Little Green Book Features Paul Penders

Sometimes it’s lovely to be surprised and what a delight it is to find out that our company has been featured in a book called “The Little Green Book of Beauty: 250 Tips for an Eco Lifestyle” by Sarah Callard.

Here's Paul Penders on page 28
Here's Paul Penders on page 28

We are on page 28 and featured as Tip #50 where it says:

Cold Blended is Best

Some manufacturers, such as Paul Penders, are developing cold blended cosmetics. Many conventional products are manufactured using heat processing which can destroy bio-active ingredients. Cold blending protects the ingredients, thereby making the final product more effective.

The book contains lots more tips on helping you become a better earth citizen.

We found out that this book is one of the 6 titles in the Little Green Book series. On closer look, we discovered how we could make more informed choices which helps not only us but also our planet.

In fact, this books packs in some 250 tips on cosmetics, grooming products and treatments with useful tips on packaging, ingredients, organics, toxins, animal testing and ethical issues. It has tips on how to read product labels and avoiding toxins, and much more.

According to Amazon, Sarah Callard the author “studied fashion journalism at Central St Martins College of Art and Design in London, England, before becoming a lifestyle journalist. She has been writing about natural lifestyles for more than ten years. Currently writing a weekly ‘green’ column for the Saturday Telegraph, she is a regular contributor to a number of other UK publications, including the Independent, the Observer and Ethical Living magazine. She lives an eco-friendly life in Devon, England.”

Check it out at your local bookstore or at Amazon.

Tips for your eco lifestyle
Tips for your eco lifestyle