Journey to Vanamoolika – Part 4
A Gorgeous Ayuredic Doctor

Dr. Deepa Chirakkal

This a great story, one of the 375 (who I called) power women is an ayurvedic doctor. I met her at the premises of Vanamoolika and was so impressed by her fresh looks and thoughts. Here is a woman who owns a farm (no less than 14 acres) who uses compost of worms cultivating organically grown bananas, pepper, nuts and medicinal plants…. she has a guesthouse for people to stay, and oh yes!! besides all that she also has a lovely family with two children, and…how do I forget this to mention, also a busy medical practice.

I asked her how? Why?

Basically she always wanted to become an allopathic doctor and when her father had heart problems, she accidentally met up with the cardiologist who supported natural medicines, including ayurveda. Ultimately, her father escaped surgery. Obviously this had a huge effect on his daughter and after she talked with the cardiologist this changed her life and she decided to become an ayurvedic doctor.

She said ayurvedic medicine has immense qualities and her eyes became emotional and full of temperament. You can see she is a true believer in what she sees on a daily base by helping people for a fraction of the costs of allopathic medicines. Most of all she sees better results as well. People get their original radiance back is what she said. Dr. Deepa Chirakkal now treats her patients mainly with Yoga, Acupressure, Fasting, Meditation techniques, Healing of the Mind, Purification, and Education. Of course Medicinal plants come partly from her own certified organic farm, then process at the Vanamoolika plant.

She employs 7 farmers…. of course, only ladies! including widows who she can pay well and she feels it is wonderful for the community as a whole. Her future plans are to further expand the certified farming, as well as build more guesthouses for homestay for people from other countries to be educated and promote organic farming. She also wants to be more involved with ayurvedic children medicines.

To me she is the type of woman, with spirit, energy and wisdom. I look forward to meeting her soon again at the time when we start processing the certified organic herbs from this special part of the world.

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