Dark Lips? Worry No More…

776620_lips-copyI used to learn to play organ when I was very young and I can still remember vividly how my teacher looked like – petite body frame, thick black hair, big round eyes, copper skin…But it was her dark lips that make a deep impression.

You may have seen people who have dark lips and wondered what cause their lips to turn dark. A lot of people are not aware that dark lips are caused by execessive consumption of coffee and tea. One or two cups a day is fine, your lips will darken only when you drink them in excess. General allergies and lip sicking are some of the rare factors that result in dark lips.

Smoking is one of the major factors that contribute to making lips dark. The stains are resulted from nicotine, and your lips will only get darker if you continue to smoke. Another factor is the usage of cheap and poor-quality lipsticks. Some lipsticks contain ingredients that darken your lips after frequent application. Besides, wearing lipstick that is old or that has expired can also cause dark lips.

Frustrated with your dark lips? Worry no more! There are several cheap and effective ways to prevent it, lighten it and bring back your soft, rosy lips.

  • Brush your lips lightly after brushing your teeth every morning. It can get rid of some dead cells and stimulate the growth of new ones.
  • Apply Vaseline or lip balm and lemon juice on your lips every night before going to sleep. Make it a habit to use lip balm with SPF 15 or higher to protect your pouts.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday and eat more fruits.
  • Quit smoking!
  • Before applying lipstick, try to apply concealer over your whole lip.
  • Use good, reliable brands of lipsticks. Preferrably organic and natural ones. Remove the lipsticks thoroughly when you are at home.

If you follow strictly to the tips above, I’m sure you will see a dramatic result. You will not only smell good, but also look good and healthier.

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Paul’s Favourite Herb

sunscreen-image2I was told by Krista that Paul’s favourite herb is Centella Asiatica a.k.a. Gotu Kola. Did you notice the delicate leaves on Paul Penders product’s new packaging? They are Gotu Kola. Don’t undersetimate these little fellas! They have a variety of good uses.

They are said to be used for wound healing, better blood circulation, memory enhancement, detoxification, burn and scar treatments and many more.

180px-starr_020803-0094_centella_asiatica2Growing well on the fertile lands of Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Australia and other parts of Asia, Gotu Kola not only is widely used as an active ingredient in skin care products, they can be used in cooking too!

Sri Lankans added Gotu Kola in curry; In Vietnam and Thailand, this leaf is used to make refreshing drinks or eaten raw in salads; Malaysians used these leaves to make ulam, a type of Malay salad. nasi_ulam-thumb

It’s amazing how beneficial Gotu Kola is to our body, isn’t it? Try it and feel the difference…

(Photo credited to Ruth Wong)

Choose Organic Cosmetics

pp-new-look1It’s common for women to invest in cosmetics. The reasons? To improve appearance, to boost confidence and to feel good about oneself.

As a female myself, I shop for good and reasonably priced cosmetics once in awhile. I don’t go for brands that are so expensive that can cause a big hole in my pocket, or products that are of poor quality that can result in damaged skin.

I wear make-up almost everyday – to work, to parties, to dinners…Practically whenever I’m outside. So, imagine how much chemical has been penetrated into my skin.

Since I joined Paul Penders, I have started reading articles about organic ingredients used in skin care products and the harms that do on a our skin and the Earth. I’ve finally come to realize the significant importance of the appropriate ingredients used in the production of cosmetics, and I’ve decided to switch to using organic products.

Paying a little extra for good cosmetics is worth every cent. Don’t waste your money on non-organic products because you may have to spend more on facial treatments to get rid of those zits and acne. Besides that they are healthier for your skin, they are environmental friendly too.

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Organic Mafia


Sometimes there are these questions in my mind…Why the existence of certain certification boards? Do we really need ALL these certification boards? Is it necessary to shell out all the moneys they require and with it, consequently give them the power as well? Their existence can also result in the hardship, even elimination of new, creative, enthusiastic, morally right and ethical small businesses. We see a few large cosmetic companies are suddenly put in the saddle who can monopolize the market while some of them were never, ever “green” before. Now they are harnessed with organic certifications for having a few products out of their range being certified organic. The more we see, the more diverse our perspectives  have become. Please read on…

“……At “Living Tree Community Foods” we have been buying almonds from California family farmers since 1979. More than any documentation, more than any certificate, established business relations, spanning decades, based upon a handshake and a smile are surely the best assurance. We refuse to give up.

We refuse to deal with anonymous, multinational conglomerates in Europe. We do so with joy and gladness. California farmers are leading the struggle to bring back your original almonds. To support them is to say yes! to what is decent and alive in America today!

Abraham Lincoln, in his inauguration address said: Why should there not be a patient confidence in the ultimate justice of the people? Is there any better or equal hope in the world? We are realizing Lincoln’s vision of a “new birth of freedom….”.

Jesse Schwartz, Ph.D.
President, Living Tree Community Foods

California, USA

As an owner of a creative, honest natural cosmetics company that is using organic and certified organic materials in our products, I can’t agree more. Precautions should be taken before there is more harm than good on the society. There are many honest, small companies around, or individuals who would like to start up a company, that are hindered because of the jungle of certification boards and some of their vague regulations and double standards. Are quality cosmetic companies who made wonderful cosmetics from organic materials for decades suddenly no good anymore? But a few new cosmetic multimillion dollar companies are suddenly “green” because of having two products that are certified organic? Meanwhile the consumer is becoming confused but not educated because of politics involved in name of “M” …. Money and Mafia….

Contributed by Paul Penders
CEO & Founder
Paul Penders Co.

How Skin Care Products Are Made

Creams and lotions that cleanse tone or moisturize the skin are all prepared according to a similar formula. Most of the product consists of a base to which active ingredients, fragrance and preservatives are added. The base is a fairly standard preparation, while active agents and scents are often varied according to the desired intention of the product.

The base, which may be formulated from either natural or synthetic ingredients, typically includes oil, cleansing agents, thickeners and an emulsifier in varying proportions.

Cleansers contain less oil, while moisturizers contain more. Thickeners add body to the product, so it can be more easily applied, with creams contains more thickening agent and lotions containing less. An emulsifier is used to chemically join the oil and water-based ingredients.

Natural base ingredients usually consist of nut oils like olive, almond, coconut or flaxseed oil, beeswax, plant-based waxes and cocoa butter, while synthetic ingredients often include petrochemical derivatives. Many different thickeners and emulsifiers are used, which may be either natural or synthetic.

Active ingredients are then added to the base to bring about specific desired benefits. These include natural plant extracts as well as other agents such as vitamins, acids and other compounds. Because the body simply eliminates any excess material it cannot use, there is no benefit to incorporating very high proportions of active ingredients and this component of the overall product is usually small.

Fragrance may also be either natural or synthetic. Natural scents typically consist of essential oils such as lavender, jasmine, cinnamon, peppermint, lemon and others. Synthetic fragrances include more than 3,000 different ingredients, most of which are derived from petroleum.

They include phthalates, or phthalate esters, which are a top hazard in fragrance mixtures and have been linked with allergies in children, birth defects, toxicity and damage to adult reproductive, adrenal, liver, and kidney organs. Although some manufacturers have removed these chemicals from their products, a recent study conducted by the Environmental Working Group found phthalates in nearly three-quarters of 72 name-brand products tested.

Preservatives are used to maintain the integrity of active ingredients and extend a product’s shelf life. They are particularly important for natural products, which can quickly become rancid without protection.

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