JewelPie Magazine in Malaysia

JewelPie magazine in Malaysia tested natural lipsticks with at the end 5 lipsticks coming out as the best and… no lesss than 2 of these best were Paul Penders! JewelPie magazine let you try a playful fuchsia pink and a more understated mulberry shade for RM68 each….. thanks JewelPie !!


Thank You

There are always these times that we are lucky; and I am lucky that I encounter many of these times in my life to meet sincere, beautiful women. Pam Hill is one of these. I feel proud and lucky to have met her, to talk to her, to learn from her, and until now she will correct me lovingly or lovingly-strictly the best she can. How lucky I am to know Pam. Both Laila and I carry her in our heart. But lately more women “enfold” to me from who I learn in other ways. Of course there is Lucille. my daughter Katja. Dr. Amina Ather, and of course my wife… … They all assist me, guide me and for that I am the luckiest man. I am thankful for all guidance – thank you Billie and Chiew Chi

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