Lawsuit filed against 26 well-known “certified organic” cosmetic companies

Another interesting read concerning this very controversial issue where last week a lawsuit was filed against no less than 26 popular cosmetic companies making false organic claims. This newest lawsuit is against companies that carry shampoos, lotions, skincare and other personal care products that violate the California law.
The California law states that a personal care product with “organic” on the front of the package must contain 70% organic ingredients; those with less than 70% may use “organic” on the ingredient lists only.
Many of the cosmetic companies involved in this newest lawsuit were certified by the well-known certifying bodies that require money for an organic certification as well as a percentage of consumer sales. Yet several of these certified products still contain harsh ingredients that are linked to health concerns. Some of these companies don’t even have any organic certification to back up their products’ marketing claim.
Other companies carry many products in their line but actually only one, or few are certified organic products. These companies use marketing efforts to show how good they are and mislead consumers. Some of the 26 companies named in this newest lawsuit are Aubrey Organics, Lafe’s Natural and Organic, Nature’s Baby Products.
Earlier a lawsuit was filed against personal care manufacturers (some of the same companies as this newest lawsuit) over the same issue… using “organic” marketing claims without certification or without containing organic ingredients.
Here again the stand of Paul Penders Co in this important matter:

    All Paul Pender’s products are formulated using natural and certified organic ingredients with demonstrated benefits. We refuse to seek organic certification for our products as this would increase our products’ cost, add to consumer confusion, and associate us with manufacturers who don’t necessarily adhere to our own high standards. Unfortunately, a few certified organic cosmetics still contain chemical ingredients therefore organic certification is meaningless to us.


Discovering an Incredible Country (Part 2)

Bastiaan and I visited Harcourts; a great, progressive pharmaceutical company in Sri Lanka. We wanted to observe the market potential over there for Paul Penders natural herbal cosmetics. In 2 earlier blog stories I wrote about the visits of Mr. Ahamed Rheyas, CEO of Harcourts made to Langkawi. Actually, he loves the beauty of this great UNESCO Geopark tropical rainforest island here in Malaysia!
The senses of freedom I feel in Sri Lanka is almost the same as I experience it in the US. I talked with a journalist from Sri Lanka’s biggest newspaper about it and he agrees. No hidden frictions or interfering by the government in religion groups as well. In Sri Lanka things indeed seem very peaceful.
Me being in the natural cosmetics industry for many years, of course, I was interested to see the women of this great country and I can report the following… the women I have seen in the capital and in small villages alike are dressed beautifully. They wear dresses of various soft colors, and again… always that pure and friendly smile. One wonders about how this country was 25 years in the grip of terrible war, yet appears now so happy and content.

Bas and I visited also several department stores in Colombo and discovered that there are almost no natural cosmetic brands available. We saw several local and imported cosmetics based on Ayurveda principles. The only natural high-class imported brand we noticed was Clarins.
I spoke with the store manager of Clarins who was open and very friendly in sharing her experiences with consumers in regards to natural cosmetics. She did notice a growing demand for high quality natural cosmetics. Yet I did not see companies like Origins, Khiel’s, Jurlique and other skincare brands. However, at the other hand, most of the famous American and European perfumes are represented in Sri Lanka. We also noticed a direct selling brand that probably is doing well in this new, growing economy with opportunities for all.
It is obvious that in Sri Lanka a great opportunity exists for Paul Penders natural herbal cosmetics. We had several discussions with Mr. Ahamed Rheyas of Harcourts company to develop a plan that includes Paul Penders outlets in the country with the first one to be open in September this year.

This trip was truly enjoyable and a great learning experience as well, including a journey to Kandy, the hometown of Ahamed. A long drive took us through fresh, green sceneries with huge mountains as well. We much enjoyed the historic sites in Kandy and especially the great local food!! 🙂

One thing that touched my heart is how people of Sri Lanka care ‘for all that live’. For example, I have seen many stray dogs out there, but they appear not in the same terrible condition like in few other Asian countries where animals are hungry and often beaten. As part of the Buddhist religion, many of the stray dogs in Sri Lanka are kindly being fed and treated with kindness.
So can this great new country be an example of how the world could live in peace, harmony, happiness and…. respect to all?

Discovering an Incredible Country (Part 1)

Bastiaan and I visited Harcourts; a great, progressive pharmaceutical company in Sri Lanka. We wanted to observe the market potential over there for Paul Penders natural herbal cosmetics. In 2 earlier blog stories I wrote about the visits of Mr. Ahamed Rheyas, CEO of Harcourts made to Langkawi. Actually, he loves the beauty of this great UNESCO Geopark tropical rainforest island here in Malaysia!
I never visited Sri Lanka but several other countries in this intriguing part of the world. For no good reasons I expected Sri Lanka somewhat to be like India, Vietnam, Thailand or Myanmar. But soon I found out that Sri Lanka stands totally on its own in many aspects. The best way to describe this wonderful island is as a mix of all of these countries but with its own authentic flavor!

And that comes too because of Sri Lanka’s interesting historical influences from Malaysia and even strong influences from as far as from… Holland! Of course like most countries in Southeast Asia, also here is the strong colonial past of the British felt throughout and almost in all aspects of the society.
The war in Sri Lanka ended few years ago after 25 horrible years that brought much misery, destruction and pain to the people of this country. The war brought their economy to a standstill. But since the war is over, just a few years the result of peace shows progress and development in many areas. Sri Lanka regains quickly economical strength.
Luckily enough, not all of the beauty of Sri Lanka is destroyed by the war. The people are still very warm. We have seen more smiles and natural friendliness than in any other country I have visited lately.

Colombo (the capital of Sri Lanka) shows off immediately a new future spurred by fresh ideas and political and religious freedom. Sri Lanka is ready to embark on a great future that will surprise many who never knew about this country before.
I was mostly touched by the feel of harmony between the several ethnic groups and different religions. I did not notice any pressure between Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and other religions. Sri Langka’s citizens are entitled to express their opinions, and according to what I have seen in few Asian countries, that is quite unique by itself.

Part 2 of our trip to Sri Lanka and visit to Harcourts will follow shortly

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Paul Penders Natural Makeover Grand Finale..

The Malaysia sole distributor of Paul Penders , NIC International Company has initiated more than 20 beauty centers and organic shops to organize Natural Makeover contest in Malaysia since September 2010 and early 2011. It was organized with the intention of creating awareness on using natural and organic cosmetics for makeup and personal care. The sessions were very successful and attracted a lot of crowd. Many ladies had the makeover and photographs were taken and they looked so beautiful and attractive after the make-up!
Winners were selected to enter the grand final.

    Wong Yean Fann, 1st batch winner

The makeover sessions created an overwhelming effect, more requests came in to ask for extension and therefore the Grand Finale had been extended.
Now coming June 18 there is the Grand Finale for “The Best Makeover “winner selection. There will be 4 categories of participants at different ages: the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s!!

    Low Lai Kee 1st batch Winner

The good intention of NIC International Company for organizing the Makeover Session has achieved awesome results and has brought Paul Penders natural herbal color cosmetics to another level of success in Malaysia.
All Paul Penders makeup range contains the unique LevensESSENTIE Gold®; the 22 certified organic herbs added in dry form for great effects on the skin. Therefore our makeup products are ideal and healthy for all skin types. At the same time enables to bring out the natural beauty of each individual.

You bet…. this will be a GREAT PARTY again! For those who wish to attend the dinner, kindly contact NIC International Corporation S/B at 603-8926-8655 or please email Lee Booi at
Of course, staff from Paul Penders Co will travel to Kuala Lumpur as well. We were at the earlier session in September 2010 and we are very excited to be able to join the Grand Final on June 18th!!!