Plant Enzymes For Healthy Skin

Malaysia’s largest newspaper wrote not long ago about the beneficial effects that plant enzymes have on keeping skin healthy and beautiful. They mentioned that plant enzymes work as a tool to maintain radiant skin, as well as repair adverse skin conditions such blemishes, spots, discolorations and excessive sebum production.

The article confirms why we are using plant enzymes in our products since 2009. We also write about it for several years.

How does papaya work in skincare?

As we age, the glue that binds dead cells to our skin hardens and that make it more difficult for us to get rid of dead skin. Regular skin exfoliation is essential in order to remove dead skin cells allowing the skin to produce new, healthy cells.

Since 2009, we are using various types of plant enzymes mixed with coconut water extract in all Paul Penders skin and body care products because plant enzymes are considered great super cleansers for skin. Plant enzymes’ effects are beyond the effect of a cleanser, as enzymes are gently proteolytic exfoliants that expel the dead cells from the skin.

They also help in regulating the sebaceous flow, following the needs of your skin. Plant enzymes help creating an extraordinary smooth skin and a refreshed, clear and youthful complexion

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Raw Potato Juice for Good Health and Radiant Skin!

Raw potato juice has been proven to be beneficial in case of liver disease, diabetes, gastric ulcer, kidney disease, heart disease, hypertension, lumbago, sore shoulders, etc. It has great anti-inflammatory properties that help to eliminate acidity. It is good for stomach ulcers and other stomach disorders. Raw potato juice fasting has been used in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis since World War II.

Raw potato juice is an excellent liver cleanser therefore accelerates fresh and healthy skin. Raw potato juice is effective in getting rid of acne because of its astringent and antibacterial qualities. It has been used for centuries internally and topically for fresh looking, radiant skin.
Brush the potatoes in water, make them clean and dry, and remove all sprouts.  Scrape whole potatoes with skins on into crumbled particles on a vegetable scraper-board.  Place the crumbs into a cloth or jute rice bag then squeeze to get the juice.  Take the juice before breakfast and for best beneficial effects drink the juice immediately after it is squeezed out.
Because of its neutral taste, raw potato juice can be mixed with many vegetable juices such carrot juice, radish juice, cucumber juice, etc. Enjoy!

Potato originated in the Andes and developed by Chilean cultivars.