Paul Penders Products In Langkawi Link

We wish to make Paul Penders products also familiar to the many tourists that visits the beautiful Langkawi Geopark Rainforest Island in Malaysia from all over the world. Langkawi Link is a publication about Langkawi Geopark for local people here but also for tourists staying in these great hotels with famous spas.

Langkawi Link is an essential guide to the famous duty-free shopping, to the great restaurants and community events here on this island located one hour by flight from Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur, or two hours by boat from the mainland.

The magazine is distributed at places likes Starbucks, restaurants and gas stations. I look forward to grabbing a copy each time a new issue is published! It is my way of finding out what is happening in Langkawi Geopark. Langkawi Link is published by our friends Aini and Patrick who previously lived in Canada. Aini is also distributor for Paul Penders products on our small, beautiful island as well !!

Contributed by Hasnah, our Purchasing and Marketing Department team.

Alison’s Trip To Korea

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Penders’ Korean distributor, Mr. Yoo.

My husband, Bob, and I were traveling through the Philippines and Korea – a business trip for him and a vacation for me. Armed with my trusty laptop, though, I was able to continue to working on some time-sensitive projects – with the holidays approaching, this is peak season for newsletters. As the Paul Penders newsletter hasn’t yet featured the company’s activities in Korea, Paul thought that this might be a good opportunity for me to meet with Mr. Yoo and find out more about Paul Penders in the Land of the Morning Calm.

I wasn’t surprised to learn that the products had quickly become popular there. Seoul struck me as a very modern city, whose residents gravitated towards sophisticated style in harmony with nature. Surrounded by a fortress of ancient mountains and bifurcated by the broad Han River, it would be almost impossible, in fact, to ignore the great natural beauty of the country’s capitol. So organic skin and hair care products formulated around an herbal base seemed to fit right into this landscape.

But I didn’t expect to find that in Korea, Paul Penders products are all sold through multi-level marketing. In the three years they’ve been available there, word of mouth has resulted in tens of thousands of product sales with no consumer advertising at all. This is in a country where the big MLMs like Avon, Mary Kay and Amway have made few inroads.

Mr. Yoo said that much of the reason for his success has been the quality of the products and the fact that they are, quite simply, what they claim to be. He noted, for example, that some companies claiming to sell organic and all natural products in Korea actually use synthetic ingredients.

At the end of our meeting, Mr. Yoo and his associate, Mr. Kim, described some other products they were marketing. Among the most interesting was a steel ring worn to boost health and wellness. In the interests of journalism, I accepted a gift of a ring from Mr. Kim and have been wearing it this past week as a test. No definite conclusions yet, but I can say that while Bob caught a cold and has been suffering from severe jet lag, I with my ring have been sleeping soundly in continued good health…..

Contributed by Alison our Newsletter Editor. She has a MBA in International Business and BS in Physics and her focus is healthcare and aesthetics.

Malaysian Creative Designers Assisting On Paul Penders New Packaging

It was a great pleasure for me, Rachel and my business partner Raymond to get to know Paul and Katja Penders and share their enthusiasm! A kind person Paul is! Katja is cheerful, really nice and pretty! We feel proud of having the chance to work with Paul Penders because of their ethics and principles. We are happy to help with the development of the new product packaging. Our packaging designs is of highest quality. We believe a responsible company like Paul Penders works a wonderful mission in life.

We believe that we understand today’s consumer expectations. It is vital to have an effective packaging that conveys the positive message of the product to the right consumer group. A good design is an impression that will be long lasting and also memorable. The philosophy of Paul’s company that uses genuine natural and organic ingredients should be highly applauded.

We have seen the new Paul Penders packaging used for the China market and are excited that we have a chance to apply this beautiful design for European, American and Southeast Asian markets. We appreciate the time we spent at Paul’s beautiful beach office…. with full ocean views of Langkawi Geopark islands. It is by far the nicest working office in Langkawi Geopark!

Contributed by Rachel / Vi Top Creation Services in Penang, Malaysia

My Deepest Concerns About Organic Certification

Here on the far away small Langkawi Geopark island I get amazed more and more about the confusion that enfolds organic certification.

What happened to the time when products that were made by well known and very trustworthy companies were just the best around?

Why is it that suddenly cosmetics from the very same company that have been in business for more than 40 years (like Paul Penders products for example) need to prove themselves against newcomers?

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H20 Reporters Coming To Langkawi Geopark In Early 2009

Being given two awards by H2O magazine for our products is of great significance for the Paul Penders Company!

As a sign of appreciation for H20 magazine’s support, we’ve offered to host their visit to Langkawi, Malaysia.

Therefore, early next year journalists from H2O magazine will come to Langkawi Geopark. It is not just a leisure trip but also work-related as they will be writing about the natural beauty and uniqueness of this wonderful Geopark. The journalists will visit Sheraton Resort, The Westin Spa Resort, Hilton Hotel, Four Seasons Resort and many more luxury hotels.

The journalists will interview Dr.Ghani MD and also join him on a jungle tour where he will explain specific jungle secrets, herbs and plants that are still naturally preserved on this astonishing beautiful rainforest island (you can find out more about Dr Ghani in this interview).

Dr. Ghani is a scientist and part of the research and development team at Paul Penders Company where he focuses on the pegaga herb and formulating natural perfumes from organic herbs and plants grown in Langkawi Geopark. (Pegaga, also known as Centella Asiatica is a herb with antibacterial, anti-psoriatic and true wound-healing properties. We use pegaga in Pegaga Scalp Cleanser to reduce dandruff, eczema and itching. An integral part of the LevensESSENTIE Gold™ 22 herbal extract.) Dr Ghani is also planning to open up an alternative healing and wellness centre right here on the island.

The entire tour will be jointly hosted by Paul Penders Company with the Langkawi Development Authority (LADA).

We believe that these journalists will love the natural beauty as well as the peace and quiet lifestyle we enjoy here in Langkawi, Malaysia!

This article was contributed by our CEO and Founder, Paul Penders.