Paul Penders Products Re-Introduced in Holland at the LIBELLE SHOW

The most famous consumer show in Holland happened last week…. The Libelle Show is the biggest event in The Netherlands for women to get to know the hottest new products available at shopping malls and large cosmetic stores.

Although there was lots of rain the number of people attended was almost 10,000 at the first day only! This show lasted no less than 7 days from early morning till evening! So thousands of women have noticed the re-introduction of our products in the Netherlands…. It was great fun watching all women with shopping bags and goody bags passing by the Paul Penders booth… and to fill-up their bags with Paul Penders goodies as well!
The Libelle Show is famous in Europe to kick off a new brand; selling natural cosmetics with certified organic ingredients and a specific style and essential oil… and that are Paul Penders products of course!
Women we talked to where very interested in the story of the herbs, the certification for organic ingredients and the non animal testing.

We are very happy to see the interest of high quality. Lots of questions about the organic aspects, and the store locations. Considering that there was quite some competition of local Dutch cosmetic brands, with this in mind, our contacts were excellent.
At the show we sold the new Mini Sizes of Aloe & Lavender A.M. Moisturizer and Rosemary & Calendula Cleansing Milk as a special trial promotion pack. One lady even returned buying more products after she tested the Aloe & Lavender A.M. Moisturizer without having an allergic reaction, what she experiences with other brands. She was so happy to find out a new brand that suited her skin so very well. And of course, we were very happy too, to be able to provide her with our Paul Penders solution!!
Again, the fair lasted for 7 days with great and spontaneous interactions with the Dutch female consumers. It was a lot of fun, talking to these ladies and selling Paul Penders products!!!

Product Spotlight: Paul Penders Mascara

Many people are familiar with Paul Penders skin care and body care products. But fewer realize that Paul Penders also manufactures a line of natural makeup that contain natural and organic herbs and organic color ingredients as well.

Unlike few other mascaras, Paul Penders mascara does not contain tar, alcohol or petroleum-based drying agents. Instead panthenol is used to thicken lashes. This ingredient also eliminates dryness and heaviness for the eye lashes.

“My eyes have become allergic to mascara since I’ve started wearing contact lenses,” says one mascara user. “My lashes feel very heavy and droop at the end of the day. Since I’ve been wearing Paul Penders mascara though, I haven’t had this problem. It makes my lashes feel very light and moisturized.”

Paul Penders natural mascara is exceptionally gentle.

“My eyes are very sensitive and mascara makes them red and itchy after 4 or 5 hours. Paul Penders Mascara didn’t have this effect – I felt comfortable all day long!” says another mascara wearer.

For more details about Paul Penders Mascara please click here.