Dr. Frank R. Jansen
is a highly respected American Health, Safety, and Environment Specialist whose consulting expertise is in constant demand around the globe. His early training as a surgeon brought him into contact with Southeast Asian rainforest environments when he worked with medical teams during the Viet Nam war. After returning to the U.S., he turned his attention to conservation of the environment where one of his major achievements was the implementation of a clean water act in Florida. Because of his love of rainforests and his engineering experience in assessing the impact of development in sensitive environments, we invited Dr. Jansen to Langkawi Island to review operations at the Paul Penders research, development, and production facility.

"I have known about Paul Penders natural herbal cosmetic products since they were first produced in the United States. As an environmentalist, I was immediately drawn to the company’s ethical stance on both the treatment of animals and their insistence on the use of natural healthy ingredients, which was in stark contrast to the practices of their mainstream competitors.
I was interested to learn that Paul had commenced operations on Malaysia’s beautiful Langkawi Island because I have a longstanding love of tropical rainforest environments, and there are few as stunning and undisturbed as the ancient forests of Langkawi.
It was therefore a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure when I was invited to visit Paul’s facility and review its method of operations—from the growth and harvest of local raw materials through to the testing of the final products.
I was able to verify that the locally sourced ingredients are grown organically, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The products are cold-processed naturally, with a minimal amount of natural preservatives used—just enough to keep the bio-active ingredients intact without diminishing their benefits. Quality control of the processing facility was well up to the GMP standards required by U.S. authorities.
This includes the off-site testing by independent laboratories of samples taken from each production batch.

I also witnessed the testing of products on volunteers to determine whether any adverse skin reactions were likely to occur. Personal interviews with the volunteers indicated that the products were free from any problems of this nature. Finally, I determined that the operations were having a negligible overall impact on the environment, an assessment which pleased Paul enormously as, for him, this is a core issue.
As a result of my visit, I am able to verify that all 22 LevensESSENTIE™ herbs in Paul Penders natural cosmetics are organically or wild grown, and harvested and processed using traditional methods that have proven to be safe over many generations."
Dr. Frank R. Jansen

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