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I am Marcel , the brother of Paul Penders. I am mainly involved with the the website of the company as well as making sure that all blogs and newsletters go out neatly and punctually. I am doing this for Paul Penders Company for some 15 years now and still amazed how much is involved in running this wonderful business that started in Paul’s house in our home country The Netherlands.

From there I followed the company’s moving to Ireland, Florida, California and then to the beautiful island of Langkawi in Malaysia. Actually Paul sits never still and when others are working out his plans, Paul is aready thinking about new ones. No doubt I feel never bored with working with the great company.

Paul was right in his long term vision already 20 years ago – when the company was still based in San Francisco – that Asia holds the future in regards to an enormous natural wealth in unique herbs, rainforests, clear water and air, and many alternative, traditional healing methods with many of what the West has never have heard of.

That is the main reason why Paul moved his growing company to Malaysia some 15 years ago especially after he visited Langkawi island – a true natural paradise on earth. As I am reponsible in getting the copy for blog stories I remember one of the very first ones published many, many ago. This one shows Paul’s involvement and enthusiasm in working with local communities what he carries deeply in his heart.

Here it is..

Sharing knowledge with the local community

Imagine yourself relaxing in a beautiful natural beach setting.. Imagine living here all year-round.. We have become friends with locals who shared some of their own family-made traditional skin care while we were happy to return the favor! It was a great sharing of ideas and knowledge.

We provided the locals with ICT treatments which include 2 powerful rainforest herbs as a base and we had lots of fun. The locals could barely wait seeing the results of ICT that was applied and they were impressed and satisfied with the remarkable results.

As a new year starts I’d like to thank Paul and his great staff in contuing to make the very best natural organic herbal cosmetics available. He really became very emotional involved during his huge fights against the Dutch government who told him to perform animal tests or to they would come close his lab. But after 30 years Holland was the very first country in the world to make animal test illegal for cosmetics.

Paul is still a strong activist. Also his love for nature seems limitless. I enjoy myself when I visit him and the company on this fantastic island. I am very proud to be involved with the company of my brother and helping him to get his products out to even more parts of the world.

Please contact me if you have questions about Langkawi or Paul Penders Company. Or why not let me know your comments about our blogs and newsletters?

To all our customers, thank you!
From all of us at Paul Penders..

Happy New Year!
Marcel Penders

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Wonderful Christmas Lights…

What inspires me with Christmas are the Lights. More and more Christmas is not so much seen as a religious day but more as a day of Love, Compassion and Inspiration. As our products are also being sold in Asian countries, especially here in this beautiful part of the world many have that feeling about Christmas – sharing and being together.

Christmas is more and more seen as one of the festivals of Light

The image above is of our distributor in The Netherlands. She actually looks like my sister and in many ways that could be and not only because she has red hair like me too. So interesting how she and I met some 15 years ago in Holland. We know each other from just one meeting in The Netherlands when she was invited for a dinner with my friend as well.

All had a great dinner and we talked about few subjects that greatly affect our lives from a business point of view till spiritual issues. Afterwards we wrote each other several times. Especially we shared views about the personality books of Professor Gary Goldschneider http://www.goldschneider.com that in my opinion are the very best books written about people and relationships and much and much more. Afterwards it was quite until early this year. then Renee wrote me again.

A wonderful friend and a mentor in philosophy. Amsterdam
based American writer and classical pianist Gary Goldschneider

Renee van Beckhoven runs a great advertise company in The Netherlands http://www.adrenaline.nl She asked me whether she could promote and sell our natural cosmetics in Holland? Why not… ? So after 15 years we met again earlier this year and quickly arrangements were made. She created a filmed interview and works on a website and since a few months our products are again available in The Netherlands in various organic stores in this beautiful small country; the place where I was born and actually started the company some 45 years ago!

A truly courageous, multi-talented and inspirational woman Renee is.

Not only our products are now re-introduced but also a beautiful contact re-connected and turned into friendship. That is what I like to see in Christmas; not “just” an important religious day but also a festival of Light like what Deepavali is for Indian people… the festival of Light.

Let us be inspired by the Light of Christmas and thankful for what we have. Let us reflect on sharing and the happiness it can bring to reconnect, and with it promote fulfillment and ultimate peace. We wish you a Merry Christmas full of Light.

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Story of Your Skin — Your Beautiful Skin Color

Skin Color comes in many colors.

You stretch it, wrinkle it, tattoo it, pierce it, and smooth on lotion to soothe it. It’s your skin. It tells a lot about your physical health, your mental attitude, your culture, your DNA, your history. The whole history of the evolution of our species is written on our skin, so says anthropologist Nina Jablonski in one of the exciting “TED” talks by great thinkers available online (watch “Nina Jablonski breaks the illusion of skin color”).

Sun exposure has had a lot of bad press in recent years, and sunscreen manufacturers have underscored the dangers. But too little sun can have health effects as well.

The tiny pineal gland in your brain secretes and regulates many hormones essential to both your physical and mental states. Although not clearly understood, scientists know it reacts to the amount of sun that your eyes and the skin on your forehead receive. So – yes, wear a hat when you go out in the sun but take it off for a few minutes every day!

Our skin responds to sun exposure. As the planet gets closer to the sun in the summer months and the amount of UV in the atmosphere increases, our skin produces a substance called melanin and we get darker – a neat way that our skin protects us from too much sunlight.

If Charles Darwin had had NASA back in his day, he might have realized what we know now from satellite views of the earth: skin color is an evolutionary response to sunlight. From space, it is clear that the intensity of ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) is highest near the equator and weakest at the Earth’s poles.

We are spending too much time inside!

Head out into the sunshine if your mood gets dark and you may be surprised how different you will feel – not only because you can relax but because when you are getting more sunlight, your skin cells will produce more Vitamin D. Your body will be able to absorb more calcium (known as the “calming mineral”), and your immune system will get a boost.

Beauty Tip:

Doctors recommend 15 to 30 minutes of sun each day (strongest between 10 am and 4 pm). Cover all exposed skin with a moisturizer and sunscreen but leave your forehead free to soak up the sun for the first 30 minutes to activate your pineal gland. If you’ll be out any longer, don’t forget the sunscreen!

Paul Penders Herbal Sunscreen SPF22 protects from sunburn, suitable for all skin types. Non-greasy and so lightweight you won’t notice you’re using it.

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When to pick the flowers — Dr. Ghani talks about Herbal Medicine

In Traditional Malay Medicine, the herbalists say, “Pick the flowers before the dew dries.” One of our favorite advisors, Dr. Ghani is lecturing on the relationships between herbs and their medicinal uses at the Frangipani Resort’s “One Earth Festival” on Langkawi.

The best time of day to harvest leaves, shoots, or flowers is early morning in the cool of the dawn. This is advice Dr. Ghani received from Malay herbalists who follow traditions passed down for generations from their ancestors. Modern florists and flower growers agree; flowers stay fresh longest when picked in the morning. But how often is attention paid to conditions like the age of a plant, season of the year, time of day, or the many other factors that affect a plant when making commercial medicines or cosmetics?

At night, when plants rest, toxins settle in the roots. These poisons can be from external sources such as acid rain falling on leaves or manufactured internally by the plant itself, perhaps as a protection against insects and other attackers. Traditional herbalists understand this process and advise never to harvest roots, tubers, or rhizomes in the morning. Why? Because morning is when these underground plant parts are most likely to be saturated with poisons. Afternoon or towards sunset, so say these experts, is the best time to harvest roots.

As sunlight and heat return with the day, the internal system of a plant begins to pump upwards, carrying the needed elements taken from the surrounding earth — the water, nutrients – and the toxins. By midday, they have spread through capillary action or a change in water pressure throughout the plant. “Don’t touch plants at midday,” he advises, as transpiration – the process of water loss (similar to sweating) is at its maximum then.

Winner of many awards as Malaysia’s “greenest resort” for its many eco-friendly
practices, Langkawi’s Frangipani Resort trains staff and visitors to understand
the systems interactions between people, animals and plants.

A licensed medical doctor trained in Egypt with a long-term practice in Malaysia, years ago Dr. Ghani became interested in the medical properties of herbs when his wife became sick. Western-style medicine did not seem to work but she was cured with herbs under the guidance of a Malay herbalist.

“Modern medicine,” he explains, “treats the acute face of illness. Traditional medicines address the healing process.”

“Plants can be medicine or at the same time can poison you,” he says. Dr. Ghani left his regular practice for research and writing when he became concerned about the number of “quacks” who were concocting so-called medicines and causing harm. A former nurse stood up at the lecture to add her story. In Singapore hospitals, she had seen men coming in for kidney dialysis because their systems had been so poisoned by certain dried mushrooms which had been promoted as good for health and viriity.

The herbalists Dr. Ghani most respects taught him about a special way of looking at any plant. They are meticulous about their selection of plants for harvest and consider how, when, and where it was grown. As one example, a plant grown on the east side of a hill where it gets the morning sun is considered to be healthier and better for medicinal or food purposes than one living on the west side.

Many plants have the potential to relieve symptoms and even cure illnesses. New discoveries are made by scientists almost every day about the healing properties of plants found in the Amazon jungles, the African savannah, the Malay rainforests, and elsewhere throughout the world. Once a plant is determined to be useful to make a drug, in order to produce commercial quantities, huge uniform fields are planted, harvested, and processed.

Says Dr. Ghani, he learned from Malay herbalists that this whole approach is wrong. Each plant has its own special conditions and qualities. You need both knowledge and understanding to identify the right plant and how it can help a person heal from their unique conditions.

He has spent many years collecting information from traditional healers and herbalists who follow the indigenous Malay traditions, as well as those who follow the teachings found in Islamic traditions across the Arab diaspora or mentioned in the Qu’ran (Koran), the central writings of the Muslim religion.

Learn more about Dr. Ghani and his work with tropical plants and their applications, you can visit his website at http://herbwalk-langkawi.com.my/thewalk.html.

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“Keep him in line, otherwise he’ll try all kinds of new things.” Talk to his wife, Hasnah. She will tell you that her husband loves to experiment. Dr. Gatot smiles as he assembles powders and oils into new formulas, saying, “The good thing is when you start, you can adjust later”.[…]

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