Meet our Family of Distributors: ‘Bee’ in Australia & New Zealand

PP ‘Down Under” (photo L to R): Alan Cheah, Chui Shia and Bee Lim

“Down Under” in Australia and New Zealand, there is a big ‘Back to Nature’ healthy living movement going on – and Paul Penders natural herbal cosmetics is now a part of it!

We heard from our friend Bee whose “Euro Ventures” company was appointed country importer and distributor for Paul Penders natural products for Australia and New Zealand in August 2009. Now she’s got a lively online store, a Facebook Page, and great plans for finding more in-country distributors and new ways to reach out to customers.

Here’s a little example of that ‘Down Under’ talk from their Paul Penders Australia Facebook page:

    “Good morning lovelies!!

    Have we got some great news to help you beat your Monday blues!”
    From today 24th September – 30th October, we will be having a STOREWIDE DISCOUNT of 20% at our online shop. So go check it out!! Visit our store at

Bee told us a bit of her story:

“We stumbled upon Paul Penders natural products in the ‘Safe Shoppers’ Bible.’ Our mission is to only trade in natural skincare products that protect Australian waterways, land and skin from chemicals and pesticides. Paul Penders range of natural products believes in serving beauty needs with a conscience.

After a lengthy — close to a year — filing for chemical compliance with the Department of Health and Ageing of Australia (NICNAS), the first shipment arrived on the shores of Australia in August 2010.”

Bee can now proudly say, “Today, my company is a registered member of NICNAS.”

Australia is vast and diverse. Paul Penders natural skincare, Bee tells us, is a brand which is virtually unknown so far. Competition is intense with many natural skincare companies created and owned by Australians. Moreover, with patriotism towards products that are made in Australia, it is challenging to enter the natural skincare market.

Why are Bee and Euro Ventures still going forward with their journey?

Finding places to distribute products in such a huge country can be difficult. She tells us she is committed to the product line and has some good marketing suggestions.

“Reason being that Paul Penders natural skincare is uniquely different from other natural skincare available in Australia with its “LevensEssentieGold” as its unique formulation. “

Bee says:

“My family and I myself love all the Paul Penders range of products. I hold strong beliefs that to bring this brand forward can be done — by ways including Facebook and extensive online exposure as well as by being in contact with various beauty bloggers around Australia. We also attend beauty trade shows, educating and changing consumers’ mindsets.”

She is determined to reach out across her country:

‘I love Australia, it’s a country which enjoys its outdoors and nature, a country which embraces strong values in protecting its land, waterways, and of course, skin.

Paul himself epitomises it all and has created such a complete range of beautiful natural products. I believe, with enough online exposure, we can bring brand awareness to this land Down Under, Australia!”

By Teviot Fairservis.


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Paul Penders Showroom Opens in Australia

Author: Bee, Australia
Our distributing company Euro Ventures, Ltd. in Australia just opened a new wonderful showroom and product training centre in the popular “Centro Box Hill Shopping Centre” in cosmopolitan Melbourne. Now Paul Penders products are available right in the heart of beautiful Victoria as well.

    Queen Victoria Market with City Tram in Melbourne

It took months of preparation before the showroom was opened. Jess, who manages all the activities, was previously working with prestigious brands such as Shiseido, Lancome and Christian Dior. As a matter of fact, she won twice the “Victoria State Counter Manager & Beauty Consultant of the Year Awards”, one time in 2009; another time in 2010. Jess has more than 20 years unique experience in the beauty industry.
Being made totally familiar by Bee, the managing director of Euro Ventures (exclusive importer for Paul Penders in Australia) she start to appreciate the uniqueness and remarkable potency of our natural botanic formulations, made in small batches, versus the cosmetic products made by large cosmetic corporations.
Jess is well aware that in Australia natural pureness for cosmetics is the preferred standard for a growing amount of concerned consumers. She made a true commitment to a full time business in educating, promoting and marketing our Paul Penders natural cosmetics in Victoria.

    Paul Penders makeover by Jess Victoria, Australia

    ICT treatment being applied by Jess

Since the opening of the Paul Penders showroom, annex training centre, Jess taught a growing Australian clientele and other interested people on the specifics of Paul Penders natural cosmetics, including our various award-winning products.
Jess and Joseph (husband and business partner) work closely together with a very successful Australian website “Living Safe” that educates on cruelty free and non-toxic products and much more founded by Nicole Groch

On this website Intensive Clarifying Therapy was recently reviewed by professionals and as a special gesture ICT is now available with a special price to the clients of the Paul Penders store as well.
Nicole is the leading Australian hair & makeup artist besides a very well-known animal-rights activist. She is a long-time, personal friend of Paul and together they often address issues of animal rights connected to cosmetic testing.

Of course, we are truly thankful for having committed distributors in Australia; people who live by a natural life style and the philosophy of kindness themselves as well. Does this not ultimately bring all of us towards a better world?
Paul Penders International congratulates Bee and Calvin Goh; owners of Paul Penders Australia, as well as Jess and Joseph for their achievement. We wish them lots of success in expanding our natural cosmetics in many parts of this beautiful country.

    Bee Lim, M.D. of Euro Ventures; Paul Penders exclusive
    distributor in Australia

When in Victoria please visit our showroom and training centre or visit For a great Paul Penders natural organic beauty treatment experience just call 0466913328 as well.

A True Royal Show in Perth, Australia

Our distributor in Australia had gone all out to bring our products to the attention of over 500,000 visitors that came to the Annual Royal Perth Show from all over Australia. Bee and Calvin did a terrific job. Our Paul Penders booth received lots of attention and answered many questions especially from people interested in a natural life styles and organic cosmetic matters.

Australia is an exciting country where natural pureness and natural living are more and more accepted as the new standard by a fast growing amount of concerned consumers.
Manning the Paul Penders booth were our committed distributor for Australia, Bee and Calvin Lim from Pert, assisted by Karin Gunthor from Freemantle, Western Australia. Karin is a long-time friend from Bee and an enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and professionally trained reseller of our products in Australia. She owns “Lakshmi Ayurveda” and truly loves Paul Penders products.
A Royal Surprise !

    Dato Seri (left) with his wife, and, Bee & Calvin of Paul Penders Australia and Karin

One of the highlights of the show was when Dato Seri and his wife arrived at the booth. He is a member of the Royal Family in Malaysia. Bee and Calvin were not aware that Dato Seri and I are long time friends and it was the first thing he told that to Bee, Karin and Calvin. Dato Seri is a kind human being and his wife – of course due to long time using our products 🙂 has a lovely complexion.

Here some nice images of this successful and pleasant show. I’d like to mention that we are proud to bring a special article about Karin Gunthor. She has a truly unique and very impressive background in natural healing. Karin worked in hospitals in Africa, Nepal, United Kingdom and India as a clinical nurse. Through what she saw in life, followed by studies at few universities, she became deeply involved in ayurvedic medicine. More about this wonderful person very soon.
We wish Bee and Calvin all the success in their journey to succeed with Paul Penders products in this beautiful and inspiring new country Australia. They promote our products to as many people as they can. We are enormous thankful for having committed distributors around the world like them. People who themselves live following a natural lifestyle and a thinking process of kindness that ultimately will bring all of us on this planet towards a better world. I always love the way Bee writes with a touching style; the way she is by heart.
Thank you Paul Penders Australia!


Australian Hair & Makeup Artist Promotes Natural, Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

One of the very proud moments in my life with the incredible Jane Goodall during the launch of her film at IMAX…. A brief background on myself… Hi : -) I am Nicole Groch. I have been a professional freelance hair & makeup artist based in Melbourne, Australia for over 19 years. I have been working in the fashion, advertising and music industry both in Australia and overseas. Quite some year’s back now, I took it upon myself to rethink my attitude towards the makeup & hair products I used in my kit.
I had been a vegetarian for many years for ethical reasons, and only used ‘cruelty free’ products in my work, but I was also very interested in all the natural and organic products that were becoming more readily available.

I did research into the common ingredients used in the majority of cosmetic brands and was astounded at how many toxic ingredients they contained and how they can adversely affect our health. I then converted my kit, so I now use on my clients only the safest, cruelty free and natural products that I can source. This is how I came to love the Paul Penders range as they stood for everything I believed in, vegan, natural and safe. Over the years I got to know Paul and he is an incredible inspirational person.
Because I didn’t believe it was ethical to use or promote any products that were tested on animals I was constantly turning down work for companies that either used such products, or had real fur in their ranges, including their TV commercials, fashion parades, fashion shows and product editorials. Particularly I wanted to do something positive with my makeup skills to help animals!
So I got in contact with the Australian (they accredit cruelty free companies) and offered to start “The Cruelty Free Makeup Tips”. I arranged a huge celebrity launch for the “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” poster campaign I had put together and did all hair and makeup for it as well.

I was able to use my connections to get celebrity support for the front covers of our magazines and for campaigns. After a few years I was asked to become a Director of Choose Cruelty Free and as their PR Director I found Paul Penders products. Our Preferred Product List lead me to do PR work for other natural and cruelty free companies.
Now I am the mother of two beautiful children. And along with doing my hair and makeup work, and PR for CCF, I embarked on a journey that I am very passionate about! I have become the writer, editor, photographer, marketing and PR person for a website my husband Jonathan (an IT professional) and I together designed, called:

The aim of Living Safe is to give individuals easy tools and accurate knowledge to help them create a safe and healthy environment for their children, pets and …ultimately themselves! Since we have launched the site several months ago we have been getting fantastic positive feedback, especially from parents thanking us for creating this much needed site. It has made them more aware and informed about these very important issues. We hope our site will help to create a better world for the all of us. We also have a directory of “Safe & Non-Toxic” companies and of course, Paul’s products are on it as well as they fit the Living Safe ethos perfectly!
Paul Penders is now available in Australia. For more information please visit:
Author: Nicole Groch

Did you know it…

Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer is a Paul Penders natural herbal night-time moisturizer that aids in providing more moisture for dry & sensitive skin types, thus protecting skin from dehydration. Of course, it is very suitable to use during winter conditions in Europe, North America and some parts of Asia, such as Korea, Japan and Northern China as well.
Lately, Bee, a partner in “Paul Penders Australia Pte.” (our exclusive distributor in ‘down under’ ), had a slight burn on her hand. She start using Avocado & Cranberry P.M Moisturizer to treat the burned skin. She was very happy that this moisturizer soothed and healed her hand wonderfully and even just within a few applications.
We also have a friend here in Langkawi Island. Last year he had a wound on his leg that seemed to be healing slowly or not at all. He too applied Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer and was happy to report that his wound healed beautifully and fast as well. Few weeks ago however the same condition reappeared. So he requested a new product and we hope he will experience the same good result.
Of course, these are great testimonials that make us happy as well.
It also makes us feel more confident in “the power of natural ingredients”, especially the ones we use for Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer.
And did you know that this product also has the ability to remedy some types of light skin irritation…. Often within just few applications? Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer can be amazingly effective!

Author: Faye (Information by Bee, Paul Penders Australia)