The Paul Penders e-Newsletter: October 2007

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Expert Herbalist Takes PP Visitors on Jungle Tour
Paul Penders Launches Clothing Line
Naturally Firming the Bust
Beauty Editors Praise Paul Penders

Expert Herbalist Takes PP Visitors on Jungle Tour

Last month, expert herbalist Dr. Abdul Ghani Hussain, MBChB, took Paul Penders and visitors from Japan on a two-hour tour through Langkawi’s rainforest. The tour included Paul Penders senior chemist Dr. Gatot and a team from Japanese QVC that had traveled to Langkawi to film the Paul Penders products.

The group went deep into the jungle, up steep inclines and down craggy ravines, crossing clear mountain streams and dodging low-hanging brush.

During the tour, Dr. Ghani explained that the rainforest contained thousands of plants that had long been used in traditional Malay medicine but remained virtually unknown in other parts of the world. They continue to be used, he said, in treating conditions as diverse as hemorrhoids and hepatitis B.

A highlight of the tour was the identification of wild pegaga growing alongside ordinary grass at the side of the road. A member of the parsley family, pegaga has long been used in Malaysia as both a nutritious component of a well-balanced meal and as a medicinal therapy. Its leaves are a rich source of vitamin K, magnesium and calcium. It also helps alleviate fatigue, reduces the effects of depression and insomnia, improves memory and concentration, and boosts circulation.

This latter ability has earned pegaga a place in Paul Penders’ LevensESSENTIE Gold, the proprietary blend of 22 herbs that is contained in all of the company’s skin care and make up products. In skin and hair care products, increased blood circulation helps in the process of cellular renewal, which in turn keeps skin and hair young looking.

Trained in Western-style medicine then expanding into Malay, Islamic, Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicines, Dr. Ghani started collecting medicinal plants as a means to treat common ailments like headaches and flu. He now regularly conducts Herbwalks in Langkawi, taking visitors across the island as well as through his own herb gardens. These gardens contain more than 500 different species of plants with known medicinal values. After each tour, traditional Malay refreshments are served.

For more details about Herbwalk, or to read Dr. Ghani’s blog describing various species of plants indigenous to Langkawi, please click here. To read the article about Dr. Ghani in the October 3 issue of the Brunei Times, click here.

Paul Penders Launches Clothing Line

Paul Penders exclusive polo shirts and caps are now available for sale in the Paul Penders e-store! Both are deep blue, the color of the ocean surrounding beautiful Langkawi, with the company name embroidered in glistening gold script.

Made of 100% pure cotton, the shirts are of exceptional quality and compare to department store shirts selling for double or triple the price. They are guaranteed not to shrink or fade during washing, in sizes from small (S), medium (M), large (L), extra large (XL) and triple extra large (XXXL).

The matching caps are also of the highest quality, made of cotton drill. They are washable, and can be adjusted to suit any size.

Naturally Firming the Bust

Over the past few years, a wide array of products and equipment has been launched that claims to firm the skin.

Equipment includes laser and radio frequency devices that physicians use to stimulate collagen production and increase firmness on the face and body. While clinical studies have shown these treatments to be highly effective, however, the high equipment prices of $30,000 and more have resulted in procedure fees of at least $300 to $800; doctors charge over $1,500 for treatment with some devices.

Topical products offer firming for considerably lower cost. Many different products have long been available, formulated from both synthetic and natural ingredients.

Synthetic products are many include preparations formulated from proprietary blends of ingredients such as Avon’s Bust Sculpt. This product contains a combination of both petroleum-based and other ingredients that Avon calls Virtual Bra Technology.

Natural firming lotions are similar, but only use ingredients derived from organic plant materials. For example, Paul Penders’ Kigelia Lipo and Phyto – Tocotrienol Firmer Curves contains extract prepared from the Kigelia Africana tree. The bark, leaves and the fruit pulp of this tree contain several flavonoids and glycosides that have been shown in clinical studies to help regenerate collagen and elasin in the skin, thereby increasing firmness and in fact, African women have traditionally made preparations from the kigelia tree to increase bust firmness.

In tests conducted by France-based Laboratoires Prod'Hyg, hydroglycolic extract of Kigelia Africana improved one measure of bust firmness by more than 70% when applied once daily over a 3-week period. Dr. Gatot, a senior chemist at Paul Penders, notes that the company’s Kigelia Lipo and Phyto – Tocotrienol Firmer Curves works so well, that some customers, both male and female, use it to firm the skin on the face.

Because kigelia is only available in relatively small quantities, however, it is not widely used in firming creams. Other natural bust firming agents include pueraria mirifica, which comes from the White Kwao Krua herb in Thailand, silybum marianum, alchemilla vulgaris, equisetum arvense, glycine soja, wheat germ oil, alfa alfa and radish.

For more details about Paul Penders’ Kigelia Lipo and Phyto – Tocotrienol Firmer Curves, please click here.

Beauty Editors Praise Paul Penders

Over the past few months, editors at some of the web’s leading beauty product review sites have tested and raved about Paul Penders products.

Of the Paul Penders skin care line, Cosmetic & Beauty Reviews said, “I have been using Paul Penders face care for the last few weeks and my face has never looked better! My wrinkles are fading, my eyes look brighter and I have an all over glow.” To read the full review, please click here.

Makeup Girl described the Paul Penders hair care products as “fantastic”. They said, “not only will your hair get clean, but the condition will be preserved as well with organic olive oil to moisturize. Rinse Gentle was actually really nice, smelled fresh and lemony. My hair didn't feel weighed down, it was extremely light.” To read all of Makeup Girl’s comments, please click here.

Like product reviewers for magazines, web-based product reviewers help demystify the thousands of different beauty brands, personally testing and comparing different products. Reviewers select only a small number of products to sample, then try them over the course of a few days or weeks to determine how well they perform. Because many reviewers have long histories in the product business including, in Makeup Girl’s case, professional experience as both a makeup artist and model, they are able to evaluate products with a high degree of knowledge and expertise. Results and ease of use are top considerations, with only a few products finally earning a top honors on reviewers’ websites.