Winter is calling

I am in Europe now and it always amazes me at this time of the year how trees turn so beautifully red and yellow. I love the experience of the unique wonderful smells of autumn that are in the air, with wind, at times quite strong, and nights where it starts to freeze. It is that great season I always miss when at Langkawi rainforest island in Malaysia.
Now I start thinking about winter skincare… what preparation I wish to advise to our customers in Northern Europe and Northern Asian countries. I also realize that in Australia they wait for spring to arrive! How interesting the world is in its simpleness, its consistency and its beauty.
Suddenly I realize that I am happy that we were able to finalize our new moisturizer created especially for dry winter weather. As a matter of fact, my thoughts go out to our people in the production area that are preparing for the very first production run of this new moisturizer: Dry Skin Relief. Day-dreaming in these stunning surroundings of the natural woods is like therapy for the soul.

So, since winter is coming, eventhough around the world climates vary, the problems our skin experiences are similar. In winter skin deals with a lot of harsh environments, cold air, indoor heaters, rain, snow and an overall lack of a good sunlight. We are left with dry skin that can become easily chapped and cracked.
Our skin’s goals this winter should be to moisturize, exfoliate and moisturize again.
With all below, keep moisture in mind with all the choices you make in your skin care regime.
Cleansing and Toning Rules….
Better use no cleansing gels, soaps or foam cleansers but cleansing milks are the very best right now. Put away astringents and use a toner ideally for winter. Skin needs to be soothed and balance; never dried out further by an astringent. Chamomile & Moringa Skin Toner is the perfect toner for all seasons and for all skin types, also during winter because of its very gentle and soothing effect on skin. Especially during winter season anyone will experience the best for their skin using this herbal toner made with 22 certified organic herbs.

Choose heavier creams in the winter than you would in the summer months. Feel free to use Dry Skin Relief also on your lips besides the entire face. If your skin is itching it is because dry air of winter is causing the moisture in the top layer of your skin to evaporate quickly. You will need to slather those areas with extra moisture until you feel relief. Thus now it is the perfect time for our new Dry Skin Relief that is truly packed with rich emollients and various natural plant oils.
Yep… Exfoliate ….
And better twice per week! To remove dead skin cells allows skin to absorb the extra moisture you are lathering on. Have you ever wondered about the areas of your skin that looks like your skin is flaking off your body? What happens is that during the winter months there are thousands of dry skin cells ready to be sloughed off the surface and they become clumped together with oil which forms what appear to be flakes.
Thus, exfoliate your skin using Citrus Fruit Exfoliant or our new Active Renew Facial Scrub (coming out very soon). One superb thing to do during winter is a by-weekly treatment of ICT (Intensive Clarifying Therapy) and skin will look more radiant than ever… especially during the winter season!

Last but not least…
One of the best times in winter to apply Lavender Body Lotion is right after a hot bath or shower. The heat and steam from the shower allows skin to thoroughly absorb moisture. Using the above tips assures you, and your skin of a Happy Winter!!!!


Tip of the Week: Did You Know That…

… if you are out of exfoliant, you can mix a little cornmeal with cleanser and use this mixture instead?
The cornmeal has a mild abrasive effect and will smooth the skin. Gently scrub the skin, using massage movements, and the roughness will be gone.
It works especially great in wintertime in parts of the world where it is cold – with central heating in the house or at work that dries out the skin.
And, of course, it is all natural…
The mixture can be used as a separate exfoliant, but the best result is reached when using it as an additional skin exfoliant.
Use it together with Paul Penders Herbal Citrus Fruit Exfoliant and the cornmeal mixture will be a perfect supplement to the biological action provided by the Herbal Citrus Fruit Exfoliant.
An all natural solution for your skin, as natural as it can be.

When mixing the corn meal with the cleanser, there are two natural choices: Paul Penders Rosemary & Calendula Cleansing Milk or Paul Penders Alpinia & Teatree Cleansing Wash.

Rosemary & Calendula Cleansing Milk is a natural herbal facial cleanser, formulated to effectively remove surface dirt and impurities.
Its fine plant-derived oils and its uplifting rosemary essential oil gently cleanse normal, dry and sensitive skin types, leaving the skin soft, smooth and noticeably clearer.

Alpinia & Teatree Cleansing Wash is a light, foaming facial cleanser with plant-derived ingredients that gently remove surface dirt and impurities.
The natural antibacterial action of Alpinia extract and essential teatree oil will gently, but effectively cleanse normal to oily skin – while helping to normalize the sebum production and reduce blemishes.
Of course, the cornmeal mixture is a handy solution, but a real exfoliant is always to prefer.

Paul Penders Citrus Fruit Exfoliant is a non-abrasive herbal exfoliant. Regular use will reveal soft, fresh and, healthier-looking skin. It is formulated with natural alpha and beta hydroxyl acids that gently remove the outer layer of dead skin cells.
This all-natural exfoliant will unclog pores and sweep away dead skin cells, leaving the skin softer and clearer that ever before.
Citrus Fruit Exfoliant is suitable for all skin types, and is specially created to work synergistically with the natural whitening effect of Paul Penders AquaLuna and with Paul Penders Intensive Clarifying Therapy (ICT).
Click here for a complete list of ingredients and here to find YOUR nearest Paul Penders store
Thanks to Alison for providing this tip.

Good when the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Pledge Closes

To me, “The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics” has grown to something as far away to understand like planet Mars. A thing to know is that The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics is a part of the political lobbying process by the Environmental Working Group (EWG); professional lobbyists who – what at many times is being said – rely on misinformation, disinformation or even lies in order to SCARE consumers. The basis of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is the Skin Deep database. After 7 years they suddenly decided to stop.
On their web site they invite you to “visit SkinDeep; the world’s largest database of chemicals in cosmetics” but it does not give true indication of the safety or toxicity. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics misleads consumers because the ONLY way to ensure the safety of cosmetic products is to carry out safety assessment based on existing knowledge.
I am very happy to report that The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics stops their Skin Deep database by September this year.

Their safety rating system from 0 (low hazard ingredients) to 10 (high hazard ingredients with many natural ingredients included) is something I disagree with many times, and that even harms the name of impeccable brands like the Paul Penders, known for using SAFE ingredients for over 40 years.
And even though natural ingredients can have a hazardous impact when used for long time in massive volumes, SkinDeep’s database makes indiscriminate suggestions that some natural ingredients in cosmetics are linked to cancer and other terrible diseases. And there is no such thing that SkinDeep takes into account the actual minor contents in the cosmetics product which are tested in independent labs on health safety!
More and more professionals in the cosmetic industry as well as scientists outside the industry criticize their rating system. They say that the conclusions of The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics are not based on valid scientific evidence. And they don’t pay heed to the relationship between hazard and risk.
Let me give you 2 examples of what we think is bad.


  • “Biodynamic® lemon peel oil has invigorating properties and also serves as a purifying disinfectant. With no risky antiperspirants such as aluminum salts, your body’s natural detoxification process is supported while bacteria that cause unpleasant odors are neutralized.”.

To me, Weleda is a wonderful natural cosmetics company from Switzerland that I highly respect. They use great ingredients for their natural citrus deodorant. The philosophy of Weleda products are based on teachings of Dr. Rudolf Steiner. However, this excellent product is rated by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics at high hazard level with Weleda’s ingredients in this product linked to:

  • Cancer
  • Developmental/reproductive toxicity
  • Allergies/immunotoxicity

Other concerns from them for the ingredients used are:

  • Neurotoxicity
  • Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive)
  • Multiple, additive exposure sources
  • Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs)
  • Enhanced skin absorption
  • Occupational hazards

Now, let’s be honest here. Who in the world would want to buy a natural deodorant from an otherwise impeccable, one-hundred year old, pure natural cosmetics company that -without any doubt- Weleda is…. but their products suggested is linked to cancer and a host of terrible heath issues? Sorry to Weleda, because you guys deserve MUCH better!!!

Same devastating news as Weleda is given to several of our Paul Penders Natural Cosmetics as well!!
Paul Penders produces for 40 years natural cosmetics that even recently were awarded by few magazines in USA and UK. They are used by consumers in some 15 countries. These include popular products like: Rescue Blemish Away, Natural Moisture Foundation, Citrus Fruit Exfoliant and Holy Basil Conditioning Scalp Toner. These contain impeccable and safe natural ingredients including 22 certified organic herbs, natural plant oils and much more.
But The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics rates these products as being a possible health hazard because of few ingredients, for example: a FOOD emulsifier OK’d by the FDA but according to The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics rated as a high health hazard. And salicylic acid produced from the bark of the willow tree used in Citrus Fruit Exfoliant is a high health hazard as well. This popular product was the first natural exfoliant products on the market, introduced by our company 15 years ago in California.
Even we use only a fraction of these ingredients (i.e. less than 1/10th of one percent) in our final product formulation, still The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics rates these products as being “moderate to high health hazard”. Therefore, our products are linked to cancer and more terrible diseases (same as the above excellent Weleda product).
Should this unfair Scare-Tactic not stop?
OK, The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has become a powerful organization in the US with their fingers in politics and high-end people. But I don’t care and wrote them few times to demand to have all Paul Penders products taken off their SkinDeep database. Why? Because consumers start to think that they could get sick of using our natural products. But The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics responded and simply refuses to do so.
Therefore I have an attorney in California now looking into the matter. I even consider – together with few friends natural cosmetic manufacturers – a lawsuit against The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics when they will not comply with my request.
Is The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’ rating system a joke or a nightmare? Or simply business??

5 Skin Care Tips for Healthy Skin in Fall

Is your skin feeling a little dry? Or is it looking a little dull? As the weather turns colder, skin problems start to develop during the transitioning from summer to fall due to the following reasons:

  1. There is more humidity and moisture in the air during summer. As the season changes, that moisture and humidity becomes lesser and our skin starts to feel dehydrated.
  2. When our skin darkens in the summer time, thick layer of dead skin cells build up. Due to the fact that we have humidity and moisture in the air, it is not a problem during summer. However, an imbalance skin condition and loss of oxygen to the skin will be resulted once the humidity and moisture is lost in the fall but still with the existence of that layer of dead skin cells.

Paul Penders - Lipgloss by Whitney TaylorHere are 5 tips on how to keep your skin healthy and balanced in fall:

  1. Use a humidifierHumidifier is a household appliance that provides humidity (moisture) in a single room or in the entire home. It helps to supple and hydrate your skin.
  2. Exfoliate twice a week – Exfoliate your skin at least twice a week in fall. It reduces the thick layer of dead skin cells that build up due to the weather during summer and it helps to supply oxygen to the skin.
  3. Use a rich oil based moisturizer – In the summer time, our skin needs less moisture so it is better to use oil-free moisturizing products. But as we transition into the fall, we need more hydration and we’re losing lipids of the skin, so it is ideal to use oil-based moisturizer by giving a little oil to the skin.
  4. Protect your lips – You can prevent dry cracked lips by using lip protection every single day because it helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth. When looking for a lip product, choose a product that contains avocado oil, jojoba oil, mango oil or shea butter. Avoid lip product that is petroleum based as anything that is petroleum based has been proven to cause further drying of the lips.
  5. Use oil in your bath water – Our skin all over the body needs constant moisture as the season changes into the fall. Home remedy helps to keep your skin hydrated by adding a little bit jojoba oil or almond oil into bath water before soaking your body in the tub.

Paul Penders - Avocado & Cranberry P.M. MoisturizerTry Paul Penders’ two-time award winner Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer! The Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer is a light creamy moisturizer that replenishes dry and sensitive skins and protects against dehydration. It lavishes the skin with emollients derived from selected natural moisturizing agents, including the finest avocado and jojoba plant oils. Besides, it contains natural vitamins, ceramides and liposomes to keep the skin smooth, supple, and resilient.

Paul Penders - Citrus Fruit ExfoliantYou can also try Paul Penders’ Citrus Fruit Exfoliant. Regular use of this non-abrasive herbal exfoliant will reveal soft, fresh, healthier-looking skin. Formulated with natural alpha and beta hydroxy acids that gently remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, this all-natural exfoliant will unclog pores and sweep away dead skin cells, leaving the skin softer and clearer than ever before. This natural exfoliant is specially created to work synergistically with the natural whitening effect of Paul Penders AquaLuna and Intensive Clarifying Therapy. Moreover, it is suitable for all skin types.

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