Journey to Vanamoolika – Part 6
Inspirational Visit to Indocert;
Indian Organic Certifying Agency

Paul visiting Indocert

The long journey back from Vanamoolika to Kochi was a 10 hour-fight. The road consisted of endless hairpin turns, filled with huge lorries, as it threaded through the massive mountains. If you consider the acrobatic movements of typical Indian roads, it was an exciting accomplishment to arrive in Kochi, the beautiful city of Kerala State.

In Kochi, a meeting had been organized with officials of Indocert, the Indian organic certification body. Indocert is associated with NOP (National Organic Production, USA) certification with the acceptance of conformity assessment for accreditation of certification bodies by USDA.

Meeting at Indocert

We had a meeting with Mr. Sreekumar, Deputy Director of Indocert and Mr. Praveen Kumar, the

Program Manager. Vanamoolika has strong connections with organic certifying bodies while the President of Vanamoolika himself is director of various organic farmer associations. All cultivation methods and products of Ayurvedic Vanamoolika are certified organic.

Readers of this blog are aware of several objections Paul Penders Company has against the practices of some of the certifying organic bodies. Now I had the opportunity to formerly share them at the right place. These include the high costs involved and yearly fees. We also object that Ecocert and others allow certain chemicals to be certified, even PARABENS are allowed. We strongly disagree with this.

The Paul Penders Company is at the brink of a strong cooperation with Vanamoolika, including promoting their beautiful Ayurvedic products in and outside India as well. Paul Penders Company will have its R&D and Regulatory people traveling to India soon to discuss how we can clear up the misconceptions and resolve our objections. The goal is to obtain certification of Paul Penders products. We deserve that certification as we use the best certified organic ingredients already.

Today was a good closure to an exciting trip and tomorrow we will make a summary including the exciting news ahead in supporting Vanamoolika, obtaining their wonderful herbs, and supporting “the daughters of the woods.”

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