Happy Valentine’s Day !

Give Yourself A Valentine’s Date Night Beauty Treatment

Valentine’s Day, February 14th falls this year on a Thursday night, which only means you can keep on celebrating through the weekend! It’s time to be your most beautiful YOU!

Have you got plans for a Valentine’s Date Night? Going out or staying in? Whether you’re celebrating with a long-time love, a new prospect, or just in front of the TV on your own – it’s a good time to lift yourself out of the ‘February Blues’ and get dressed up!

Why not give yourself a “Do It Yourself Valentine” – in the form of a full on, all-over beauty treatment that you can do at home with our natural herbal products? Made with organic herbs carefully formulated to effectively enhance your beauty, our products unique formulas feature LevensESSENTIE Gold®, a 100-year old traditional formulation of the Penders family. This unique herbal extract combines 22 Eastern and Western certified organic herbs.

Isn’t it fun trying out pure natural beauty products for skin and hair? We can play with makeup and try out various effects. Other days, of course, we may choose to face the world barefaced. But truth to tell – even if you choose the most ‘natural look,’ all of us (women and men, too!) can use a little help to look and feel our most beautiful.

Here’s a beauty treatment plan to get you ready for your most romantic Valentine’s Day!

Start by pampering yourself with a long hot bath or shower to open pores and deep cleanse skin. I use an antibacterial soap to slough off any germs but that’s awfully harsh and drying – I used to come out slightly pruned. Now I’ve taken to following a good soaping with Paul Penders wonderful Herbal Moisture Shower Gel.

Paul Penders also has a variety of great hair care products to help give you the cleanest scalp and shiniest hair. I particularly love the immediate change in texture that happens when I apply the Herbal Lemon Conditioner. Suddenly it’s smooth. My hair dries soft, smooth, and feels so light on my head.

Towel off and slather on the moisturizers all over your body for your softest, most glowing skin. Give yourself a gentle massage as you stroke on the lotions – so you’ll feel very relaxed when the time comes to face the mirror!

You’ll get another level of moisturizing protection with the Natural Moisture Foundation in the Paul Penders makeup line, which comes in 6 shades so you can exactly match your skin tone.

You can play with eye shadow colors to match or contrast with your outfit. Alternatively, over a dark brown eyeliner, dab on shadow all the way around your eyes for large sexy, smoky eyes. Be sure to apply a light-colored highlighting shadow up just below the eyebrow to make your eyes even larger. You can use that same highlighter powder on your cheekbones and down the length of your nose to give more definition and glow to your face.

Tip: You can borrow a trick from stage makeup — dab a bit of pink blush or even lipstick on the inner corner of your eyes, either side of your nose. This trick will make your eyes look wider apart.


Then to finish off – get your most flirtatious eyes by applying lots of mascara. Give the first coat a few minutes to dry, then apply a second, or even a third one!

Last but not least, for your most kiss-able Valentine’s lips, be brave and go for a really bright red or strong rose pink. After all, Valentine’s Day only comes once a year!


Be your most beautiful YOU this Valentine’s Day! Here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day – and every day – is filled with Beauty, Happiness and Love!

By Teviot Fairservis.


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