The Paul Penders e-Newsletter: July 2008
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Operations for Blind Children
eStore Keeps Growing
Harmful Ingredients
Paul Penders Extra Testing

Paul Penders China Sponsors Operations for Blind Children

This summer, Paul Penders has sponsored eyesight-restoring operations for five children through the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund (CCTF).

Established in July 1981, the CCTF is the first nationwide organization to raise funds that promote the education and welfare of children and adolescents throughout China. Over the past 27 years, the group has touched the lives of more than one million people across the country through vocational training for girls, summer camps, earthquake relief, employment and entrepreneurship training, school aid and other programs.

As part of its mission to help children live healthier lives, the CCTF organizes sight-restoring operations for those whose blindness can be corrected through surgery. Physicians typically perform treatment at no charge, and donated funds of about $700 per child are used to offset hospital and other medical costs.

Paul Penders has long been a fixture of the Chinese cosmetic marketplace, with a loyal following of customers dating back many years. In April 2007, the company opened a new manufacturing facility in Hangzhou, China. The site was selected for its central location in Asia as well as the abundance of natural ingredients found in Hangzhou’s pure and untouched hills. One of these ingredients, green tea, is a potent antioxidant included in Paul Penders LevensESSENTIE™.

To read more about the CCTF or become involved with this fine organization, please click here.

eStore Keeps Growing – Thank You!

During the first six months of 2008, sales from the Paul Penders online estore doubled over the same period in 2007.

So for all our customers who have placed orders online – thank you!

The estore was established in 2006 to provide easy ordering of Paul Penders products. Because Paul Penders customers are located around the world, on all continents, online ordering removes the difficulties associated with telephone ordering.

The estore also contains the latest product information on all skin care, hair care, body care and makeup products including available sizes and ingredients. Payment information may be entered with confidence, as customer information is collected through a fully secure network.

Paul Penders subsidizes shipping and handling charges from Malaysia, so these fees never exceed $7.50, no matter what the size of the order.

To visit the estore, please click here.

Canada Identifies Harmful Cosmetics Ingredients

This spring, the Canadian government earmarked a family of chemicals used in personal care products for its growing toxic list as part of a comprehensive safety review of chemicals found in consumer goods.

Under the Chemicals Management Plan, over 200 substances have been identified as potentially hazardous and the Canadian government is looking at these in detail before releasing its conclusions about batches of ingredients at regular intervals over the next few years. The group of 11 chemicals, which was selected from a review of 16 substances, is the most recent to be identified as potentially harmful to humans.

Among the 11 substances proposed for the toxic list, cyclopentasiloxane D5 is the most commonly used in personal care products. A building block of silicone, the chemical is considered to be an environmental hazard, especially to water-based organisms. Cyclopentasiloxane D5 has found its way into many personal care products, although it is not believed to pose a significant health threat at current levels of exposure.

However, vinyl acetate, which is also used in some personal care products, may pose a threat to human health. It was also included on the new Canadian list of toxic substances. This substance is used to make polymers and has been linked to increased risk of cancer as well as birth defects.

A chemical that is designated as toxic will not necessarily be removed from the market but being added to the list is the first step in a regulatory process to help the authorities control its use.

Have Confidence in Paul Penders!

Did you know that Paul Penders products have been independently tested for harmful ingredients such as 1,4 dioxane?

Over and above the testing required by law, Paul Penders retained an independent Malaysian government laboratory to ensure that the company’s skin care, hair care, body care and makeup products were completely safe without the slightest trace of impurities. Many of the largest natural and organic cosmetics companies have not performed these tests – and many were found in an evaluation by the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) earlier this year to contain 1,4 dioxane along with other harmful ingredients.


In cosmetics, 1,4 dioxane is the byproduct of a chemical process used to soften harsh ingredients. It is banned from use in cosmetics in the European Union, although it can still be used in the U.S. The chemical has been linked to a range of serious problems including cancer, reproductive problems and birth defects.

In addition to being completely free of these contaminants, Paul Penders products are also rigorously tested throughout the manufacturing process. Prior to filling in bottles and jars, each product batch is tested and certified by an independent international accredited NATA ISO9002 lab to guarantee that the products live up to their claims and are truly natural and fresh with POTENT ingredients and clean of anything but the best sourced materials available. In addition, Paul Penders products are certified by the U.K. Vegan Association and are kosher and halal formulated for the use of skincare therapists, doctors offices and beauticians and consumers worldwide.