Natural Hair Dyes?

Not long ago we searched for natural hair colorants able to dye hair naturally. Henna, as an example, can be a great natural color ingredient but by itself does not cover gray hair.

Henna and other hair color products that do cover gray hair contain the chemicals p-phenylenediamine (PPD) and p-toloenediamine (PTD).

Cosmetic companies that claim to produce all-natural hair dyes are aware of these chemicals in their products. Many of these companies do not put these chemical names on their product labels. In our own market research no natural alternative to chemical dyes have been found. All hair dyes marketed as natural that claim to cover gray hair in fact mislead consumers. They hide the facts and sorry … no exception to the rule.

There is good news!

Recently researchers from Leeds University developed a natural hair color formula that removes p-phenylenediamine (PPD) and p-toloenediamine (PTD) to replace them with botanical ingredients. Progress is made and it looks that maybe a permanent hair dye made from botanicals could be made, yet such product still needs many years to be tested to get it ready for the consumer market.

Therefore, consumers still need to make difficult choices. In case they want to use all-natural hair colorants they need to think twice. It is true that the FDA doesn’t do enough to protect consumers from companies that market hair dyes as a natural product.

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