Truth & a Salute at Arab Health in Dubai

I have been ‘doing tradeshows’ all my life, actually too many to remember in many places of the world. As a small company we must compete in a rapid changing world. I tell you… being a small cosmetics company doesn’t get easier these days. The fierce grip of multinationals gets almost immoral.
Multinationals get involved at regulatory issues at government levels, lobbying politicians and make life hell for a small, creative business. Reason why a company as “Paul Penders” survives in this hard environment is because we are small. We have chosen to be small and for that it is easier to take a lead, to be outspoken and even ready to take on a fight. Being small has its fine advantages as well. Defending your position as a small creative company helps to make different, better and more creative natural cosmetics.

    Dr. Gatot discusses newest natural ingredients

For that we are at the Arab Health Show here in Dubai as well. We like to know the industry that we are still there. That Paul Penders products continue to be there for many more years to come. We don’t fear competition and just do what we think is best.
Working tradeshows is hard what makes one extremely tired!

    Faye explains our products to a buyer from Egypt

First the preparations, often months of work. Then long international flights to a far away country sleeping in beds not your own. Talking to hundreds of people on the show floor, ones you never met before. Then… walking; lots of walking. Because taxis are all booked at closing time, Bas and Faye, after 10 hours on their feet that day, have to walk for over one hour to their hotel!
I look at pictures and see that already the 2nd day the event weirs on their body; yet they keep a positive outlook, ready to take on yet another conversation… hopefully a new distributor! The excitement to expand in the Middle East makes them upbeat at all times.
About show emotions

    Morning calm at the show floor…

A still empty hallway… the morning before the show starts – almost a serene feel before it starts to get very hectic with people moving everywhere. Then at night the atmosphere of the busy days changes. It gets quite after having worked a full day at the booth. Tired but happy that the day is over but also knowing another busy day is yet to come!
I, personal, at the end of each show get little sentimental!

    A medical doctor from Afghanistan wants Bas to wear his hat. Always new friends being made.

I am not sure why because are tradeshows not only about business? However, at each show we make new friends. Sometimes we have dinner together after a day of hard work. Then when the show is finally over, the excitement dies. People drive to airports to go home in all directions. With the show adrenaline gone some are happy and some wished they would have done better.
Salute to Bastiaan and Faye standing tall at this major show!

    Ready to go back to the hotel

Paul Penders Co is not afraid of multinationals. We won our own place in the world of cosmetics already and believe we have not too much too worry about them simply because we are smaller. We are more outspoken.
We make natural cosmetics the best way … the Paul Penders way.

Dubai Arab Health 2011… hugely successful

HH Sheikh Hamdam bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE’s Finance Minister opened the 36th Arab Health Exhibition and Congress, the worlds largest health care event where professionals in the health industry gather from over 140 countries. So far the show is a huge success.

Magnetic resonance, used therapeutically, shows hope for millions of osteoporosis patients. This is one of the many new health developments being shown at this grand event!

Paul Penders Company proudly has a booth here showing its Natural Herbal Cosmetics amidst this enormous medical-technical spectacle, where more and more natural products and medical health approaches are accepted in an amazing and exciting part of the world.
Stay tuned for more news from Dubai!

Find Eternal Beauty in Dubai!

Developed by a large German health care company…. Magnetic Resonance Therapy ‘cracks the code of youthful skin’. They call it even ‘the future of beauty!’ According to the Germans, a host of studies confirms excellent results where cell stimulation is one of the big answers for the future for eternal youth.
Let us hope that, despite this newest German invention, consumers still will want great natural skincare to enhance the magnificent beautifying results of Magnetic Resonance Therapy!! Therefore we do not feel too discouraged and stay put at the show 🙂

    The Sultan of Dubai (left) vists the grand opening of the show.

All eyes at Dubai for the next 4 days!
Where health care professionals come together at a gigantic show that attracted last year almost 70,000 visitors and 5,500 delegates from over 140 countries.
The Arab Health Show was established 36 years ago to give platform for the world’s leading manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers to meet the medical community in the Middle East.

Paul Penders Company proudly has a booth here showing its Natural Herbal Cosmetics amidst this enormous medical-technical spectacle, where more and more natural products and medical health approaches are accepted in an amazing and exciting part of the world.
Stay tuned for more news from Dubai!

Today The Arab Health Show Dubai 2011 in UAE starts!

This is the largest health show ever in the region. Major and small companies in health care and associated products from all over the world show the newest technologies in whatever is available in the world of medicine and health care.
The Dubai International Exhibition Center is huge and thousands and thousands of booths spread out over some 10 buildings with companies from Japan, USA, China, Europe and Southeast Asia.
Paul Penders Natural Cosmetics Company has a great looking booth at the Malaysian Pavilion, as part of some 15 Malaysian companies that are active in the field of health care. Paul Penders is the only cosmetic company invited by the Government to attend, also because of us still being a small company yet having already a wide international exposure.

Paul Penders products will be available very soon in Saudi Arabia represented by Modern Petra company while we are working on the last stages of extensive documentation reports required by the Saudi Government.
With the joining of the various Malaysian companies at the Dubai Show we look forward in a further expansion in the growing health sector in various Middle East markets.
We wish Bastian and Faye, and the entire attending Malaysian health care manufacturers lots of success at this gigantic show!

Reactions to “Brenda – The Typical Paul Penders Customer”

    Brenda – The Typical Paul Penders Customer

A week ago, we wrote about Brenda, the typical Paul Penders Customer.
We then wanted to know how close we had come with our description of Brenda – or if we made a complete misshit, so we asked 3 of our distributors – from 3 different parts of the world.
They all meet Paul Penders customers every single day, so who could be better to ask?
Here are some of their comments, followed by a few remarks from us, the creators of Brenda.
Just read the article and the first thing that jumps out is how beautiful Brenda is – what a gorgeous naturally beautiful woman.
The rest of the article is really sweet – a little bit ‘gushy’ but gives a good picture of our customers here in the UK.
I like how there is mention of turning away from the Glitzy cosmetic companies. I think there should be more mention of wanting pure ingredients in products and not all the junky chemicals you can find in other products.
In my opinion, Brenda is very close to the customer in Latvia. She is a grown up woman, looking good, feeling well. It seems like everything is ok in her life.
She is positive, with her own opinion, and knowing what she wants in her life.
Brenda’s image is very common for all of us, I think!
Brenda typifies a large group of women, but she appreciates how important it is to give time to oneself by looking after the body, whether it be by the skincare she uses or diet, exercise etc.
I also like the fact that she doesn’t dictate to her friends about what they use, but confidently just goes ‘her own way’ – in other words, doesn’t follow the crowd and sticks to what she believes in (which shows in the PETA registration).
Comments from the creators of Brenda:
A funny thing about the answers was that there was a big disagreement about what the name of the woman should be! Lucy, Joanne, and Catherine were suggested. Brenda does not seem to be OK in England, Lucy not in USA and the name Brenda does not exist in Latvia!

    From the Brand Meeting where Brenda was created

The name “Brenda” was meant as a working name for “the typical Paul Penders customer”; a name we used during our discussions when creating her. It has never been the idea to use the name in advertisements, brochures etc. The only place you will see the name “Brenda” is on the blog. But what a debate a name can create!
The Brenda, we created HAD to be (as it is mentioned) gushy – in a way she is a very stereotyped woman. It is very limited how much diversity you can put into a character, when you have to do it in a very brief way.
One thing is for sure: we had great fun while creating Brenda – and we learned a lot about our core customers. Knowledge, we have now added to, thanks to the very kind participation of our three distributors.
Thank you so much for your participation.
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