Skincare Routine – Not Just for Girls!

Paul Penders Brightening Hot Cloth Cream Cleanser now can form the basis of a luxurious daily routine, to bring back the glow of health and youth to your skin.

Brightening Hot Cloth Cream Cleanser product range is entirely composed of natural ingredients, some of which we grow ourselves. Due to our daily contact with the growing process, we are increasingly becoming interested in the natural world.

Interesting things we learn from the world of birds

One thing we have noticed: in the Bird world, it is the male of the species who takes great care of his appearance! Consider the humble mallard duck – while the female has dowdy, earth colored feathers to better hide herself when nesting; come breeding season and the male is resplendent, in glowing plumage from white, through chestnut, to jewel-like teal!

In previous times man visit his barber daily

Looking through history, it is only in the last century or so, that men have ceased to wear brilliant clothing, and spend time on meticulous grooming. In previous times, a man would visit his barber daily, for a deep cleansing and close shave.

Indeed, the very origins of the word ‘barber’ are the French word for ‘beard’. Only from the 1920s did our visits to the barber become mere hair-trimming, and limited to once every three weeks or so. Sadly, most of those old-fashioned barbers are no more.

However, you can now recreate the experience at home! Our Paul Penders Natural Brightening Hot Cloth Cream Cleanser can form the basis of a luxurious daily routine, to bring back the glow of health and youth to your skin. Make your daily shave a pleasure, and improve your skin at the same time.

A wonderful very fresh skin feel …

How to use Brightening Hot Cloth Cream Cleanser ?

  • Make sure you have a clean, sharp razor.
  • Massage a modest amount of cream cleanser into your wet skin, using small, circular movements. Take your time over this step; it is not a race!
  • Wet the provided muslin cloth in very hot water, and hold it over your face this allows your pores to open, and helps the cleanser do its work.
  • Rinse cloth, and then use it in circular motions to remove the cream cleanser. The texture of the cloth has a gentle exfoliating effect and helps prevent ingrowing hairs.
  • Wet your face again, and shave closely, using another small amount of the cream cleanser.
  • Finish by rinsing, then using the hot cloth again.

Chamomile and Moringa Skin Toner

To close your pores, splash with Paul Penders Chamomile and Moringa Toner. This product is soothing to the skin, and contains no alcohol. The ingredients are chosen to clarify your skin, and to naturally balance your moisture levels.

If shaving is not part of your daily routine, you can still reap great benefits from following this cleanse and tone principle. Your beard will be soft and conditioned, and your skin glowing and clear.


Available early 2015



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