Did you know it…

Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer is a Paul Penders natural herbal night-time moisturizer that aids in providing more moisture for dry & sensitive skin types, thus protecting skin from dehydration. Of course, it is very suitable to use during winter conditions in Europe, North America and some parts of Asia, such as Korea, Japan and Northern China as well.
Lately, Bee, a partner in “Paul Penders Australia Pte.” (our exclusive distributor in ‘down under’ ), had a slight burn on her hand. She start using Avocado & Cranberry P.M Moisturizer to treat the burned skin. She was very happy that this moisturizer soothed and healed her hand wonderfully and even just within a few applications.
We also have a friend here in Langkawi Island. Last year he had a wound on his leg that seemed to be healing slowly or not at all. He too applied Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer and was happy to report that his wound healed beautifully and fast as well. Few weeks ago however the same condition reappeared. So he requested a new product and we hope he will experience the same good result.
Of course, these are great testimonials that make us happy as well.
It also makes us feel more confident in “the power of natural ingredients”, especially the ones we use for Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer.
And did you know that this product also has the ability to remedy some types of light skin irritation…. Often within just few applications? Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer can be amazingly effective!

Author: Faye (Information by Bee, Paul Penders Australia)

Natural Remedies for Anxiety: A New Look at Passion Flower

If ever there was a plant with an inappropriate name, it’s the passion flower.
Passion flower was given its hot and sexy name for its luscious blooms, but the Indians of North America have used it for centuries, not as an aphrodisiac but for the opposite—a sedative. The use of the passiflora incarnate species of passion flower as a cure for nervousness and insomnia was introduced to the Europeans by native Indians during the colonization of North America.

Like most folk medicines, passion flower’s therapeutic effects were largely forgotten with the advent of modern drugs, until recently. Today, with the frenzied pace of our digital world, the treatment of anxiety and panic disorders is a big business and the number of sufferers is rising steadily. There are now 6 main categories of anxiety disorders and researchers still cannot pinpoint the root cause of any category.
Sufferers of severe anxiety disorders are treated today with a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines and more recently with a new generation of antidepressants and beta-blockers. It would not surprise anyone to find out that all these classes of anxiety medications are addictive and have nasty side-effects. It was only a matter of time before researchers began looking at natural herbs for treating sufferers of anxiety disorders. So far, the only herbal remedy that shows any promise is passion flower.
Forget what you have heard about valerian root and lavender. For all its publicity, valerian might get you to sleep but will do nothing for your nervous jitters. Lavender will calm you down somewhat only if used in aromatherapy. But recent studies in Europe and (surprisingly) Iran have shown passion flower going head-to-head with benzodiazepines like Oxazepam in controlling anxiety symptoms but with much less side effects.
Only the p. incarnate species of passion flower is used to treat anxiety. The dried leaves and roots of the plant is used, not the flowers. As a natural remedy for anxiety, passion flower has shown virtually no side effects when used on its own. However, it is known to dramatically increase the side effects of certain types of prescription drugs and even other herbal remedies. If you are on any type of medication, natural or otherwise, check with a doctor or certified herbalist before using passion flower.