With Over 7,000 Mujonso Plants Growing


With over 7,000 Mujonso plants growing abundantly 100% the organic way, and 3,000 more of these goodies to be planted over the next 3 months, we have clearly more stock than our guests could ever consume. Even including small productions of our botanical cosmetics. These are strong, very healthy and potent guys! Therefore we decided that soon we will give our guests little boxes of Mujonso to take home from whatever country they come. Continue cleansing the body for its incredible health benefits and more clear complexion. No wonder that many families in Africa depend on Mujonso for health and beauty, already for centuries.

Pharmacists inspected our lab


Pharmacists inspected our lab yesterday.
Here is what they said:

FROM: Hew Kok Wah
TO: Bastiaan Penders

“Firstly a big thanks to you and your team
for hosting us. The lab visit was a great
experience. We could see with our own
eyes the quality process of Paul Penders
which is up to pharmaceutical standards”.

What a great statement because, we as a small independent company, we are proud to keep up the highest professional standards in our research on organic herbs we plant for health and beauty.