A First Success in 2016 With The Visit of the Queen!


Thanks to our staff for their participation and hard work in the Lifestyle Expo held in Kangar, Malaysia at end of January 2016. I am truly delighted to see every staff working together giving their best to promote our products to the 1000+ visitors.

Our booth reminded me of the days in the U.S with many exhibitions I did and I was proud to see that my staff did the same set-up in Malaysia too. The Paul Penders booth was the best and most professional looking among all.

Two of our staff had the opportunity to present our products to the Queen of Perlis. I personally congratulate them for taking the bold step from their comfort zone and courage to do their best in front of the Queen and the public. Yes… Kudos to Sakinah and Umaiyah!

Sakinah sprays Paul Penders Natural Herbal Citrus Eau de Perfume on the hand of the Queen

Umaiyah explains the goodness of our herbal cosmetics to the audience

We served fresh Mujonso tea during the entire 3 days of this busy expo, and for visitors who loved the tea so much and wished to experience more of the unique health benefits for themselves, they got a free Mujonso plant!

While happy with the sales made during this exhibition, we are very excited that our brand of natural botanical cosmetics, with all our products containing the unique blend of organic 22 LevensESSENTIE ™ Herbal Extract, is now made known to more people in Malaysia, including the Royal Family!

Thank You

There are always these times that we are lucky; and I am lucky that I encounter many of these times in my life to meet sincere, beautiful women. Pam Hill is one of these. I feel proud and lucky to have met her, to talk to her, to learn from her, and until now she will correct me lovingly or lovingly-strictly the best she can. How lucky I am to know Pam. Both Laila and I carry her in our heart. But lately more women “enfold” to me from who I learn in other ways. Of course there is Lucille. my daughter Katja. Dr. Amina Ather, and of course my wife… … They all assist me, guide me and for that I am the luckiest man. I am thankful for all guidance – thank you Billie and Chiew Chi

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