A Winning Idea – Coffee Talks

Here’s a winning idea! Why not get together with a group of women friends for a morning coffee hour and share beauty secrets?

That’s just what members of the International Women’s Association (IWA) of Penang, Malaysia did recently! And they invited us along to give a presentation about Paul Penders beauty products.

Yen Dinh Phipp from Paul Penders marketing shared a 15-minute slideshow filled with beauty tips. She showed how PP products are specially made from natural and organic ingredients and talked about how Paul first tested his products on nuns, and how the company has always taken a stand against animal testing. Many of the group are European expats who have moved to Malaysia and were especially interested in the new EU ban on the sale of products that have been tested on animals.

Since it was a group of “just us ladies,” afterwards lively discussions ensued about beauty tips, natural ingredients, and the safety of cosmetics and their impact on our health. Some great questions were asked, “What’s time-tested? Which ones are safe?”

Making it really a ‘hands on’ experience, Yen brought out testers for the ladies to try of Paul Penders products: toner, moisturizer, lipsticks, mascara, sunscreen, etc. As the various cosmetics were applied and products were sniffed and tested, they shared tips like, “A light or bright shade of lipstick could go very well with just about any clothing, so don’t worry if the color seems too bright in the tube, you must try it on and see.” Some gave opinions like they don’t enjoy “the heavy feeling of ordinary moisturizers.”

Coffee and home-baked pastries were treats – and then everyone got to go home with gift samples of Paul Penders marigold hand cream. All in all, it was a fun morning!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Marlene Fox for organizing this special event and all the delightful ladies of the IWA who attended.


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Did You Know That…

there are two ways of using Paul Penders Rescue Blemish Away?
It can be used as it is in its powder form. Use it as normal powder and just dot it on the affected area.
Or the powder can be mixed with drops of toner and simply dotted on the affected area at bedtime.
Rescue Blemish Away from Paul Penders is the ideal “emergency” treatment to quickly heal and clear blemishes.

Treat the affected skin area at bedtime, and by morning wake up to clear and radiant skin.
Rescue Blemish Away helps to correct breakouts and minimizes the appearance of minor imperfections, as well as it restores balance to blemished skin.
A perfect skin remedy which should always be at hand.
Made from pure, natural ingredients – naturally!
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Did You Know That…

… when choosing the right foundation color, you should always test the color on the middle of your cheek – and not on you neck or hand?
The first thing people see is your face, not your neck or the hands. Furthermore, it is much easier to see your cheek in a mirror and judge if the color is right than it is to see your neck.
When you have found a color that looks good indoors, try to go outside and use a mirror to check the color again. A color will often look different in daylight compared to the fluorescent light indoors.
If your skin is dark or olive, remember that a dry complexion can make the skin look grayish. To avoid this, make sure you wear a good moisturizer underneath your foundation.

Paul Penders Natural Moisture Foundation is a natural, non-oily moisturizing emulsion with 22 certified organic herbs and antioxidant vitamins.
It contains natural organic pigments that provide sheer, oil-free coverage. Helps soothe redness and cell damage for flawless-looking skin. Leaves a radiant finish that never looks shiny or heavy – and it is suitable for all skin colors, as well as for sensitive skin.
Natural Moisture Foundation is available in these colors:


About Paul Penders makeup:
All Paul Penders natural cosmetics contain certified organic herbs in a base of plant waxes, plant oils, or a base powder without talc, enriched with vitamins and ceramides.
They nourish while provide a natural look without the use of petrochemical (FD&C) colors.
Natural Paul Penders makeup blend-in easily where the color of your skin still shines through; they do not ‘stain’ like the usual makeup products made from chemical dies.
Paul Penders mineral makeup does not block the skin pores and provide UVB and UVA protection because of natural SPF.

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How Facial Products Differ From Body Care Products

Many people erroneously believe that skin care products designed to be used on the face can also be used on the body, and vice versa.

While such mixing and matching may not cause any harm, however, products won’t deliver their maximum benefit unless they’re used for the purpose they were intended. This is because the skin on the face is quite different from the skin on the body.

For example, the face contains a relatively high density of sebaceous (oil) glands compared with the body. These glands are particularly active in young people, men, and many women with normal skin, causing greasiness in the best cases and acne in the worst. Continue reading “How Facial Products Differ From Body Care Products”