The Fairytale of the Big Fat Lie

Do you REALLY know what goes into your “Certified Organic” lipstick, your sister’s trusted blusher or your mother’s favorite eye shadow? 
These certified organic ingredients in such products are more often then not no less than coal tar derived or anilines !! Several “organic colors” are now called “Lakes” is available in many shades but did you know that some of these “certified organic ingredients” are not even allowed to be used around the eyes because the FDA have reasons to believe that they are highly dangerous to our skin? But what the heck, they still get the magic tag, “Certified Organic Colors” when in actual fact these “Certified Organic Colors” are nothing but cancer causing chemicals feasting on one’s ignorant skin.  
Paul Penders uses “inorganic colors” which are derived from natural sources (e.g. clay, carbon deposits) or are simply synthesized. Inorganic colors do not have health risks as certified organic colors and therefore do not require certification. With all the other black sheep in the market, how do we continue our humble and honest business? How can shoppers spot the difference when the supposed certified Organic” make up might be killing them for all they know! 
Who exactly are these certification bodies who hand out these certifications like this! It is almost like rationing cancer. What a grand idea!

Who is the true victim here? REAL organic brands, innocent shoppers, the sly brands or the clearly stupid certification bodies?

Well done Mme. Chin. !

Congratulations on the publishing of your sharings during the GM’s anniversary celebration which was specially featured by Malaysia’s biggest health magazine “Long Life”!  The 4 page article can be found in the Health and Beauty bulletin, February 2009 issue.

In case anyone of you is wondering who Mme. Chin is,  Mme. Chin is the Managing Director of Green Meadow Corporation in Malaysia and Vice President of Training at Paul Penders International South East Asia.

Post CNY or any other festive season

The battle of losing those extra gained pounds begin.

After all that food, booze and late hours, how often do we feel guilty and punish ourselves to long period of forced fasting? Eh, I don’t know about you but I know I do that!

I used to turn to diet pills. Many different types of diet pills that made my eye balls hurt, become hyper active and my heart beat so fast I couldn’t sleep. How often have we forgotten about our wellness in the race to become the skinniest girl in the room? One time too many I guess!

I read on the papers recently that diet pills, personal trainers, starvation and exercise are so 1990s. What tops the hot list is “DETOX“.

The benefits of detoxes have been endorsed by celebrities like Beyonce Knowles. She claimed to have shed 9kg on Master Cleanse, a mix of lemon juice, caynenne pepper, maple syrup and water. While some doctors claim that it does little to no good at all, many stand by this regime.

I personally try to go on a one day organic juice, fruit and vegetable once a week. This would occur more often if I have a beach party to attend that weekend. I obviously feel better but I am unsure of where that came from. Do I feel better from what I ate or do I make a mental note to feel happy because of the sacrifices I made? With all the preservatives, chemicals and junk food we consumer daily, I think an occasional detoxification will remove all the toxins. Some people rely on detoxers, laxatives or herbal supplements.

When I feel like I am abusing my body. My little secret is…. apart from trying to stop myself from opening the fridge, I drink a lot of water, go on an “apple” diet and catch up on sleep.     

I guess all is good only if everything is done in moderation. What is your weight loss secret?

Shopping woes

I am never a person who forces my family or friends to embrace the products that I do, although I might still talk about the goodness of it a whole lot. 😉 I personally think that we should support any brand that is organic, natural and against animal testing. Everyone is in this Eco-conscious effort together and that is why I decided that I would put together a basket of organic products of different brands for my pregnant sister as a baby shower gift so that she can decide for herself what she likes best.

So, there I was in a crowded shopping mall and I saw the sign. The sign that gave me the impression that if I walked into that shop and purchased any product from that store, I would be providing “food” for my “skin”. This is also a brand had been quick to gain popularity amongst the teenagers for its fruity packaging and affordable prices and unlike most other Korean brands, this shop didn’t seem like a shop to be just selling chemicals in tiny decieving bottles. It also had very cute little “tinkle bell” looking stamps on all their products! The “tinker bells” symbolized their care and acted as a fairy god mother! How very cute!

I took a quick walk around the store, they boast a fantastic array of potato face masks, mushroom creams, sugar make up and even baby products!? This would be perfect gift for my pregnant sister! Wait wait! Let me tell you about the complete salad range they had.. The products looked so raw and fresh, I felt hungry already.

I took a cucumber moisturizer off a shelf to read but 80% of the label was in some language I could not make out. Right. Korean. Just as I wanted to put the product back, a bouncy sales girl popped out of no where, with her big dolly eyes, enhanced with very obvious eye lash extension which she keep fluttering, she then asked me “How may I help you?” topping it up with a full on cutesy smile which by then I was too distracted to even realize she was actually talking.

Before I could answer, she proceeded to tell me the benefits of the product I was holding on to. They were all organic, all natural and I quote “really really damn good for the skin.” She smeared some on the back of my hand and I liked the texture, and it really smelled like cucumber. I was so close to purchasing it but then I looked at the back of the product and although it had that cute little “tinker bell” there, the rabbit was no where in sight! ( If you need help on certification labels, scroll down and you will find an entire post dedicated to it.)

I asked the sweet doll, “Are the products tested on animals?”

“Er. Yes.”

Flabbergasted, I responded with a tone that might have seemed too accusing, “You JUST said they were organic and all natural. Why is it tested on animals anyway?”

“Miss, what I meant was these products are 70% organic and natural.”

I was too stunned to respond so I made a humming sound.

“Furthermore miss, all products MUST be tested on animals, this is part of QUALITY CONTROL.”  

More humming sound.

She is not going to question my ability of hearing. I knew what she said. “ALL” natural not “ALL 70%” natural. She is a liar working for a dishonest brand. She is not so sweet anymore and I decided that I will not like her.

She continued to look and blink her fake eye lashes at me.

“Your labels are clearly misleading. You should state somewhere that it is 70% natural and if there is an indication, point it out. As I was saying…” I was about to continue when she cut me off to “assist” some other customer whom I didn’t even see/hear asking for assistance! She was doubting my ability to hear. Again.

I put the evil cucumber moisturizer back on the shelf and left the store.

This serves as a reminder to all. Brands like this make a mockery of the word “organic”. Why in the world must all products be tested on animals?! Which era is this brand from?! To think that she spoke of quality control with such passion?! I’ll see how she likes it if I grabbed her dog and placed it in an animal testing center.

Always do the “once over” and never be cheated into believing a particular brand is “all natural” or “organic” until it proves itself to be!

Photo credited to Catsper.