Newly Arrived… Benefits Complex Ampule

We are so truly excited that finally the Paul Penders new generation of unique, “high-tech skincare” is ready for the consumer! This range was developed in association with various skincare professionals and through our own R&D team. Yes… it took longer than anticipated, but finally all 6 types of Benefits Complex Ampules are released!
Benefits Complex Ampules target, naturally, your specific skincare needs!

Of course, each Benefits Complex Ampule is a true COMPLEX formulation and contains Paul Penders LevensESSENTIE Gold herbal extract made from 22 certified organic herbs with very specific “high tech” ingredients added that are able to target various skin problems in the greatest detail, and, with fantastic results!
Benefits Complex Ampules were developed over two years in Europe and especially rigorously tested by skincare therapists in Asia. All the results were carefully monitored by the team of the Paul Penders Natural Organic Skincare salons in Kuala Lumpur. Here are the 6 types of ampules for various skin types and skin conditions:
1. Lifts & Astringes

    Strengthens skin’s elasticity, suppleness and firmness. It helps to refine skin texture and minimizes the pore size. Can be used for all skin types

2. Super Special Vitamin C

    Balances skin moisture and keep skin smooth. It helps to correct prior sun damage, repair collagen, increase collagen production and protects the skin from bad effects of the sun. Can be used for all skin types

3. Trace Elements

    Revitalizes fatigue skin. For dry, dehydrated & fatigue skin.

4. Purifies & Anti Acne

    Regulates excessive sebum secretion, soothes irritated area. It has an antiseptic effect on acne and pimples. Especially for oily and acne skin.

5. Anti Inflammatory

    Effectively soothes, heals and anti-inflammatory active for irritated skin areas. Can be used for all skin types but it especially benefits specifically oily skin types.

6. Soothes & Moisturizes

    Keeps the skin beautifully moisturized, smoothes and soothes irritated skin. For all skin types but especially for dry and dehydrated skin.

Great Starter Mini Size Packaging

As we are producing only small batches in laboratory-made quantities, Benefits Complex Ampules are available in a “mini-starter-size” packaging. Each box contains 5 glass ampules and is especially designed for a one-time use.
In special cases (when broken ampules are being kept cool or refrigerated) an ampule once broken, can be stored for up to few days only for the remaining contents of the bottle to be used again. The vial cannot be kept open much longer because the working of each ampule will start to deteriorate once the ampule has been opened. Hence all 6 types are packed air-tight in this glass ampule.
Later on we will have a larger size packaging available with each box to contain 12 or more ampules per box.

Bangkok… Here we Come!

Our Paul Penders team is attending another great show this one is in Bangkok. The “Medical Fair Thailand” will be open from 14 to 16 September. We are very proud to show our natural organic cosmetics to health care professionals visiting this show arriving from all over the world. Earlier this year we had a very busy show in Dubai as well.
This major exhibition provides vital access for companies trying to penetrate the Southeast Asian markets, which is in excess of no less than 540 million people!

The changing demographics, longer life expectancy and the aging population have an enormous impact on the need for better health and personal care. This show serves as a platform for medical suppliers, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals; as well as natural health in its widest aspect. About 5,000 visitors are expected to visit this 3-day exhibition.
Paul Penders newest products will be unveiled in Bangkok

We are proudly presenting several new products at this show, including our new BENEFITS COMPLEX AMPULE for 6 different treatments and skin types that is going to hit the market soon!!! As a matter of fact, this weekend there will be an introduction of these wonderful new products at the several Paul Penders Natural Organic Beauty Salons in Kuala Lumpur as well by our friends and active distributor for Malaysia and Singapore.
We wish our team lots of success and great stamina needed to be able to make through these long and demanding days. Luckily enough, Thailand is famous for its great and soothing massages! So they can relax at night while making themselves ready for a next busy day at the show floor.