Did You Know That…

… when choosing the right foundation color, you should always test the color on the middle of your cheek – and not on you neck or hand?
The first thing people see is your face, not your neck or the hands. Furthermore, it is much easier to see your cheek in a mirror and judge if the color is right than it is to see your neck.
When you have found a color that looks good indoors, try to go outside and use a mirror to check the color again. A color will often look different in daylight compared to the fluorescent light indoors.
If your skin is dark or olive, remember that a dry complexion can make the skin look grayish. To avoid this, make sure you wear a good moisturizer underneath your foundation.

Paul Penders Natural Moisture Foundation is a natural, non-oily moisturizing emulsion with 22 certified organic herbs and antioxidant vitamins.
It contains natural organic pigments that provide sheer, oil-free coverage. Helps soothe redness and cell damage for flawless-looking skin. Leaves a radiant finish that never looks shiny or heavy – and it is suitable for all skin colors, as well as for sensitive skin.
Natural Moisture Foundation is available in these colors:


About Paul Penders makeup:
All Paul Penders natural cosmetics contain certified organic herbs in a base of plant waxes, plant oils, or a base powder without talc, enriched with vitamins and ceramides.
They nourish while provide a natural look without the use of petrochemical (FD&C) colors.
Natural Paul Penders makeup blend-in easily where the color of your skin still shines through; they do not ‘stain’ like the usual makeup products made from chemical dies.
Paul Penders mineral makeup does not block the skin pores and provide UVB and UVA protection because of natural SPF.

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Natural Cosmetics are Dangerous without Proper Preservatives

Paul Penders natural herbal products are good for your skin but the various different natural ingredients can also be growing microorganisms. These cannot be seen with the naked eye but a virus or bacterial or fungal cell reproduces rapidly if they are not controlled using a proper preservative system in our products.
An excessive amount of microorganisms affects the product (and you) in a number of ways:

  • it can cause undesired odors
  • it can destabilize our creams and lotions
  • it can cause color changes to the products
  • it can create skin itching as well as serious infections

Therefore our products must be always properly preserved.
We use a few microbiology tests including “aerobic plate count test” which shows how many bacteria are in a product at the time of testing. Then there is the “challenge test” that shows how well a preservative system works in our product over a period of time.

All products that contain water substances (incl. plant and herbal extracts) require an adequate preservative system to prevent microorganisms from growing making the product unsafe for use.
Several “friendly” preservatives and anti-oxidants are available such as L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), sorbic and citric acids, retinol palmitate (vitamin A), honeysuckle, potassium sorbate, tocopherol (vitamin E), water melon, green tea and white tea extracts, tea tree and rosemary essential oils, grapefruit seed extract and more.
All Paul Penders products contain a thoroughly tested preservative system. They insure that our products containing high quality natural ingredients remain fresh over a prolonged period of time.
Each production batch we make is ALWAYS microbiological tested by an independent, professional lab. After these microbiological tests are completed this company provides us with a written statement that certifies that this particular batch is safe to be used for our customers worldwide. Only after we have received the certification from this specialized lab do we start filling the product batch into bottles, tubes and jars.
A properly designed preservative system will not only prevent our products from undesired growth of microorganisms, but they also prolong the shelf-life of the products by stabilizing them, to make sure that our creams, lotions and shampoos do not separate or otherwise deteriorate.

Journey to a Flawless & Radiant Looks

Are these two images of the same lady? What do you think? Paul Penders R&D continuously improves our products, or they work on new natural product creations for the brand. Recently, they finished the Mineral Translucent Powder. This was an important product for the Malaysia distributor “NIC International” during the successful natural make-over finale event last month.
Oh.. yes… believe it or not but the above images are of the same lady!
It is just another example how natural pigmented color cosmetics can do an amazing job. Paul Penders Mineral Translucent Powder is a finishing touch for flawless, natural-luminous healthy looking skin; perfectly for all skin tones and skin types.


Paul Penders Products are Delightful

I’m really happy with Paul Penders’ natural organic products.
I like what the company stands for and I think both the moisturizers
and the make-up are extremely delightful.
Anna David
Paul Penders Denmark Ambassador
Double platinum selling artist

Our Paul Penders distributor in Denmark is Milla Jorgensen, besides the marketing of our products she also works also very hard on PR. She got in contact with Anna David, a double-platinum-selling artist in Scandinavia. Especially in Denmark, everyone knows Anna from her lively shows and TV performances.


Happy People Are More Decisive

A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research has shown that people who are in a good mood make better, faster and more consistent decisions. Also that happiness at work boosts creativity as well.
The study was conducted by researchers of the University of New Hampshire in order to determine how mood influences the very basic element of decision making; deciding whether or not we like or dislike an object.
Retailers want shoppers to spend more time in their stores and want to be aware of factors that can induce negative moods like negative shopping environments. It also may help manufacturers to understand why some new products fail where others succeed.
Researchers Herr, Davis, Page and Pfeiffer concluded in their research too that happy people work better with others and are more creative and energetic. They can more easily fix problems because they are more optimistic and motivated. They get sick less often and learn faster.

Another study found that many women buy cosmetic products for emotional reasons…
The study was carried out on facial creams, anti-wrinkle creams and firming and anti-cellulite creams. Vanessa Apaolaza’ s study has been published in the African Journal of Business Management. Scientists carried out surveys on women aged between 18 and 50 and asked to evaluate various aspects of their perceptions. The study points to the need to soothe women’s worries about looking good as one of their main psychological motivations for buying cosmetics.
Well… hmmm.. so much for all these research studies today.. 🙂 Let’s hope Paul Penders customers are very happy customers. And I hope for sure that they buy our products not only for emotional reasons but that they bring expected results too!