People We Admire: Gary Goldschneider comes to Malaysia

A Dream Comes True — World Renowned Classical Pianist
GARY GOLDSCHNEIDER visits Langkawi in October

    Dinner and Music – Hosts Berthe and Gary Goldschneider invited Paul Penders, his daughter Katja (center), and wife Salina Abdullah for a very special and memorable evening in the Netherlands. Note the music scores behind them.
    There is a magical essence in the way that Gary plays. Sometimes he brought tears in my eyes, because the emotion he put in the music brought out so much…
    – Katja Penders

Would you fly across the world to go to a piano recital? Paul Penders did. Gary Goldschneider will. After hearing his music, maybe you will too.

Paul’s long-time dream is coming true. After hearing world class pianist Gary Goldschneider perform in Amsterdam, Paul dreamt of inviting him to Langkawi island in Malaysia. Bringing the beauty of Western classical music to meet this exceptionally beautiful place in Asia seems like a perfect marriage.

This small rainforest island in the Andaman Sea near the border with Thailand provides many treats for its approx. 70,000 residents and several million visitors. But so far as anyone can tell, this is the very first time that there has been a recital of Western classical music.

Another first among several – it will be the first time that this much-traveled concert pianist has ever visited Asia. It is our hope that this is just the first of many visits!

Should you be in Langkawi, Malaysia on October 19th, please let us know. Gary Goldschneider will perform Friday evening at the Westin Langkawi Resort. The program will be a benefit for the Charity Club Langkawi and proceeds will go to support underprivileged youth who could not otherwise continue tertiary education.

And if you would just like to relax and dream yourself, please visit Gary’s website at to listen to some truly lovely classical music. For further information about Professor Goldschneider’s visit to Malaysia, visit or write

By Teviot Fairservis.


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The Story of Michelle

“I have been using your products for more than 20 years as I am chemically allergic to cosmetics. I use your black eye pencil and mascara exclusively. These are the ONLY I do not react to. I can not wear any other makeup as I react severely to them. I beg you to not to remove these products ever from production. Thank you!”

    Michelle deJarld, California, USA
    (Address not disclosed on request)

I use a great testimonial as follow-up to my blog article of a while ago because of the scare tactics by “The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics” where our customers spontaneously write us that show that Paul Penders cosmetics are SAFE even for people with most sensitive skin.
What makes me upset is that our time-tested natural ingredients, according to The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, are linked to cancer and a host of diseases without any scientific evidence presented by them. How is this possible in a country like the US? We receive testimonials from satisfied people all the time, but this one is special. I wish to share especially this one with you too.
The Story of Michelle.
Dear Paul,
I would be honored if you use my letter as a testimonial.  My name is Michelle deJarld and I live in California. I have had allergies all my life to foods, chemicals, environmental factors and most anything and everything. Wearing make-up has been very difficult as I am allergic to so many products. Paul Penders is the only eyeliner and mascara that I have been able to find anywhere that I won’t react to.
I was born with hives, an allergic reaction to a medication my mother had taken before delivery.  I have a lot of food allergies also. It’s been an interesting and very challenging journey so far!!
I am an official court reporter by day and a rock drummer in a local band by night.

The band I play in is called “Moe and the Sparrows” and we do all original Christian rock songs. I enjoy classical music very much as well, and any guitarist that I have worked with a classical background is always a wonderful musician!
I also have played bass guitar in a cover band doing early 60s through 90s along with current rock music. Drumming and guitar are great outlets for stress and a lot of fun!!  The stress of my day job is tremendous so to have a great outlet like this really helps!
I am a Blink 182 fan, but I love all kinds of music and bands out there currently. And past, from the Blues, some Jazz, rap, and of course rock artists like the Rolling Stones to the Beatles to Led Zeppelin (whose drummer John Bonham was a great influence)  to Pearl Jam to No Doubt, to Lincoln Park to Kings of Leon, etc., the list is infinite.
I am a Cancer Moonchild
Very sensitive internally along with the external sensitivities! I’m also a natural very dark redhead; French and Irish, which again adds to the sensitivities! Anyhow, for over 20 years now your products help me to be able to wear makeup like the rest of the world and even more needed and useful for my performances!
Michelle deJarld

Dr. Schwartz on QVC television with Paul Penders products!

Some of our fine customers who appreciate high quality cosmetics live in the beautiful country of the rising sun. For several years, Japan was a large market for Paul Penders natural cosmetic products.
Part of the promotion for Paul Penders products in Japan was live television and although I don’t speak Japanese myself, I occasionally make guest appearances. This is pure fun!

On one show, Dr. Schwartz was invited as guest all the way from Northeast USA. On television he discussed his involvement with Paul Penders when he still studied medicine at Stanford University in California, where a “think-tank” included the study of psoriasis. Dr. Schwartz, himself, suffers from this skin disorder.
Through a rather unusual situation in life, we became connected and remain friends to this day. We are discussing the possibility of an active involvement and role for Dr. Schwartz at Paul Penders for further research in combating psoriasis with natural materials and healing methods.
Friends of Andrew appreciate his friendliness, his hilarious jokes, his deep involvement in all that he undertakes, his commitment and love for nature combined with a down-to-earth lifestyle. Andrew and I share not only an interest in natural cosmetic ingredients but in sailing and classical music as well. When he visits me he enjoys the classical music heard throughout our offices all-day long.
We enjoyed a great live-show on a Sunday afternoon in Tokyo, seen by millions of Japanese. I am proud of our friendship with Dr. Schwartz and look forward to a time in the future where we may hopefully improve the lifes of those suffering from psoriasis. Thanks Andrew for being Dr. Schwartz and a great friend.