special about green tea?

Used for centuries in mountain teahouses as a beverage both medicinally and meditationally, prominent researchers now know that green tea powerfully enhances the health and well-being of anyone who drinks it.

Warding off heart disease, lowering incidences of strokes, bringing down blood-pressure and fighting free-radicals that can cause cancer are only a small handful of benefits enjoyed by green-tea drinkers!

Green Tea and Paul Penders Green Tea

A super anti-oxidant rich in polyphenols , green tea has been clinically proven to be more effective than Vitamins C and E; it is no secret that these properties resonate deeply beneath the skin, adding to it’s bodily rejuvenating properties…

Green Tea Extract for Anti-Aging

Extract of green-tea has been an integral part of our innovative AquaLuna Pigmentation Gel since it was created, tending to even the most sun-worshipped skin. A component of our incredibly successful Anti-Aging Line as well, Aqua Luna is yet one more advancement in preventative care made by Paul Penders! Now levensESSENTIE™ carries the Super Anti-Oxidant boost of our own grown Certified Organic Green Tea Extract, the latest of 24 special ingredients blended into each and every product!

Super Anti-Oxidant Green Tea Extract and You

Enjoy the benefits of our own Hangzhou Certified Organically Grown Super Anti-Oxidant Green Tea Extract at home! Healthy, beautiful beauty products by Paul Penders. They will be formulated with NEW levensESSENTIE™, clinically tested and scrupulously produced.Paul Penders: Time-tested rejuvenation for over 100 years.

Paul Penders
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