Fake Paul Penders Products Still Circulating In China

A captivating image of a young Chinese woman with flawless gorgeous-looking skin looking serene with in the background the mountains ready to free a butterfly from her delicate hand, and surrounded by beautiful flowers. Yes, such idyllic beauty is truly China, and for this and much more I love China; the country and its great people.


Like in all countries, also in the wonderful great nation of China there are people who are out to make a quick buck. These people destroy the hard work of others who want to make the country clean of stolen identities; copied trademarks and fake products using the name of a brand that is known in one or another way.

In Hangzhou, China there is a company that calls itself “Paul Penders China” and they produce ILLEGALLY cosmetic products using my name without any permission or whatsoever to use my name. I fully own all rights to my name “Paul Penders” that is officially registered in China.

These products may look nice to some but they are illegal products! We do not make green products using this kind of packaging. The picture of the factory is a large printing company. Consumers are deceived into thinking that this is the company that manufactures my products.


I would like our clients to know that I am not involved whatsoever with that company in China. My lawyers have officially written to the Hangzhou company to immediately terminate the use of my name and stop manufacturing products under my name. The company is not entitled to use my name, logos, website as I am not associated with them at all.

I have been trying for the past 4 years to stop this injustice and unlawful; practice but these perpetrators just do not care since Chinese laws are not always enforced and a lot of corruption still goes on at all levels in China.

But we got Amazon in China to stop carrying these fake Paul Penders products or we would sue Amazon USA, the mother company of Amazon China. How is it possible that an American company can be part of these unlawful practices? Could greed be the case?

I urge the Chinese authorities to clamp down on the
Hangzhou Company in order to protect the image of
The country in the interest of consumers duped into
buying fake “Paul Penders” products in China.


While litigation is being pursued I am making every effort to protect my brand and to caution Chinese clients of damage that may be caused by using fake products. These bogus manufacturers do not use the same ingredients. I cannot guarantee nor endorse the quality of the fake products. Moreover, these products do not contain our certified vegan ingredients.

Chinese consumers will stand to lose when damage is done
to their complexion. Distributing companies in China that
continue to engage in distributing these products shall be
liable. My lawyers have already placed advertisements
in the Qian Jiang Evening Post to officially warn against
fake Paul Penders products made in China.



Actually a lot, because a regrettable aspect of China regulations is that any cosmetic company, small or large, manufacturing cosmetic products made OUTSIDE China must have their products tested on animals before they can be sold in China.

Because of this new law we are not allowed to sell our own original products in China! Isn’t this ridiculous? Of course this loophole is being used to its utmost advantage by this company in Hangzhou.

Even though people, also in China, are outraged about this new law, it is possible to steal a trademark and start producing using cheap chemicals under an established brand and …. Just get away with it.

Warning to Chinese consumers:
You put your face, body and hair greatly at risk
by using fake “Paul Penders” cosmetics
illegally manufactured in China.

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Hong Kong, Part 2 – Issues and Some Answers

Good health is important to people in Hong Kong. Walk the streets and you’ll see hundreds of pharmacies with both Western and Chinese medicines, health food shops, vegetarian restaurants, and of course, Chinese herbal stores which sell famous Eastern remedies.

So – it is understandable that Paul Penders herbal beauty products sell well in Hong Kong!

Some 30 women from different professions came out to welcome me during my most recent visit to HK. A number of them came from mainland China as well, even a reporter from a television station in north China. It seems there is a keen interest in what we offer. They also expressed their concerns about issues, especially piracy and animal tests.

Real or fake?

Under Hong Kong law, like in most countries of the world, the integrity and good name of our products are protected. Recently, however, we discovered fake PP products are being made in Hangzhou, China by a company I am not associated with.

Apparently, piracy happens a lot in China but the good thing is that authorities more and more are shutting down factories which use cheap ingredients and rip off brand names and packaging. Of course, this intellectual property theft does hurt our image and our lawyers are at work on that – but in China, it is not always easy to fight these things.

In Hong Kong, this would be impossible. Luckily, our HK friends recognize these pirated products are not the real and original Paul Penders products.

Animal tests?

Another issue we talked about in HK are the animal tests supposedly required by the Chinese government. Reportedly, China has suddenly changed its policy and all cosmetics need to undergo horrible animal tests to be approved for sale.

Of course, our company, as a pioneer against animal testing (more than 30 years ago), will never, ever allow tests of our products on animals. We’d refrain from selling (the original) Paul Penders products in China if we were forced to do these tests. But so far, we have not come across that problem. Again, if so, we would immediately stop selling our products in China.

The Future is China…

We continue to greatly enjoy our stays in Hong Kong and also in China. I believe the Chinese market has an enormous future and will become one of the most lucrative and upscale. It is clear that Chinese government officials are hard at work streamlining guidelines and regulations. We can look forward to the day when unscrupulous people such as the company in Hangzhou will be prosecuted.

It just takes time – meanwhile people in HK and China can always trust that the original Paul Penders natural herbal cosmetics made by us in the US and Malaysia (and soon in India) are fully and 100% guaranteed for authenticity and superior quality.


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Hong Kong, Part 1 of 2: HK Glitters!

For many people in the West, the name Hong Kong sounds like an exotic, confusing and even intimidating place — it seems like a destination that is very far away from New York or Amsterdam. I was there again a few weeks ago and I can reassure anyone who may worry that it’s worth a visit. Somehow I always feel at home in HK because the city is very clean and well-organized. And it glitters night and day…

In fact, in kilometers or miles, it is indeed a huge distance away. From the US, it’s at least a 15-hour long flight. However, having said that, no one should feel this is a problem because flights these days have become pretty comfortable — and there are direct flights to Hong Kong from almost every international airport.

Street signage is in English and most people speak English and several Chinese languages as well. In shops, hotels, and restaurants, you’ll find people are very friendly and treat tourists with kindness and attentiveness (they know it’s good business to do so). Taxis are modern and cheap while the public transport is downright some of the best I have ever seen with buses, cable cars, and the marvelous ferry rides across Hong Kong Harbor.

If you are worried about getting food you like, have no fear! You can get any and all kinds of the food we are used to in the West plus all the world’s many cuisines in the more than 11,000 restaurants; there’s even several 24-hour McDonalds.

It’s a shopper’s paradise crowded with people by day and night where all major brands of the world in clothing, jewelry and cosmetics are available. You can also take a break at Starbucks (one of my personal favorite places).

The real heart of the city is its harbor, one of the world’s busiest. From almost anywhere in the city, you’ll see breathtaking views of all kinds of vessels from water taxis to ferries, old-fashioned “Chinese Junks,” ultra-modern sailboats, cruise ships and huge container ships. When you sit overlooking the waterfront (I suggest the Hyatt which has a lovely airconditioned seating area with a huge glass wall), you can imagine yourself sailing away as the ships go by.

Watch the gorgeous sunsets and wait for the city lights to come on – I’ve never ever seen a place so brightly lit up at night as Hong Kong.

But what gives the city its humanity is that in between the skyscrapers you can always find trees. In some streets, it feels like being in an ancient Chinese village with trees hundreds of years old. Turn a corner to find a little park or garden that is well-taken care of and helps bring a lot of much-needed oxygen into the city.

People in Hong Kong take care of their city, the environment, and themselves. There are so many good reasons why I love to visit HK! Don’t hesitate to go if you have the chance!

In my next blog, I’ll tell you more about the reasons for my visit to HK and some current issues regarding China.


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Stop Piracy! Fake Paul Penders Products in China

Stop Piracy! Fake Paul Penders Products in China

There’s pirates out there! It’s time to stop the piracy!

A company in Hangzhou, China, calls itself “Paul Penders China” and produces cosmetic products ILLEGALLY using my name. That company has no right to use my name or trademark as all rights are fully owned only by myself. I am not involved with that company in mainland China. They are not a permitted distributor of our products – and are, in fact, selling fake products packaged under my name!

My lawyers have officially written to the company to tell them to immediately terminate the use of my name and intellectual properties and to stop manufacturing fake products as it is illegal for the Hangzhou company to use my name.

The website www.paulpenders.cn is illegal and unauthorized as well.

It’s a FAKE!

    The picture above shows the actual website made by the Chinese pirates selling FAKE PP products from a fake factory – PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

I urge Chinese authorities to clamp down on this Hangzhou-based company in order to protect consumers duped into buying fake “Paul Penders” products in China.

While litigation is being pursued, I am also making every effort to protect my brand. I caution Chinese clients of potential injury when using fake products. The quality of the fake products is not guaranteed by me. Moreover, it seems clear that these products do not contain the same high quality organic ingredients.

My lawyers have also placed an advertisement in the Qian Jiang Evening Post to warn against the sale of fake Paul Penders products made in China.

Some pictures on the ‘pirate’ website show a factory that is not real. They also post pictures of fake products. Before buying a questionable product in China, customers should check the real Paul Penders website at paulpenders.com or write to us at info@paulpenders.com.

Now for the Good News!

The real and only original Paul Penders beauty products are available for sale in China from our official distributor in Shenzhen (website coming soon).

In spite of the PETA warning that they think Chinese officials require animal testing of cosmetics, of course, the real Paul Penders products are NOT tested on animals and will NEVER be tested on animals. These products are verified original imported directly from our own factory. Chinese customers can trust the quality of these time-tested safe formulations.

Image courtesy of James Barker /FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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“Say No to Animal Tests” — an Open Letter to PETA and PETA Supporters

The first in a series of articles about PETA, animal protection, and China

A PETA poster

Paul Penders can proudly claim to be among the very first manufacturers in the world to stand up to a government and refuse to allow his products to be tested on animals. Maybe even the very first. Paul himself has been a leading champion in the cosmetics industry for animal rights and an end to the cruel practices of animal testing. For some 30 years,“No Animal Testing” has been a guiding principle of his company, one that has helped to build its international reputation for excellence.

In 1984, he began a battle with the authorities in the Netherlands that culminated with him moving his entire factory and his family out of the country of his birth. The government required tests of any personal care products at that time (fortunately Dutch laws have been changed). Naïve and innocent, as a young man he brought a sample of his shampoo to a lab for tests, actually thinking that the animals would be given a bath and if their fur was clean and shiny that would be that. Instead, he personally witnessed the force-feeding of products to rabbits – until he ran out to the bathroom to throw up his lunch. That day changed his life and every day since he has been deeply committed to the causes of animal protection.

Recently a letter was received from “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals,” known as “PETA.” In it, a representative wrote that the Paul Penders company is to be stripped from the list of companies that maintain cruelty-free practices. Their reason? Paul Penders products are sold in the Peoples Republic of China (mainland China).

This is the first in a series of articles to come on this blog looking at the many issues raised by this action on the part of PETA.

The issues can be complex, certainly there are still animal tests and examples of animal cruelty going on in China and elsewhere throughout the world. Political, legal, and financial issues abound around the best ways to persuade a country’s government to enact laws protecting animals and ending animal tests. The cosmetics industry is challenged to provide safe formulas that may border on the medicinal or pharmaceutical. And importantly, the proper conduct of a not-for-profit, donor-supported animal rights organization comes into question.

Let me say here that I am personally outraged by this action by a representative of PETA’s “Laboratory Investigations” arm. It is clearly harmful to this small company and profoundly disrespectful to Paul who has been one of the most outspoken leaders of this cause for some 30 years – long before PETA took up the banner.

Further, I believe it insults Chinese culture and its governing officials.  And it damages PETA’s reputation as it destroys the trust of its supporters in the cosmetics and personal care industries, and the general public. If PETA can take such actions based on unidentified “Chinese experts” advice – without proof and or valid investigation – then why should anyone believe them?

“Innocent until proven guilty” is a fundamental principle of American justice. If PETA has proof that Paul Penders products have ever been tested on animals – in China or anywhere in the world – let them bring it forth. The burden of proof is on PETA.

Meantime, let us reassure you – readers of this blog – that Paul Penders reputation and principles are firmly based on a policy of “No Animal Testing.”

And you should know that even after registering 30 products in the People’s Republic of China, Paul Penders International has never been asked by Chinese authorities to submit products for animal testing.

Stay tuned for more – and please feel free to write to us with your comments at info@paulpenders.com.

By Blogger Teviot Fairservis.


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