A Tropical Treasure for Beautiful Skin

Coconut water, oil, meat, milk used in curries, jellies, jams or grated every part of this tropical treasure – the coconut – has its use. Some may be surprised that the fibrous shell is a perfect pot for an orchid, rice wrapped in coconut leaves, that serves for storage and cooking. Throughout India and Southeast Asia, coconut palm-leaves are stripped to make brooms and fuel for fires.

For skincare and many other beauty products a natural emollient derived from coconut is used as a dispersing agent and carrier for active ingredients. Coconut oil contains Caprylic / Capric Triglycerides which forms a very light silky oil that does not feel at all greasy on the skin.

Triglycerides, also known as “fatty acids,” are a major component of human skin oils, and thus coconut derivatives make an excellent substitute, replacement, or restorative for the skin.

The coconut’s hard husk shell makes it differ from other fruit because animals do not normally eat it. While other fruits have spread across the planet by walking or flying animals, coconuts have floated on ocean currents to even the tiniest Pacific islands.

The coconut palm tree (cocos nucifera) has very specific needs which is why it is mostly found along the seashores in tropical climates. It cannot tolerate cold, but on the other hand, it is very salt resistant. It requires high humidity which is why it is most often found close to the sea. And it needs lots of sunshine so it flourishes best close to the Equator.

Two varieties are found – tall and dwarf. The tall ones can grow as high as 30m (98 feet) and produce (in very fertile soil) as many as 75 coconuts.

Coconut water makes you look younger

Coconut water contains cytokines, a plant hormone shown to slow the aging process in plants. In technical terms, the water is liquid endosperm there to feed the seed as it matures. Nearly fat-free and 95% water, “Iron Man” and other sports enthusiasts swear by it as a post-workout ‘pick-me-up’ as it also contains a variety of key minerals including potassium and sugars.

Women throughout Asia have used coconut water on the face and skin for centuries to cleanse and refresh. Often people say Asian women appear younger than one expects them to be; a great side benefit of coconut use!

Clearly, the use of coconut water has many benefits for more beautiful and healthier skin and most of Paul Penders products contain coconut water or coconut oil as well.

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