Dr. Schwartz on QVC television with Paul Penders products!

Some of our fine customers who appreciate high quality cosmetics live in the beautiful country of the rising sun. For several years, Japan was a large market for Paul Penders natural cosmetic products.
Part of the promotion for Paul Penders products in Japan was live television and although I don’t speak Japanese myself, I occasionally make guest appearances. This is pure fun!

On one show, Dr. Schwartz was invited as guest all the way from Northeast USA. On television he discussed his involvement with Paul Penders when he still studied medicine at Stanford University in California, where a “think-tank” included the study of psoriasis. Dr. Schwartz, himself, suffers from this skin disorder.
Through a rather unusual situation in life, we became connected and remain friends to this day. We are discussing the possibility of an active involvement and role for Dr. Schwartz at Paul Penders for further research in combating psoriasis with natural materials and healing methods.
Friends of Andrew appreciate his friendliness, his hilarious jokes, his deep involvement in all that he undertakes, his commitment and love for nature combined with a down-to-earth lifestyle. Andrew and I share not only an interest in natural cosmetic ingredients but in sailing and classical music as well. When he visits me he enjoys the classical music heard throughout our offices all-day long.
We enjoyed a great live-show on a Sunday afternoon in Tokyo, seen by millions of Japanese. I am proud of our friendship with Dr. Schwartz and look forward to a time in the future where we may hopefully improve the lifes of those suffering from psoriasis. Thanks Andrew for being Dr. Schwartz and a great friend.