Fortune Paid to Proof first “100% Natural Cosmetics”?

In hope to halt hype and deceptive stories of several cosmetic companies, the Royal Society of Chemistry in UK offers to pay US$1.5Million to anyone showing proof of a 100% natural cosmetic product.

Who would not wish to claim an easy 1.5 million dollars? Just show to RSC a cosmetic product consisting of 100% natural ingredients, it is that simple right?

Why such unusual offer? Just to challenge untruthful stories created by clever marketers of even the largest organic skincare brands in the world who confuse consumers by letting them believe that their certified natural or organic cosmetics do not consist any chemicals.

What about cosmetic companies that claim to have 100% natural products?

According to RCS and the very best scientists in the world, cosmetic products consist by definition of chemicals whatever brand and whatever price they are being sold for. Any claim of cosmetic companies to suggest that they make products that are 100% natural is truly misleading. There are not even clear definitions about what is natural according to chemists. Any natural organic ingredient for that matter is a chemical as well. So much for the buzzwords “certified organic” as well.

We at Paul Penders Company support the Royal Society of Chemistry; a professional association with the goal of advancing chemical sciences worldwide that includes 50,000 professionals with offices in Europe, USA and in China.

Anyhow, I will report here when a cosmetics company receives 1.500,000 million dollars and thus make their claim true. But so far after several years and with lots of publication about this offer not one cosmetic company was able to make their case and thus take the huge amount of cash.

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