Another Special Visitor At Paul Penders Office

We are not kidding when we say that we are located on a pristine island with abundant wildlife.  Sometimes our ‘wildlife’ friends also visit our Langkawi headquarters!

Just the other day, we had a surprise when a green snake (we suspect it was a harmless tree snake) crawled into the office, and was spotted near our display shelf. 

Maybe the serpent wanted a closer look at our new Paul Penders packaging! Anyway, true to our commitment of not harming animals, we made sure the snake was swept up and released back into the garden.


Contributed by Azizah, 
Paul Penders International, Langkawi  

Local Beauty Salon Keen To Use Our Products


Two visitors came from Suziana Beauty Salon, a local beauty salon on this island, for a discussion with Paul as they were excited and interested in using our natural organic skin care in their salon.

Salleh and Suziana had heard about us from Patrick and Aini, the couple who produced the island’s monthly newsletter, Langkawi Link and were keen to find out more about the rainforest herbs and plants which we use in our special blend for LevensEssentie Gold (the main component in all our Paul Penders products ). 



Contributed by Azizah, 
Paul Penders International, Langkawi 

The Effect of Chemical Buildup on the Skin

Starting this week, we will be running a series of articles taken from the ARTICLES section of our website. They are reproduced here because we feel quality information should be accessible to all and as a company, we at Paul Penders are committed to raising awareness about organic skincare and we hope you will visit often to share your thoughts with us. Do leave comments if you have any. We’ll be happy to share all that we know with you. This week’s article is about the effect of chemical buildup on the skin.

The Effect of Chemical Buildup on the Skin

Using just a few skin care products each day can cause potentially dangerous levels of chemical build up if those products aren’t made with natural ingredients.

According to a study conducted in 2006 by Chemical Safe Skincare Research, the average woman uses 12 toiletries each day, which cumulatively contain as many as 175 different chemicals.

Since about 60% of the products applied to the skin are absorbed, an average woman will absorb five pounds of chemicals each year, according to the research.

That wouldn’t necessarily pose a problem if those ingredients were organic, as they would then merely interact with the body’s natural processes and be expelled. Continue reading “The Effect of Chemical Buildup on the Skin”

More Good Stuff…Coming Right Up

We have been busy on the island (what an understatement!) so it explains why we’ve been a bit silent these days on the blog. Plus our CEO, Paul, is right now in Japan and China.

On the home front, this blog is currently undergoing a major revamp with a ‘face’ that’s ready to be revealed really soon.

We’ll have more exciting news on this blog once Paul is back (and lets us know what good news he brings us from the Far East and the fabulous things in store).

Check back soon for more!

Health & Wellness Conference Coming to Langkawi Fall 2009

Krecis Davis
Krescenthia Davids

This fall, Langkawi will welcome the first annual Health & Wellness Conference, hosted by Kresics Fitness Pte Ltd. Tentatively planned for a week in September the conference will offer attendees three days of seminars, interactive work out sessions, and learning opportunities, on topics such as nutrition, massage, organic foods, bone movement, and herbs. Fitness classes highlighting Pilates, aqua aerobics, and spinning, to name a few, will be taking place, and attendees can participate in any or all of the classes and seminars offered.

Continue reading “Health & Wellness Conference Coming to Langkawi Fall 2009”