Meeting Intriguing People

Simple living and simply being honest – living by a few simple principles so that we can live our lives to their fullest.  How ‘simple is simple,’ one can ask? I think that the beauty of life lies in simplicity — the simple joys of friendship, love, commitment, and most of all, respect. In regards to this, I like meeting new and exciting people — ones who can change the course of our own life for the better. Again, by ‘simple simpleness.’
Last year, my most impressive meeting with someone new was encountering Mr. Gary Goldschneider in person. He is not only an accomplished American classical pianist, but also one of world’s best astrologers — and lives in Amsterdam.
I bought several of his books in San Francisco some 25 years ago. They are available in bookstores worldwide. Since he was giving a piano recital in Amsterdam and I wanted to know more about him, I decided to take the plane from Asia all the way to Europe in order to see him perform rather than just listening to his CDs.
As it happened; I had a wonderful opportunity to meet him. Actually after the concert he came up to me and asked me a few questions. He looked me straight in the eyes and suddenly something like a light went on – like an instant connection – or whatever we want to call it. Mr. Goldschneider and I became friends. He invited me for dinner at his Amsterdam home. And I am proud to announce here he has been invited to perform by the Penang Art Community, in Malaysia.
Last week I met with Doctor Rahman, a professional healer of alternative and local Malay medicine who has studied in Australia and other countries. He lives in Ipoh which is in Malaysia in the State of Perak – a truly mountainous area where you can find indigenous peoples still living according to the old beliefs of centuries ago. They live amidst trees, plants and waterfalls which they believe have healing properties.
I have invited him to come to Langkawi to show him what we do and share some plans I have for new products using herbs and waters coming from the Perak mountains and communities. I had that same feeling of connection when meeting him and right away I knew that this is a contact forever.
Actually he reminded me of my dear friend Dr. Ab Steyn in Holland who was a famous natural healer who people from all over Europe used to consult. I am sure that in a way Ab brought me to Dr. Rahman. I know by heart that something good will come from it.

Then last month I met Teviot Fairservis, a most interesting American woman living on Langkawi UNESCO Geopark Island, the same as me.  Only a few Americans happen to live in Langkawi and they seem to be perfectly delighted with this wonderful and unique environment. As I am myself American (but Dutch born), I was eager to meet Teviot after I discovered that she writes for www.langkawi-gazette.comI was stunned by a great article about our magical island.
We had coffee in her apartment near the beach, together with her 2 cats. It was very pleasant and I connected very well with her. She is truly intelligent, a great organizer and has a professional background in non-profit administration.  She has a great sense of humor!  I wondered even more about what an American woman alone would be seeking by living in this beautiful paradise located on the other side of the world. I got my answer and much more than I bargained for.
To keep it short…..
Teviot agreed to be one of our writers.

She will handle the Paul Penders blog and will start doing research on local herbs and natural cosmetics related with what we do and represent on this beautiful Langkawi island. Actually her first article will appear on the Paul Penders blog very soon about one of my first products which I developed some 40 years ago — the “non-emulsified shampoo”–  which we are considering bringing back in its same simple form as it was decades ago!
Meeting wonderful people is exciting and actually very simple and truly can enrich our lives. To me it is the perfect example of ongoing learning and a way to gain more happiness. While trying to lessen my own ego each day, I wonder often at the beauty of life, love, and the cultivation of respect – the simple things.

How I Started My Own Paul Penders Business

Last Tuesday, March 29, was the day my father decided that I had to go out and start my own business with Paul Penders products! Never mind being scared of flying. Never mind being scared of new things in life…. Just do it he said and go for it!
So here I went that day all the way to UK… Yep, little bit nervous and also unknown with business traveling to visit the distributors of Paul Penders, The Natural Skincare Company, Ltd. talking about their experiences how they have set-up the business with my father’s products and become successful in England.
My journey started at 5AM, driving to Amsterdam Airport and then flying into London Gatwick, followed by a train to Harsham. There was Amanda….. one of the owners of The Natural Skincare Co; a wonderful and warm hearted woman, she picked me up from the train station. She was not only beautiful, but also very enthusiastic about the products and very positive in spite of a bad cold. She talked about all the obstacles she had to fight against and the hard struggle to stay in business with Paul Penders cosmetics in a very competitive market. But also she also told me about many wonderful responses from her loyal customers because of the sometimes “healing effects” of the products.
She talked highly about her #1 hero product, Kigelia Lipo & Phyto-Tocotrienol Firmer Curves that contains an extract prepared from the Kigelia Africana tree. Kigelia bark, leaves and the fruit pulp contain flavonoids and glycosides which have been shown in clinical studies to help regenerate collagen and elastic in skin and increases breast firmness.

However also she talked about her agony for the “shameful removal” by Paul of Walnut Oil Shampoo from the shelves. Shame on you, Dad!
Amanda also spoke about ICT (Intensive Clarifying Therapy), the great oxygen mask that deeply cleanses skin as no other skincare product can, and mentioned that people with dry and sensitive skin should apply any Paul Penders moisturizer before applying ICT for increased enjoyment of the treatment.

She talked about her lovely family and showed me her beautiful, romantic English house in the middle of a serene setting where the office and warehouse is also located. What really made me like her was that she laughed a lot. To me, she is an example of a very happy, strong-willed, positive woman. I became truly inspired talking with her. Then, Amanda’s lovely and charming husband, Adrian, invited us for an English lunch at a real English pub!
I realized that, if there is one place on earth that matches Paul Penders’ vision on natural and organic cosmetics, it is right where Amanda and Adrian live, conducting a successful business. Time seems to have stopped there. One really wishes to relax in Horsham and enjoy how Mother Earth takes you back to the birth of a season… the season of spring in England. Is God not all we need in this stressful world? And the comfort of nature? And what nature so beautifully provides us is partly brought forward by our natural organic cosmetics.
At the end of an amazing and truly insightful day, Amanda and I promised to meet again. I wish to thank her and Adrian for their warm hospitality. For sharing their true feelings for nature. Thank you, Amanda for turning an inexperienced girl into a passionate business traveller for Paul Penders Company. If I only didn’t have to fly…
Author: Maureen Penders

My visit to Langkawi Geopark Island

I am Marcel Penders. I am the webmaster of Paul Penders Company and also brother of Paul, who, when not traveling, lives most of the time in Langkawi. Not long ago I visited Paul all the way from The Netherlands. Langkawi UNESCO Geopark is an extra-ordinary beautiful rain-forest island and I’d like to share my experiences with you.
After traveling for 15 hours from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, I boarded another plane that finally brought me to Langkawi island and almost immediately loved that place.

I was left in no doubt as to why Paul had chosen to settle down in this part of the world. The smell of fresh flowers permeates the air; sometimes mixed with the smell of local herbs or trees.
Even from the plane, I was already impressed by the green mountains, fresh waterfalls and streams; the clear blue ocean water, and beautiful beaches. This is truly the closest to paradise I can think of!
Paul and his team showed me the brand-new office building with also the R&D facilities that is nestled between rain forest mountains. The meeting room offers a stunning free ocean view.

Under guidance of Senior Cosmetic Chemist, Dr. Gatot, Paul Penders Co develops exciting new products. Wherever possible, local staff is employed in an effort to give back to the community. Talking about giving back…. Paul Penders Co. had set up as first a relief fund for tsunami victims and donated a sizable sum of money to people of the island who needed them the most..
Paul initially started the company with the express purpose of fighting against animal testing, and, after 30 years, he is still an animal right activist. His continuing concern for the well-being of animals is demonstrated by the bunch of animals who currently share his house on the island. His love for nature is limitless.
Lastly… the food!
I can’t stop raving about the great meals I experienced – bountiful fresh greens, local herbs, and marvelous varieties of rice. All were prepared with love and patience. For just a few dollars a healthy meal of incredible quality, freshness, and fine taste can be had. Langkawi UNESCO Geopark island is simply a paradise for lovers of great food!

I truly loved visiting Paul and meeting all staff of Paul Penders Co.. I am impressed with both, the professional attitude and the enthusiasm for the work that people show in great pride.. As I am finishing this story about my visit, I know too that 2 journalists from the U.S. will visit Paul Penders Company as well, and also a team of QVC-Japan, the Japanese branch of the famous U.S. television shopping channel.
I am sure they will be as impressed as I was with my visit to paradise!