A Goodbye to My Starbucks Friend

Some people say I live at Starbucks. Indeed, Starbucks seems my worldwide office where I can work, relax and enjoy my daily cup of Americano.  On this small beautiful rainforest island far away from my beloved San Francisco there is now a Starbucks as well.

When you visit a place every day you get close to the people who work there as well. One in particular that came to work at Langkawi Starbucks was Ronny. He came all the way from East Malaysia and told me he was attracted to whatever Langkawi had to offer. He wanted to discover and write about the island; the food here, the people and even become a guest writer at our blog! In the beginning he was shy and seemed even afraid to talk.

Then in a morning a SMS message read he was leaving and I felt sad. Because over time from being shy at first, he had grown to become the strength of his team. He talked proudly about them and the company in general.
Now today I am at Starbucks and I miss him. The good news is that he went back to his hometown to become a manager of a new Starbucks location over there. If there is anything I like about Mr. Schultz, the great CEO of Starbucks, it is how he helps to build character in people, making them feel a part in the success of Starbucks. Since I am there often, I also see the amount of dedication being put in training the staff, while they have also fun during the training as well .Thanks Mr. Schultz for setting examples in business!

I wish Ronny further success at his Starbucks career. I thank him and all Starbucks staff for caring of their customers while enjoy the simple pleasure of a cup of coffee and always feel welcome as well.