I was Guest of Prof. Dr. Amina Ather and Mr. Thomas Vallomtharayil

For 4 days I was guest of Prof. Dr. Amina Ather and Mr. Thomas Vallomtharayil, CEO of a truly amazing medical wellness center in Castrop Rauxel in Germany. I felt happiness with their offer of clinical studies on our cosmetic products and Mujonso. Their medical institute believes in the same principles we work with as a small company to produce ethical quality and always try to make a difference. I have seen patients of Dr. Ather that are treated in pure natural ways with pure natural medicines. We discussed even their assistance to The Ocean Residence & Spa providing Ayurvedic health treatments. In life we must be thankful to God for the Light he spreads, for friendships established where one feels “safe and at home”. Thank you Dr. Ather and Thomas for sharing vision and your kind support.