Paul Penders Extends the Family

It is with great joy Paul Penders Company welcomes Mariek Wilms to our team as Executive Director of world-wide Marketing & Sales.

Mariek, who is Dutch, will be in charge of Paul Penders world-wide sales. She will be based in The Netherlands in our European office.

Mariek Wilms
Mariek Wilms

With an MBA, additional professional trainings, as well as a two-decade long career in marketing and sales positions behind her, Mariek has a huge experience in marketing well-known European cosmetic brands.

Mariek and Paul share the same vision. The vision and the desire to bring Paul Penders products to new heights and at the same time preserve the present company culture, which has always been a trademark of Paul Penders Company.

Besides aiming for growth, focus will still be on important issues like personal relationships between all levels in the organization. We have always used the term “a happy family” to describe Paul Penders Company and that with a good reason.

Mariek, in the role of Executive Marketing & Sales Director, will be a strong part of the Paul Penders Company family, the producer of honest personal health care products, made with a purpose following a holistic approach – and not only made to create profit.

Mariek Wilms & Paul Penders
Mariek Wilms & Paul Penders

Mariek joining us will further secure and strengthen our relations to customers and to distributors, as well as the employees will continue to be the most important asset for Paul Penders Company.

Based on Mariek’s long time expertise and successes in the world of cosmetics, it is only natural her role in Paul Penders Company will be instrumental towards reaching more of our long-term goals.

These long-term goals from our Mission Statement include providing unique, high quality, natural products – at the same time as being an environmentally conscious company. Providing support to humanitarian causes for the well-being of all is also an important part of the Mission Statement.

With Mariek as a new and important passenger on board, we continue our bright journey that will keep us together and, as a team, make us able to reach our goals.

Welcome aboard, Mariek!

(Get to know Mariek better in tomorrow’s edition of the blog, where we have comments from Mariek herself concerning her new role with Paul Penders Company).