Brenda’s Friends – House of woods

Demi and Josh are married for 10 years.
But they never got the pleasure of getting children, and for this reason they are having a difficult time in their lives.
Through his work, Josh met Joji, a guy from India who invited them to visit his state in India. He suggested to visit the province of Kerala, and learn something of Ayurveda. Although this was not Demi’s and Joshes plan as they were in a difficult time in their relation, they decided to get a ticket and travel off to Kerala.
The environment was beautiful as they saw. And then they were invited to get an Ayurveda treatment.

They went to Vanamoolika, a project started by a priest who helped women and their families to organize a wellness treatment based on Ayurveda and in this way, get a better life themselves as well. The first impression they got was the open minds and strength of women who worked at the project.
So when we as friends sat together we asked Demi and Josh about their travelling to the Vanamoolika centre.
They were very enthusiastic telling about the different aspects of the Ayurveda treatment and told very lively about the people, their commitment and their talks to Joji and others in the centre. My husband and I were a bit surprised, but very happy to see they looked good again.

Thus we asked what their best experience was.
Both of them looked at each other and nodded, it was the house of woods.
We had a renewed experience of nature’s goodness to our wellbeing and our happiness. Of course we had the Ayurveda treatment, which was great. But the house of woods made it feel more intense. This was our place where we slept and retrieved to relax. The different scents from the different woods and herbs had an effect on our wellbeing we did not expect at all, and renewed our commitment as husband and wife together. We are happy regardless our deeps wish.
We all got silent.
Brenda’s friends are short stories of experiences of modern women. As Brenda is entirely made up by the writer, notice that she and her friends do not really exist! Thus people and stories are fiction. We hope you get an insight in our thoughts and values in life. Sometimes serious, sometimes just funny. Enjoy and we hope you get good understanding about Brenda’s approach to life!

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Brenda’s Friends – Dreadlocks

Francoise travelled a lot. Now she is having a serious job as a lawyer, but during life at university she used to travel as a backpacker.
She travelled through Africa, South America, Asia and went to Russia just at the time there were lots of changes at hand. As she travelled as backpacker she got a lot of (backpacker) friends met at different places she visited during her student life and a few years after that. One of the peers became her husband and both are completely different in their looks than they used to be when they met.
Every time we met Francoise and later Jean Luc, there were so many stories they could tell. It was always great to meet up again and learn about the different cultures and pieces of nature through their stories.
Additional part of their stories were also the projects they worked on; building a school for infants in Guatemala, or helping to organize a vaccination program for children in African villages, or start to get funds for a new water supply in dry areas.

One of the stories Francoise told us went as follows. Francoise, having an additional course at Universtiy to learn Spanish, decided to work on a project in Peru. As she was good in English, she thought it would be good to use her skills and teach the children at school this language and train herself on her Spanish.
So she registered and went to a small village where a new school was built and started to prepare her lessons for the children. At the first school day she was very well prepared, but also a bit nervous because this was the first time she stood in front of a group of children from 8 to 12 years old. But she prepared her lesson well with even some word-games in it so it would be fun!
There were 30 children in front of her and she started to memorize the names. Then she wrote some words on the board and noticed the children giggling. There was nothing wrong with content or pronunciation, so she did not pay attention to it and preceded her lesson. Again when turning her back at the children, there was giggling again! And even worse, giggling went on into bursting into laughter! As she was not an experienced teacher, she did not know what to do! Then a colleague teacher came over to see what was happening. And she could not help smiling too. She went to Francoise and told her that her fake dreadlocks were fallen from her head and wiggled like a balloon at her back! Looked very odd for children who had never seen red coloured fake dreadlocks at a woman’s butt!

Brenda’s friends are short stories of experiences of modern women. As Brenda is entirely made up by the writer, notice that she and her friends do not really exist! Thus people and stories are fiction. We hope you get an insight in our thoughts and values in life. Sometimes serious, sometimes just funny. Enjoy and we hope you get good understanding about Brenda’s approach to life!