The True Hero’s of Langkawi

The true hero’s of Langkawi?
Here is another one, famous for his work in study, discover and protection of Malaysian and local Langkawi medicinal herbs and plants.
Dr. Ghani, who I highly admire and proud to call a friend of us, here with journalists of 5 magazines and 2 TV stations, lectures about his work at The Ocean Residence.
Thank you Dr. Ghani for all you do for Herbwalk Langkawi, for FLAG and for Langkawi UNESCO Geopark, but also for all people you always seem to have time for to educate.
We love you!
— met Pak Din.


Lucky with Hardworking, Devoted Partners

Do you recognise that typical sight of a slow-burning late-night street light?
Well, not slow burning with us people here! Lucky with hardworking, devoted partners; all worked till 1:30 in the morning and again at 8AM today.
A shipment must go out today packed on pallets rushed to the Kuala Lumpur airport; from there flown to “Paul Penders Lebanon” in Beirut.
See our wonderful distributor Liliane Saliba…. she anxious waiting for the plane to arrive? To have products shipped to various countries in the Middle East?
Botanical cosmetics with organic herbal extracts and community-made coconut oil from Malaysia and American AVA certified.
Yep we are proud and lucky with a very hardworking team of the finest people.
Yes Liliane, the products are flying soon! 🙂
Love to all. — met Liliane Saliba.


He Taught Me Cutting and Coloring Hair

An image back from the 60ties… I was to be trained as a hair stylist at age 14 by a famous hairdresser .. here I am watching his great technique of cutting hair what made him very famous… this was really a good guy; tough and certainly an artist. He taught me cutting and coloring hair. Ouch… this is really a long time ago.


The Ivory Coast is Going to Ban all Skincare Whitening Products

Finally…. Finally ……! The Ivory Coast is going to ban all skincare whitening products because of concerns of public health. Ingredients no longer to be used in larger quantities are hydroquinones (terrible cheap skin bleachers), mercury, vitamin A and steroids. I hope other countries, also in Southeast Asia, see this as a positive development and will follow suit. I have seen too many women with damaged skin, or bleached skin resulting in a total unnatural facial expression as a result of using these damaging skin whitening products.


A Wonderful Lecture by The President of FLAG

A wonderful lecture by the President of FLAG, Dato Kamarulzaman Abdul Ghani, about the importancy of Langkawi’s uniquely positioned UNESCO Geopark; not only for the preservation and benefits of this beautiful tropical rainforest island, but also for the rest of the world. Think Langkawi…? Think Global! This important lecture was held to inform 2 television stations and 6 magazines at The Ocean Residence last week. Thank you Dato for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.