One Of My Teachers In Life

Few years ago I came to the office and at the shipping department I noticed a new employee. I noticed because her son was with her. One of the policies of Paul Penders Co is that children from employees can be at the office as well – why not? – is it not OK to hear a child laughing or crying? How much more human can that sound be also in a work place?
And every time I came to work she was working at the QC department, always quite, concentrated on her work and always busy. She got her work done in time and I was amazed with the peace surrounded her even with her small child nearby. I felt I could be in such serene peace at all times.
Because of her work and great attitude, bit by bit the company increased her responsibilities. From QC department she then became even involved upstairs in administrative tasks. I kept feeling amazed how peaceful she did her work.
Then to my great surprise she wrote 2 wonderful blog stories for our company about Malaysian food. It was written such nice and – same like all her work at the company – it was done right. The story could be published almost immediately, what has been done as well.
She had been with us for almost 1 1/2 years, but then, this year the company was split up with an office opened at another island nearby, Penang. Paul Penders R&D, marketing and QC went to Penang Island, and the warehouse that was located at another part in Malaysia went to Penang as well; therefore everything centralized. For that we could not offer her a job anymore and she and the company departed. She left the company at the same way, in peace.
But I was shocked to hear about the sudden illness of Lilly. It was told that she was diagnosed with cancer and meanwhile even got into chemotherapy and maybe soon radiation. I visited Lilly last night and she told me that the chemo therapy treatments were so painful, almost to her passing out. Lilly calm and beautiful as always kept being peace and a warm smile.
I was touched with this visit and again with her personality. I pray for Light and Healing for this beautiful spirit, a young mother who still must deserve the best in life. Of course the company takes care of her expenses. Last night when visiting Lilly, upon me leaving, walking to my car, she came up and walked to my car. She smiled and her son and husband; a coast guard officer in Malaysia, staying at the background.
This young women full of courage coming from a very small village at this rainforest island at the other side of the world, is one of my life’s teachers. Lily is in our hearts.

Bismuth Oxychloride…..? Hmmm… Isn’t That A Synthetic?!

More people today choose to be “as natural as possible” which is a worthwhile, however, in some cases consumers may be finding themselves at crossroads to use natural organic color cosmetics with an ingredients deemed to be “unnatural” and “unsafe”. Nevertheless, these products are still considered “certified organic” guaranteed by certifiers like Ecocert and others.
One of these ingredients is bismuth oxychloride; a chemical compound that is is found as a harmless ingredient in a variety of color cosmetics.
Bismuth oxychloride is a synthetically-prepared powder created from bismuth, oxygen and chlorine that is used in color cosmetics because of its abilities to create a white pigment, shimmery look, and silky feel in addition to its exceptional ability to adhere to the skin. Although it is synthetically prepared, bismuth oxychloride is derived from natural elements.
Bismuth oxychloride is approved for cosmetics, why the noise?
A concern touted by opponents of bismuth oxychloride is that the Material Safety Data Sheets mention that it can cause irritation. But mica and other compounds found in color cosmetics are also known to be able to cause irritation in very few cases. Just because a very small group of people have a mild reaction to a compound does not mean it should be outlawed.
As it is approved by the FDA and in EU, consumers will most likely continue to see bismuth oxychloride on the list of ingredients found on many natural and organic makeup product labels.

Consumers can confidently purchase natural and organic color cosmetics containing bismuth oxychloride, knowing that it is a perfect and preferred ingredient by a number of famous makeup artists and cosmetic chemists due to its numerous positive attributes. More importantly, it is perfect safe ingredient as well.

A Star In The Night & Thanksgiving In Langkawi

Sitting downright at the shore of the Andaman Sea in Langkawi UNESCO Geopark, a beautiful Malaysian rainforest island that consists of a group of 99 small islands, proudly stands the Paul Penders Office Home.
Our Office is a Home; strong as a fort and with a warm soul inside.
Whether blue skies during these bright days, or glittering bright-starring nights accompanied with gentle tropical breezes, our Office Home always looks and feels like a warm, romantic place.
Even during the enormous rainforest thunderstorms that suddenly can occur almost without notice, pushing full-force winds over the roof that is covered with natural grass from the island, our Office Home withstands the force of nature and the salt of the ocean.
How about inside the Office House after hours with all computers shut down?

It is the true soul of our Office Home that arises at special times.
Here some images of the side of Paul Penders Office Home after computers are shut down, no phones not ringing anymore and no deliveries needed to be made with all the lights turned on! The feel of the Office Home magically changes with its heart coming out in full. One of these times to remind ourselves we can be very thankful.
At these times we feel the peace with nature. Thankful because of friends we have anywhere in the world. We are happy and grateful with the kindness of the local people of this beautiful country Malaysia.



Four Seasons Inspiring People Around The Globe To Embrace Holistic Lifestyle!

By Kamila Delart.
Ambassadors of a healthy and balanced approach to life, Four Seasons launched for the very first time a GLOBAL SPA WEEK.
One of the largest operators of luxury spas, Four Seasons created over the last 25 years a worldwide collection of beautifully designed spas reflecting the local flavor of each destination, and providing a dreamlike spa experience blending innovative treatments with indigenous healing practices.

To inspire people around the world to embrace a healthy lifestyle, and enhance the quality of their lives, Four Seasons provides during the Global Spa Week access to its global network of spa professionals. The ‘Curators of Calm’ – a panel of Four Season’s Spa Experts, shares in series of Global Spa Chats on Twitter their insights on latest spa trends from graceful aging, through treatments catering to the individual needs of men, to ways to quickly rejuvenate on your desk during a long work day.
Also Four Seasons Resort Langkawi actively participates in this unique spa event! Martin Hilton, the Senior Director of Spas Asia Pacific, who is based on our magical island, enlightened the eager tweet followers all over the world with valuable information about various types of massages, and their unique benefits.
As part of the Global Spa week, wellness journalists across the globe were invited to experience Wellness at Four Seasons first-hand. Being among the lucky invitees – I started my Tuesday with Ketenangan yoga, an unique class combining Pranayama breathing with meditation that fills one’s body with the vital energy, Prana.

After enjoying a fruit skewer with a delicious coconut dip in a dreamlike bale that ‘floats’ over the Reflecting Pond, I was escorted to the luxurious treatment pavilion with a private changing room, aroma-steam bath and luxurious multi-shower facilities to enjoy a traditional Urut Melayu Massage. I wished I could comment on the treatment in detail, but inhaling the soothing fragrance of sandalwood, frankincense and patchouli, and feeling the magical touch of my therapist gently sliding along my body, I drifted within a few minutes into a trance-like state of bliss. The day continued with a wellness lunch in the Serai Restaurant: assortment of savory entrees, catch of the day prepared with fresh herbs as main course… Delicious and yet healthy and light dishes, so that instead of lazing around afterwards, I could not wait to go for a swim in the beautiful pool overlooking the Andaman Sea. Uniquely designed with many small coves ensuring privacy, I completed my wellness day at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi sipping the scrumptious Mangroves Smoothie, watching the sunset slowly setting in, and wishing that this wonderful experience would never end
If you are planning vacation on our enchanting island, the Four Seasons Resort Langkawi is certainly one of the most beautiful properties to stay at. However, outside guests are welcome!!! So even if you are staying at another resort – wellness experience at the Four Seasons Spa is something you should not miss!
As published in
Passionate about holistic lifestyle, Kamila Delart spent the last 17 years in the Spa & Wellness industry. She traveled the world to learn indigenous healing practices at the source of their origins, is certified in cosmetology and a variety of massage techniques and alternative therapies, and earned an honors diploma in Spa Management.
She established a prestigious German Wellness Academy, and successfully managed her own urban Day Spa in Munich as well as award winning resort spas for Six Senses and Hyatt Pure.
Creative and freedom loving, she finally chose the career of a Spa Consultant and Wellness Writer.
She is currently based in Langkawi, working towards the launch of her own Holistic Retreat Brand, and providing consulting services to Spas and Wellness Centers throughout Asia.


There Must Be A Better Way – Part #2

As I wrote in Part #1, I am always curious about the background of people writing us with their questions, feedback or concerns. Nicky Jones from UK was asking us whether we still use carmine as a natural red colour ingredient in our makeup products. And the answer to her question was “No, for already few years we don’t because we found a great alternative in a certified organic red dye what we use mow instead. She was concerned about the use of carmine as Nicky wrote:

    I came across your products whilst looking at a website in the UK called There Must Be A Better Way.
    I am trying to find products without Carmine, and was looking through the list of ingredients in your products, and one of your lipsticks, Natural Cream Lipstick Peony, contains Carmine.

And after I had answered Nicky I was asking myself why someone writes to us so far away. Who trusts us on the answer we would give. I felt immediately Nicky was concerned “by heart and soul” about the ingredient issue – and not for her own sake but for a betterment of the world. Sometimes we get letters from health fanatics who are merely concerned about themselves only with no regards to ethical issues involve us all. I wish everyone in the world was as compassionately concerned as Nicky is. She asked the question because of her concern for animals; nature and that included even insects dying to obtain carmine substance extracted from the wings that turns red when treated with copper for years the only red dye allowed to be used by the FDA for natural colour cosmetics.
After I wrote Nicky back I got such a heart warming response!

    “Painting for a living is something that I have always wanted to do, and it still gives me such a thrill to produce a piece of artwork that someone will treasure for years to come. I have always enjoyed drawing and painting animals for my pleasure, but the real pleasure comes from the look of joy on someone’s face as they are presented with their pet art portrait, or when I receive a letter to say that the portrait of their pet had brought tears to their eyes.”

We learned that she is a self-taught artist specialising in animal portraits especially dogs and cats with a level of intricate detail that reflects the great love and keen observation in her work. She has exhibited her work at various galleries and art exhibitions and works from picture that people give her or she will take digital images herself in order to capture the rights pose to produce the perfect portrait. She lives near Oxford with her husband and 2 cats.

I took the name of the header of a beautiful website in UK that sells and promote the best natural and organic skincare products in the world (including Paul Penders products are available there of course as well 🙂 ) called: as this name was mentioned by Nicky too.
Please visit this website and please be amazed and surprised. The feel of love that is shown and the artistry especially is mind blowing. I am so glad people of all backgrounds continue to write us and so we can share about them with our readers and I especially recommend looking at the website of Nicky – you will not be disappointed!
Thanks Nicky and we wish you the very best of success and hope you will do this work as long as possible to the enjoyment and betterment and learning process for all of us in this world. A wildlife and botanical true artist!
Making the house team!