Consumers desire Education about Natural & Organic Claims

I ask myself many times how small companies like Paul Penders (small but still selling our products to many countries in the world) can succeed in make you become more informed about our products and values.

A brand-new study in the US by Kairos Consumer points out that consumers require more education about effectiveness and claims of organic and natural cosmetics.
Consumers understand conventional cosmetic claims and are familiar with the brands associated with these claims. They are more likely to buy brands with claims they understand over products labeled organic or natural.
But consumers who buy organic and natural cosmetics admit that they know little about what is an organic or a natural product. They say that these products appeal mostly to them because of ‘absence of negative ingredients’.
They believe cosmetics are safe when they are free of ingredients they view as bad, such as parabens, dyes and chemicals. They place trust in a brand’s reputation making brand familiarity an important influence when buying cosmetics.
Smaller brands like Paul Penders also can educate organic shoppers more about the effectiveness of organic and natural ingredients. Many people in the study of Kairos Consumer indicated a desire for this information.
Can you let us know what is important to you when you buy cosmetic products? How can we at Paul Penders Co do better in educating you? Or inform you more about matters that are important to you?

The Wisdom of Seasons

By Kamila Delart.
I always dreamt about living in the tropics. And until now I cannot get enough of the blue skies, and the ever present sun. Every time I look at the lush green of my garden, sprinkled with white, pink and red flowers that never stop blossoming, my heart jumps with happiness. I worship my daily swim ritual in the ocean, and I love the freedom that comes with wearing cheerful dresses and flip-flops all the time.
But as they say: ‘We never truly know how to appreciate something until we have lost it.’ So while I am in love with my tropical life, I do miss the four seasons. The rhythm. The changing energy. The cycle of renewal. Around and WITHIN myself.
Walking down the memory lane, I recall the spring. The first shy sunbeams kissing my skin, the liberty I feel when peeling off layers of heavy winter clothes.

But most of all, I remember this powerful promise of a new beginning in the air. With tender crocuses courageously peeking out of the still slightly frosty earth, the spring cleaning that makes everything fresh and sparkly. A world of possibilities! The energy to go for it!
And then there is summer. With a refreshing swim in a mountain lake, the minty taste of a mojito, hot summer nights with stars brightly shining above our heads, and us dancing until the daybreak. With the sunny days running through our fingers far too fast, everything is just so intense! And so I twirl in this intoxicating summer dance, happy and breathless, celebrating every single moment.

And then comes autumn, my favorite! I love walking through the woods, with the leaves underneath my feet slowing down my steps, so that I don’t miss the last precious sun rays as they find their way through the milky fog.
I adore the rich gold, orange and red of the trees around, the musky aroma of mushrooms, the melancholy in the air turning my awareness inwards, inducing this mood of contemplation.
Finally, the winter takes over, enveloping the world in a sparkly snow coat. And while I love the tranquility of the pristine white, I escape the chilly air and the frosty wind, and retreat to the safe and cozy cocoon of my home. Wearing a warm sweater knitted by my mum – with sheep’s wool and love.

I cuddle up to my man, sip mulled wine in front of a fireplace, and flip through old photo albums. Just before I run myself a creamy bath, infused with the delicious fragrance of cinnamon and tangerine, and apply a rich facial mask
I miss the rhythm of nature reminding me that there is time to create, time to celebrate, time to contemplate, and time to rest. I miss the natural cycle of renewal, this sensation of being in tune with the energy around me. And although I’m not ready to leave my tropical paradise, I know that if I ever were to move back to Europe or Canada, I would be so much more mindful of this wonderful gift.
So if you happen to live a little further away from the equator – go and embrace the energy of the four seasons! Let them guide you! Towards a more balanced life, in harmony with the powerful forces of nature


Small Habits That Create A Better World

Compare a happy R&D of a small natural cosmetics company with a happy gathering of local youngsters. The R&D play in our labs and local children play on our land and all of them enjoy astonishing sea views. One party is protected from the hot sun under a roof; the other uses the shadow of a palm tree. Yet all feel happy but under a different circumstance. What is this story about?
More than ever in the history of our planet, we must become responsible in life in whatever we do. Whether we are young or old. Whether we live in a cold climate or in a tropical Malaysia. When all are not becoming more responsible we stand to lose a beautiful world what we still can call paradise. But the question arises… for how long can we still call mother earth a paradise?

Results of bad habits that help to destroy our world.
At Paul Penders Home Office we live by simple community rules that help to keeping all of us happy. That is simply in looking after ourselves in terms of cleaning up after ourselves; it’s that simple while it creates a difference when the same rule is applied to all who share this planet. Simple things make for positive changes when we cooperate, even starting with enjoying a cup of tea and clean up our own cup! Enjoy a cup of tea but do not leave your cup for the next person to clean it, or do you?
Are you one where mother never taught to clean up after yourself? Rather put your empty cup in the sink for someone else to clean? Because you are “too busy”? or too important? or… just too darn lazy? In our case at Paul Penders, such little thing make a community feel unhappy and being unappreciated. It spoils the feel of peace when all were to do the same.

Now let’s look to something bigger but what applies to the same golden rule of cleaning up after yourself? How about an empty water bottle or a plastic bag that we so careless throw away? See what the result is from your empty water bottle or plastic bag? The picture below is just a multiplication of an entire lazy same like you people and it has become a mountain waste that could have been avoided just by taking a little bit care, and it saves our planet. Thus to clean up the world starts with education, right?

Therefore, these great youngsters who enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea and enjoy using our fresh natural seawater swimming pool understand and no longer leave plastic bags at a well maintained property. We and even they have been part of beach cleaning parties for few years. Yesterday Eva and her crew went out together with local youngsters, also as part of education and that beauty and happiness can also be created by preservation and using our mind.
Therefore small habits create a better world for all.

To make it a better world starts with the one that does not wash her/his used cup of tea. Its all about the right mentality and we need to educate those who don’t know. Of course we cannot be responsible for others. And at this precious, beautiful part in the world called Langkawi UNESCO Geopark Rainforest Island, a one hour flight from the capital Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, some of us kindly help to protect what must be protected for the future of all of us.

Paul Penders Showroom Opens in Australia

Author: Bee, Australia
Our distributing company Euro Ventures, Ltd. in Australia just opened a new wonderful showroom and product training centre in the popular “Centro Box Hill Shopping Centre” in cosmopolitan Melbourne. Now Paul Penders products are available right in the heart of beautiful Victoria as well.

    Queen Victoria Market with City Tram in Melbourne

It took months of preparation before the showroom was opened. Jess, who manages all the activities, was previously working with prestigious brands such as Shiseido, Lancome and Christian Dior. As a matter of fact, she won twice the “Victoria State Counter Manager & Beauty Consultant of the Year Awards”, one time in 2009; another time in 2010. Jess has more than 20 years unique experience in the beauty industry.
Being made totally familiar by Bee, the managing director of Euro Ventures (exclusive importer for Paul Penders in Australia) she start to appreciate the uniqueness and remarkable potency of our natural botanic formulations, made in small batches, versus the cosmetic products made by large cosmetic corporations.
Jess is well aware that in Australia natural pureness for cosmetics is the preferred standard for a growing amount of concerned consumers. She made a true commitment to a full time business in educating, promoting and marketing our Paul Penders natural cosmetics in Victoria.

    Paul Penders makeover by Jess Victoria, Australia

    ICT treatment being applied by Jess

Since the opening of the Paul Penders showroom, annex training centre, Jess taught a growing Australian clientele and other interested people on the specifics of Paul Penders natural cosmetics, including our various award-winning products.
Jess and Joseph (husband and business partner) work closely together with a very successful Australian website “Living Safe” that educates on cruelty free and non-toxic products and much more founded by Nicole Groch

On this website Intensive Clarifying Therapy was recently reviewed by professionals and as a special gesture ICT is now available with a special price to the clients of the Paul Penders store as well.
Nicole is the leading Australian hair & makeup artist besides a very well-known animal-rights activist. She is a long-time, personal friend of Paul and together they often address issues of animal rights connected to cosmetic testing.

Of course, we are truly thankful for having committed distributors in Australia; people who live by a natural life style and the philosophy of kindness themselves as well. Does this not ultimately bring all of us towards a better world?
Paul Penders International congratulates Bee and Calvin Goh; owners of Paul Penders Australia, as well as Jess and Joseph for their achievement. We wish them lots of success in expanding our natural cosmetics in many parts of this beautiful country.

    Bee Lim, M.D. of Euro Ventures; Paul Penders exclusive
    distributor in Australia

When in Victoria please visit our showroom and training centre or visit For a great Paul Penders natural organic beauty treatment experience just call 0466913328 as well.

Coconut Water in Paul Penders Skincare?

      Here some facts about coconut water for our body ….

Coconut water does speed up our metabolism and does not make us fat. A bad rap came from coconut milk made from pressed coconut meat, most saturated fat. The water (the fluid in young coconuts) has only 46 calories per cup.
It’s a great nature’s sport drink although not good enough for hard-core athletes because when you exercise you sweat out a lot of sodium and some potassium and should replace both after intense sweat sessions.
Coconut water is a potassium powerhouse delivering 600 mg per cup; 175 mg more than a banana and 13 times more what most sport drinks offer.
Coconut water makes you look younger because it contains cytokines, a plant hormone shown to slow the aging process in plants according to a study. Although the benefits aren’t yet proven in humans, women in Southeast Asia use coconut water on their face for centuries to cleanse and refresh. Many women over there appear younger than one expects them to be.
Coconut water is very high in potassium that helps lower blood pressure and promotes heart health and thus coconut water is a good source of that mineral.

Coconut water is now being added to all Paul Penders natural skincare and body care products since 3 years.
You can find reasons why in other stories about the use of coconut water in our blog. Including the amazing story that during the 2nd world war in Asia, when for wounded soldiers was not enough blood available, transfusions were done using just fresh coconut water that apparently worked miraculously well.
For sure, the use of coconut water has its advantages towards more beautiful and healthy skin for whatever still unexplained scientific reason. But why must science always explain what we already can see? What scientific explanation do we need when we see people with beautiful, radiant skin in this part of the world? Women of villages who insist on using coconut water for their face for generations?
I learned that beautiful skin has not much to do with science, nor secrets. Healthy skin is easier to obtain than one may think and no matter what your skin type is, beautiful skin is easy to maintain simply by using truly natural cosmetics.