Brenda’s stories – Meet Hannah Montana

Did I ever tell you before how I got to know all these friends of mine in all kinds of countries? I don’t believe I did.
Before I settled down, got married and children I used to travel a lot. That already started when I was in college. I spent some time in Europe as an exchange student. After that I went back many times for my job as a wine merchant. As you will know, Europe is still the heart of wine production in the world. France obviously, but also Italy, Spain and Germany. I was always looking for fine wines for my company to buy and sell. That is how I got to know another of my friends that this story is about.
Aziza lives in Dortmund, being married to a German man called Manfred, but she actually comes from Malaysia. From Dortmund to the Southwest of Germany there are large wine estates, one of them being owned by Aziza and her husband. They produce a very fine white wine that I immediately decided to buy for my company.
As it turned out, Aziza and I got along really well so I went back as often as I possibly could. I was there when her daughter Sophie was born!
Sophie is now 5 years old and well aware of her background. One evening Aziza, keeping her Asian heritage alive, had died Sophie’s hands with henna. Something very common in Asian and Arabian culture, but not that much in Germany.

When Sophie went to school next day naturally her girlfriends asked about the painting on her hands, so Sophie explained to them it was henna. Her girlfriends, completely astonished all shouted out: What? Were they done by Hannah Montana? They all wanted to meet her and Sophie had to ask Aziza for help to explain she did NOT know Hannah Montana, but that she does know henna and how to dye hands with it.
After the girls had overcome their disappointment of not getting to meet Hannah Montana, they all went to school the next day with a beautiful henna painting on their hands.

Natural Lipstick: Why Your Lips Need To Go Organic

Did you know that by using lipstick every day, one consumes 5 pound lipstick in a lifetime?
Lipstick has been around for 5,000 years and it is one cosmetic that will never go out of style. Like stiletto heels, lipstick is a fashion accessory that, properly used, allows a woman to capture a man’s attention like no other. Lipstick outsells every other type of beauty product, and even women who don’t use makeup like blush and eyeliner usually have some lipstick on hand.

Trouble is, every time you lick your lips you’re ingesting a tiny amount of lipstick. Many lipsticks are potentially harmful because of D&C colors (drug and cosmetics colors) used that give an amazing spectrum of rich colors in lipsticks – but they are approved by the FDA for cosmetics, not for FOOD!
The FDA guidelines for approved synthetic FD&C and D&C colors concern only their lead and arsenic content. There are no guidelines for their allergic or carcinogenic properties.
Since the early 90s, Paul Penders has stopped using FD&C colors in his products, which was a bolder move than you think. Now we can’t make our shampoos and other liquid products in lovely glowing colors and ship them in transparent bottles (oh, the sacrifices we make).
Synthetic colors are not the only problem. Many commercial lipsticks are a witch’s brew of petroleum-based chemicals. Special-feature lipsticks will also contain certain chemicals and minerals to create their effects: bismuth compounds are used for giving that pearly sheen, silicon oil keeps the lipstick on your lips longer and mica particles gives a glittering effect. And don’t forget synthetic fragrances and artificial flavors for scent and taste.
These items are not deadly poisons like lead, but the companies selling these lipsticks will have to test them for allergies and other side effects, and that of course often means animal testing.
All in all, it’s a vicious cycle of health and ethical issues – all of which you can avoid just by switching to natural organic brands of lipsticks. Producers of natural organic lipsticks cannot possibly produce the range of colors that can be obtained by FD&C dyes but at least you can go ahead and “eat” your lipsticks 🙂
We at Paul Penders now use also certified organic pigments… and don’t worry, they’re still sexy enough.

ICT, the Well Kept Secret to Beautiful Skin

For many years, we at Paul Penders understood the scientific wonders of ICT and how, with innovation, it has been used effectively in skin treatment to remove old and dead skin cells to reveal a new skin that makes you look and feel younger.
Actually the mixture of certified organic herbs and CO2 has been a well-kept secret behind the success of ICT (Intensive Clarifying Therapy). It is the unique application and scientific knowledge that produces excellent results in this exciting skin treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps to improve the elasticity of the skin, and gives you a softer, smoother and clearer complexion.

The beautiful effervescence resulting from the mixture of two product components from ICT produces very tiny bubbles of CO2 and a small amount of oxygen, which complement each other to keep your complexion always aglow and looking fresh.
We are excited with C02 based on new scientific evidence and the increased medical use of CO2 lately. At Paul Penders, we believe in providing you with the knowledge of how our products work so that you can use them confidently.
How CO2 is used these days for skincare
Dermatologists in USA bring CO2 just below the surface of the skin; it diffuses into the surrounding tissues and literally “melts away” fat cells and unwanted stretch marks. CO2 causes the blood vessels to dilate and increase the oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin. This helps to eliminate fluid build-up between cells, and the skin is stimulated to produce more collagen. Fewer fat cells result in a firm and younger looking skin.
Research conducted at the University of Siena in Italy showed that CO2 was effective in helping women lose fats in their thigh and stomach. At the same time their skin became firmer and cellulite smoother.
Medical CO2 treatments are also used to treat layers of damaged skin with excellent results. The laser treatment helps to remove fine wrinkles and giving the skin a smoother complexion, besides minimizing facial scars and heavily pigmented areas. The treatments are effective in softening lines around the eyes and mouth.
We at Paul Penders appreciate CO2 as a Big Life Giver and essential part of our eco system. CO2 has been received adverse publicity about greenhouse effects and global warming but new research however shows how C02 contributes to sustain life on earth.
We, at Paul Penders, use the great advantages of C02 combined with certified organic herbs, while more and more dermatologists worldwide now continue to explore the wonders of C02 for truly beautiful skin from a medical perspective as well.

All one needs is ICT.

You can expect the best results in anti-aging treatment with Paul Penders ICT. On top of the beautiful effervescence which helps to allow quick penetration of nutrients into the skin, ICT contains 22 certified organic herbs and essential oils, ceramides and vitamins which help to nourish the fresh skin cells after the ICT has done its job. These nutrients, which are ‘food to the skin’, will improve the skin’s elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and increase moisture levels of the skin.
To prepare a fresh ICT treatment is a simple three-step process:

  1. Mix the two product components – two scoops of ICT I with ¾ scoop of ICT II (for multiple amounts use same multiple dosages). Application tools and directions are inside the ICT packaging box.
  2. Let the mixture develop for a few minutes and apply mixture with a brush or spatula onto face and neck but avoid applying close to the eyes. For dry and sensitive skin apply first a moisturizer, only then apply ICT.
  3. Leave 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse off.

Natural Remedies for Anxiety. Part 2: An Overview

I’ve had some good feedback on my last post about passion flower to treat anxiety disorders and I would like to clarify a few things. I wrote the post to highlight some very promising results obtained in recent studies on passion flower, but I should have made it clearer that anyone who wants to embark on a holistic treatment of chronic anxiety cannot rely on just one thing alone.

I’ve done a great deal of online research on drug-free treatment of anxiety, and every reliable website mentions combining all or most of the following:
A daily period of vigorous exercise
Positive affirmations
Frequent Massage
Yoga or Tai Chi
Drinking teas made from calming herbs
Vitamin and nutrition therapy
Abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and recreational drugs
To deal with occasional but intense attacks of anxiety or panic, you can purchase e-books and audio mp3s on very simple mental and breath techniques to halt these attacks. The two most popular ones are Panic Away and The Linden Method, but you can research all of them on your own if you type in “panic attack review” in a search engine.
Some more daring websites even recommend avoiding all forms of news media, engaging in volunteer work with the homeless or aged, and getting back to some sort of daily sacred ritual to reconnect with your spiritual side. I found these three alternative treatments (if you can call them that) extremely intriguing and intend post an article once I research them further.
Coming up next: How to Develop Your Own Natural Drug-Free Program for Anxiety and Stick to It.
Let’s face it, all anxiety sufferers also suffer from depression, and that combination makes them lousy at sticking to anything. Going the drug-free route is not easy and the next article will show you how to gradually phase in a more natural and serene lifestyle.


Brenda’s stories – Beauty parlor play

The other day I was speaking to Maria on the phone. She is a Mexican friend of mine living in Cancún, so we don’t get to see each other too often. Maria has two kids, a boy and a girl and she told me a hilarious story about Luisa, her 5-year-old daughter.
One day Luisa was playing upstairs with a girlfriend and it was unusually quiet. No sound was to be heard from the two girls playing, where normally their laughter and shouting could be heard two blocks down the road.
After a while Maria decided to check in on them and what she found was absolutely funny: the girls had been playing beauty parlor. They had ransacked Maria’s beauty case and both were wearing make up in the brightest colors they had been able to find. Purple, yellow, red, you name it. They had used the lot. On top of that they had also found a pair of scissors and cut Luisa’s hair. They were really happy with the result of their work, Luisa’s hair looking like a 1980’s punk’s hairdo.

Being finished they had decided that they deserved something to drink and eat. Along with the lemonade and cookies, a good deal of the lipstick they had put on had disappeared in their stomachs as well. Just a good thing the cosmetics they had used were Paul Penders cosmetics, completely made out of natural organic ingredients, and because of that completely harmless to eat (although maybe not really tasty).

And Luisa’s hair? Maria took her to a proper hairdresser to get some restoration work done.