Pollution from personal care products found in American waterways

A new study from the Baylor University shows that fish samples from US waterways are frequently showing up with personal health care product residues (remainders).

Working with the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA), the team of university scientists said they detected low-level residues of several human medications, as well as personal health care products, Continue reading “Pollution from personal care products found in American waterways”

Murder on Canada’s baby seals

A short while ago, we wrote about the annual seal slaughter which was soon to begin. The focus was especially on Canada.

Those baby seals that are not killed, often looses their mother and therefore dies anyway
Those baby seals that are not killed, often looses their mother and therefore dies anyway

Now, the slaughter has begun. After four days, 19,400 seals, some of them only three weeks old, have been killed. Continue reading “Murder on Canada’s baby seals”

Paul’s surprise party

Paul’s birthday on the 18th was celebrated at the local Thai restaurant Wan Thai, together with a few, close friends.

Originally, Paul thought he was going to a quiet lunch with his daughter Katja. He had no idea he was on his way to a surprise party. Follow the link to see a few pictures from the day.

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The WHO Garden, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

A few weeks ago, this blog wrote about an organic vegetable garden here on Langkawi, Malaysia.

Today’s story is also about growing organic, even though it takes place far, far away from here…

Last Friday U.S.A.’s First Lady Michelle Obama started digging up a patch of the south lawn of the White House in Washington.

This marked the foundation of the WHO Garden – the White House Organic kitchen garden. The Obama family will from now on be growing their own vegetables, berries and herbs.

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Paul Penders products – now on New Zealand

A wide range of Paul Penders products are now available on New Zealand.

It’s Belinda and Ryan from Taradale, Hawkes Bay who have just joined as distributors of Paul Penders products. Belinda and Ryan, we wish you both welcome in the “family”.

We asked Belinda and Ryan to tell Continue reading “Paul Penders products – now on New Zealand”