Hear it from someone else

Author: Anna Rodgers on September 19th 2011
Once in a while I come across a new skincare range that is just amazing! I heard through Sarah Best who was the editor of Get Fresh Magazine for about 6 years about this range and Sarah spoke so highly of it. Editors of Magazine get the best products to try and when they continue on using something, you know that it must be great!
Paul Penders range began in the 1900’s when Paul’s grandparents both ran well known beauty salons in the Netherlands. Paul wanted to make skincare that did not rely on chemical based ingredients so set about creating a range that was based on the purest ingredients and used a cold pressing process. This meant that the ingredients remained ‘raw’ and highly active.

With the help of Dutch herbal master and apothecary Herma Eeftink and also the famous natural healer Dr. Ab Steyn, they all encouraged Paul to incorporate a unique family-devised herbal extract into his products. Called LevensESSENTIE Gold® (Dutch for “Essence of Life”), his grandmother had used the extract for extraordinary homemade skin and hair-care formulations for many years.

LevensESSENTIE Gold® is made with coconut water (wow!) and ceramides, vitamin A, B, C, E, Alpha Tocotrienol (best quality form of Vitamin E) and enzymes and is in each and every single product. This special combination creates the highest quality effect on the skin and is well loved by many women and men around the world. The cold processing is unique as most companies use heat to mix their creams and lotions and this heating will of course affect the structure of the enzymes and other precious ingredients. So for many of us, the creams that you put on, are not what you think they are! They tend to just sit on the skin and not improve the condition in a way that is noticeable.
The Paul Penders range has skincare, haircare, makeup and bodycare and even a very very impressive product called Intensive Clarifying Therapy, ICT, which is an at home mask treatment kit which gives salon worthy results but without the use of harsh chemicals. This is one of their star products and one that people rave about! This is on my list of things to test out!

The Natural Skincare Company, who distributes Paul Penders in the UK, was kind enough to send me a few samples of some of their products. This website is absolutely brilliant because all of the brands are very trustworthy and high quality so I can safely say to anyone, if you want to find the best natural beauty products, then head on over!

View blog at: http://blog.missecoglam.com/2011/09/paul-penders-cold-pressed-skin-hair-make-up-and-body-care-range-totally-gorgeous.html


Did you know that often get angry….

Often getting angry when things don’t go the way we want them to be?
Did you know that being angry too many times does not only takes away our beauty right now…. new research shows that too much angriness results in having more wrinkles later on.
Probably practice in dealing with emotions more calm and also with smiles…  It helps to stay more beautiful as well.

Winter is calling

I am in Europe now and it always amazes me at this time of the year how trees turn so beautifully red and yellow. I love the experience of the unique wonderful smells of autumn that are in the air, with wind, at times quite strong, and nights where it starts to freeze. It is that great season I always miss when at Langkawi rainforest island in Malaysia.
Now I start thinking about winter skincare… what preparation I wish to advise to our customers in Northern Europe and Northern Asian countries. I also realize that in Australia they wait for spring to arrive! How interesting the world is in its simpleness, its consistency and its beauty.
Suddenly I realize that I am happy that we were able to finalize our new moisturizer created especially for dry winter weather. As a matter of fact, my thoughts go out to our people in the production area that are preparing for the very first production run of this new moisturizer: Dry Skin Relief. Day-dreaming in these stunning surroundings of the natural woods is like therapy for the soul.

So, since winter is coming, eventhough around the world climates vary, the problems our skin experiences are similar. In winter skin deals with a lot of harsh environments, cold air, indoor heaters, rain, snow and an overall lack of a good sunlight. We are left with dry skin that can become easily chapped and cracked.
Our skin’s goals this winter should be to moisturize, exfoliate and moisturize again.
With all below, keep moisture in mind with all the choices you make in your skin care regime.
Cleansing and Toning Rules….
Better use no cleansing gels, soaps or foam cleansers but cleansing milks are the very best right now. Put away astringents and use a toner ideally for winter. Skin needs to be soothed and balance; never dried out further by an astringent. Chamomile & Moringa Skin Toner is the perfect toner for all seasons and for all skin types, also during winter because of its very gentle and soothing effect on skin. Especially during winter season anyone will experience the best for their skin using this herbal toner made with 22 certified organic herbs.

Choose heavier creams in the winter than you would in the summer months. Feel free to use Dry Skin Relief also on your lips besides the entire face. If your skin is itching it is because dry air of winter is causing the moisture in the top layer of your skin to evaporate quickly. You will need to slather those areas with extra moisture until you feel relief. Thus now it is the perfect time for our new Dry Skin Relief that is truly packed with rich emollients and various natural plant oils.
Yep… Exfoliate ….
And better twice per week! To remove dead skin cells allows skin to absorb the extra moisture you are lathering on. Have you ever wondered about the areas of your skin that looks like your skin is flaking off your body? What happens is that during the winter months there are thousands of dry skin cells ready to be sloughed off the surface and they become clumped together with oil which forms what appear to be flakes.
Thus, exfoliate your skin using Citrus Fruit Exfoliant or our new Active Renew Facial Scrub (coming out very soon). One superb thing to do during winter is a by-weekly treatment of ICT (Intensive Clarifying Therapy) and skin will look more radiant than ever… especially during the winter season!

Last but not least…
One of the best times in winter to apply Lavender Body Lotion is right after a hot bath or shower. The heat and steam from the shower allows skin to thoroughly absorb moisture. Using the above tips assures you, and your skin of a Happy Winter!!!!