Paul Penders Ad in Slovenian Magazine

Recently our Slovenian distributor had a Paul Penders advertisement published in their national health magazine about the Paul Penders baby care range.

If you want to know more of our baby care products, do read a full review of the baby products (shampoo, shower gel, and lotion) in the article “A Mother’s Review…”

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Behind the Scene – Meet Nic

One of the many people behind the public face of Paul Penders Co is Nic Sim from Redbox Studio. The company is our web-partner and – besides being close friends – behind the design of our website. Nic runs Redbox studio together with Krista Goon, who sometimes is a guest writer on these pages.

We asked Nic to tell a little bit about himself, so we all could get to know him better – and here is what he wrote:

I started Redbox Studio in 1998 to specialize in designing business websites. With my background in Fine Art and a love for computers, I felt that combining the two was the best way to make full use of my talents and skills.

I don’t like it when I see that most designs out there either do 2 things: satisfy the business owner’s ego or satisfies the designer’s ego.

And I get mad because most designers use design as their playground, disregarding the client’s needs. Most designs were absolute ego trips and a pure waste of the client’s money.

If a designer wants to ‘be creative’, he should just pick up a paint brush and become an artist. This way, he can paint and draw to his heart’s desire and be as creative as he wants. That’s what Art is. Art’s about feelings and emotions.

And I think the problem starts when designers confuse Art with Design.

To step into the world of design, a designer must remember always that design is all about communication.

If the design does not communicate the client’s core message, that design has failed. If the design has not allowed people to understand its message, it has failed.

And failed designs do not bring in results.

From the start I knew that designs which made sense and functioned as communication tools would never be out of style. In fact such designs would go on to produce great results for their owners.

While many designers like to add on more and more stuff for their clients, I like to eliminate, pare down and simplify whenever I can.

That’s why the Redbox Studio design philosophy is clear and simple – our formula for creating a successful business website means we eliminate the unnecessary by zooming in on usability, simplicity and sophistication.

For us, the best thing ever is to hear the results our work produces for clients.

Our clients get a “salesman” that produces positive return-on-investment year after year. How’s that for a true business asset?

Other things you may not know about me – I’ve been an art director in an advertising agency prior to setting up my own business. I am an artist whose work has been sold to art collectors in Singapore and Holland.

I am a Mensa member and a Mensa Committee member where I volunteer with updating the Mensa Penang website.

And finally, I have a secret passion – I love the art and beauty of tarot cards and I also read them, but for close friends only!

Nic Sim

Thanks, Nic!

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Telepathy – and Tips to a Great Working Natural Lemon Conditioner

Two days ago, we brought the article “Did You Know That… hair conditioner can be used as a fast working moisturizer?”

Teja Novšak

Yesterday, we received a comment from Teja Novšak, our distributor from Slovenia. We thought it would be a pity only to bring it as a comment, hidden at the bottom of the page, so we decided to bring it as an article on its own.

So, if you want to become an expert in different ways of using Paul Penders Herbal Lemon Conditioner, please read on!

Here is what Teja wrote:

Two days ago, when I was taking a shower, I got the idea that Paul Penders Herbal Lemon Conditioner can be used in many different ways. I was about to write an article about it for your blog – and I couldn’t believe my eyes! A fresh article was there – about how one can use a conditioner as a great moisturizer for the body as well.

I say – this must have been telepathy…

So here are my other ideas on how one can also use this great natural conditioner:

* Hair mask – Great for dry, frizzy or chemically treated hair! Put the conditioner on dry hair before washing it. Massage it well into hair and scalp and leave it on for 15 – 29 minutes. Rinse and follow with Paul Penders Jasmine Shampoo and complete with the Lemon Conditioner again (this time leave it on just for a few minutes).

* Hand & nail care – Put a small amount of Paul Penders Herbal Lemon Conditioner into a cup and add some warm water. Soak your fingers in the solution for 10 minutes. Rinse and follow with your manicure. Your hands will feel silky soft.

* Foot care – Put 10 – 15 ml of Paul Penders Herbal Lemon Conditioner into a bowl of warm water. Make sure it dissolves completely. I recommend using a foot bath that also has a massaging function. Soak your feet for 20 minutes. You can then proceed with your pedicure to remove the dead skin cells. Your skin will be so soft and moisturized.

* Shave cream – Can’t believe it? Try it! Wet your legs or other body parts you want to shave and put some Paul Penders Herbal Lemon Conditioner on the skin. Leave for one minute; shave with a razor and rinse. Your skin will be so soft – you probably won’t have to use a lotion afterwards.

Many regards,
Teja Novšak

Paul Penders Herbal Lemon Conditioner:

This all-natural conditioner untangles the hair leaving it shiny, silky and never weighed down.

Lemon essential oil imparts an exquisite fragrance while added organic apple cider leaves hair and scalp feeling fresh and clean by eliminating buildup and restoring proper pH levels.

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Getting Out of Madness

It was a Sunday like no other.

The Paul Penders team comprising Paul, Dr Gatot, Yvonne, Mariek and Andy had flown in from Langkawi  to meet with Dr Mike, Le, Melissa, Roz, Nic and Krista at the Penang International Airport.

Chaired by Mariek, the meeting started well and brought together an interesting array of opinions as we had such an international mix of experiences and cultures – Malaysia, Indonesia, Netherlands, France, Australia, Vietnam, USA and England.

All of us were there to discuss an issue close to the heart of the Paul Penders Co. The question was, what are small companies like Paul Penders doing in the face of crazy developments in the skincare and cosmetic industry?

By crazy, we mean that skincare certification has gone all haywire.

For one, consumers like you are being lied to, particularly with certification labels. We understand that a seal or a certification logo is the easiest way for you to identify the good guys from the bad guys when you want to buy ethical and fair products, made using the best ingredients, right?

Paul, Dr Mike and Le

But then again, most consumers do not know that certification is a big-time money-making business.

If you read Paul’s post on the 3 certification labels (EcoCert, NPA and Oasis) which mislead, you will be surprised at how easy companies can slap on the certification seal to confuse the consumer. And worst, you as the consumer often end up paying for the certification as well because cosmetic manufacturers need to pay money to these organizations, in order to be certified by them and carry their logo.

We thought too certification was good for us and good for our customers. And for many years, Paul Penders proudly carried the logo of the Vegan Society (United Kingdom) because we believed it was a well-meaning organization with strong ethics and we strongly want to support them.

The bombshell was, all of a sudden, The Vegan Society wanted a percentage of all our product sales!

We would not stand for any of this and it is an outrage and of course, pure greed. We then made the decision to remove The Vegan Society seal from all our product packaging and website this year. (You can read more here.)

And then of course, came the big furore where even the big US cosmetic companies are as upset as we were.  All this certification business are making consumers confused and unsure of what really is organic or how much is really organic! There are now calls to stop this crazy certification business and stop misleading the consumer.

Mariek, Yvonne and Andy

So the Sunday meeting discussed an important question: how do small companies like Paul Penders position themselves in an industry where anything can be organic and everything can be certified?

For a start, we learnt from Dr Mike Thair and Le how their company, IndoChine Natural, worked with the Vietnamese farmers in sourcing loofah for their business.

After the meeting, we decided that we would not just be another “me too” brand of skincare out there.

Paul says that for this, he would like to thank Nic of Redbox Studio for bringing a clear and simple solution to the issue. Nic said that Paul Penders should be focusing on our heritage, which is our 100-year-old time-tested herbal formula, the heart of all Paul Penders products.

If you read Mariek’s insights about the significance and connection between Ayurveda and our patent pending LevensESSENTIE Gold, you will see that our marketing message will be focusing on tradition and legacy.

The good thing about this certification fiasco is that we learnt that we don’t have to go down the same route like all the other cosmetic companies.

We have an alternative and that alternative is good, pure and ethical. It is being true to ourselves and not joining the rest of the madness. We already have a message and we now need to bring this message to the people who use and support our products.

The Paul Penders team: Dr Gatot, Paul, Yvonne, Mariek & Andy

When East Meets West

During our discussion with Joji Jacob from Kerala, India, Mariek, our Executive Director Marketing & Sales, hit upon an incredible insight about our herbal extract, LevensESSENTIE Gold™ , which features in all Paul Penders personal care products.

Joji told us that Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word comprising Ayur (life) and Veda (related to knowledge). Combined, Ayurveda means science of life. Ayurvedic literature first appeared during the Vedic period in India where it is a science dealing not only with treatment of some diseases but representing a complete way of life.

Mariek was excited to learn of the common traits within Ayurvedic philosophy and our organic LevensESSENTIE Gold™ herbal extract.

In Ayurveda, we need to understand our body, our nature and our individual mixture of elements at a deep physical, mental and emotional level.

With this understanding, we can identify activities, conditions, herbs and foods that either keep us healthy and in balance, or make us ill and throw us out of balance.

Ayurveda offers effective natural therapies without side effects. It heals the person from the inside; it balances the roots of imbalance within the person, restoring the person to good health. Its focus is on holistic healing from the inside. It is made up of what we eat, use, do and practise.

When a person is in balance, life is in balance.

With LevensESSENTIE Gold™ meaning the Essence of Life, Mariek saw that this was, in effect, similar to what Ayurveda is (Science of Life). Our natural herbal extract works the same way.

ESSENTIE Gold™ seeks to balance the skin, hair and body using the most natural way – using botanicals sourced from the best nature engineer in the world – Mother Nature. In our way (and thanks to Grandma Penders’ herbal extract), we have been restoring health to the internal body in wonderfully natural ways!

We would never have come across this similarity if it weren’t for Joji’s sharing of his rich heritage. Joji comes from years in the marketing industry but he also possesses a wonderful knowledge of the herbal industry ( Kerala state is the one in India where the best natural herbs are grown).

We were pleasantly surprised that our 100-year old Dutch tradition from Grandma Penders resonated deeply with, and shared much similarity with the Indian Ayurvedic philosophy.

It was really a moment where East met West.

Joji says, “Ayurvedachariyas or scholars in Ayurveda have brought out a number of preparations and surgical procedures for curing various ailments and diseases. LevensESSENTIE Gold™, having existed for over 100 years, is similar to an Ayurvedic preparation and the man at the helm of Paul Penders Co. is what we call an Ayurvedachariya. Paul Penders is the modern-day Ayurvedachariya!”