Plant Enzymes For Healthy Skin

Malaysia’s largest newspaper wrote not long ago about the beneficial effects that plant enzymes have on keeping skin healthy and beautiful. They mentioned that plant enzymes work as a tool to maintain radiant skin, as well as repair adverse skin conditions such blemishes, spots, discolorations and excessive sebum production.

The article confirms why we are using plant enzymes in our products since 2009. We also write about it for several years.

How does papaya work in skincare?

As we age, the glue that binds dead cells to our skin hardens and that make it more difficult for us to get rid of dead skin. Regular skin exfoliation is essential in order to remove dead skin cells allowing the skin to produce new, healthy cells.

Since 2009, we are using various types of plant enzymes mixed with coconut water extract in all Paul Penders skin and body care products because plant enzymes are considered great super cleansers for skin. Plant enzymes’ effects are beyond the effect of a cleanser, as enzymes are gently proteolytic exfoliants that expel the dead cells from the skin.

They also help in regulating the sebaceous flow, following the needs of your skin. Plant enzymes help creating an extraordinary smooth skin and a refreshed, clear and youthful complexion

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Few Unique Benefits Making Botanical Cosmetics More Effective.

LevensESSENTIE Gold ® is the beauty secret to every Paul Penders product. It’s a concentrated extract of 22 certified organic herbs, of which was the start was pioneered by Paul’s grandmother some 100 years ago in Holland.
The today’s version of this unique, concentrated, organic herbal extract is made from a mixture of eastern and western herbs from USA, China, Europe and Malaysia. LevensESSENTIE Gold ® has been proven to provide a healthy complexion.
Its extraordinary anti-aging ingredients, such as vitamins A, B, C & E, enzymes and phyto-tocotrienols counteract the early signs of aging and sustain a healthy skin.
Pegaga is a characteristic rainforest herb with anti-bacterial and healing properties.

Pegaga is native to Langkawi Geopark and an essential part of the LevensESSENTIE Gold ® herbal extract that is used in all Paul Penders products. Pegaga is known as ‘miracle hero’ of the rainforest because it helps to heal the body in many wondrous ways.
It is a traditional medicine used to alleviate fatigue and depression, but also known as a ‘beauty herb’ because it clarifies skin for greater radiance and glorious fresh looks.
Pegaga has been used since ancient times, especially in the ayurvedic medical system of India and in Chinese traditional medicine. Pegaga is even recommended by the World Health Organization as one of most important medical plant species to be conserved and cultivated.
Coconut water

Coconut water has been used for medicinal and cosmetic properties in Southeast Asia for thousands of years because it is rich in lipids, lauric acid and glucids as well as vitamins, nutrients and minerals. For generations, Asian women have used fresh coconut water to cleanse the face, and coconut fruit in moisturizers that keep the face and body young. Coconut water regenerates, revitalizes, moisturizes and softens the skin. All Paul Penders products (excluding lipsticks and powder products) include coconut water.
Loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, enzymes are catalysts for cell renewal. By capturing free-radicals and thus preventing damage caused by pollution, bacteria and sun, enzymes are capable of effecting changes such as wrinkle reduction and a healthier glow. Together with liposomes, the enzymes in Paul Penders skincare products can open blocked skin pores to prevent whiteheads and blackheads; hydrolyze oils for smoother skin finish and remove dead skin cells.
Enzymes create finer skin texture and reduce pore size when used over time. Papaya (papain) and pineapple (bromelain) enzymes are strongly beneficial to beautiful and a fresher looking skin.
Paul Penders cosmetics stop the decline of natural ceramide levels of our skin by using a liposome-based delivery system. A decline in the skin’s natural ceramide levels, over time, results in the familiar signs of aging, however skincare products with added ceramides increase the skin’s total moisture content.
Utilizing a liposome-based delivery system, ceramides and other anti-aging ingredients can readily target skin locations most in need of protection.
No Heat during Processing
The effectiveness of our skincare products, containing many fragile bio-active ingredients, would be minimized, or even destroyed, with the typical hot manufacturing process. Paul Penders uses a cold blending technology where products made in small batches are not heated above 35°C.

Paul Penders herbal skincare containing LevensESSENTIE Gold ® herbal extract with added ceramides, liposomes and coconut water, as well as various vitamins offer effective and powerful results. The “cold-blended” manufacturing system ensures that all bio-active ingredients remain at full strength making our products most effective as possible.


A True Royal Show in Perth, Australia

Our distributor in Australia had gone all out to bring our products to the attention of over 500,000 visitors that came to the Annual Royal Perth Show from all over Australia. Bee and Calvin did a terrific job. Our Paul Penders booth received lots of attention and answered many questions especially from people interested in a natural life styles and organic cosmetic matters.

Australia is an exciting country where natural pureness and natural living are more and more accepted as the new standard by a fast growing amount of concerned consumers.
Manning the Paul Penders booth were our committed distributor for Australia, Bee and Calvin Lim from Pert, assisted by Karin Gunthor from Freemantle, Western Australia. Karin is a long-time friend from Bee and an enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and professionally trained reseller of our products in Australia. She owns “Lakshmi Ayurveda” and truly loves Paul Penders products.
A Royal Surprise !

    Dato Seri (left) with his wife, and, Bee & Calvin of Paul Penders Australia and Karin

One of the highlights of the show was when Dato Seri and his wife arrived at the booth. He is a member of the Royal Family in Malaysia. Bee and Calvin were not aware that Dato Seri and I are long time friends and it was the first thing he told that to Bee, Karin and Calvin. Dato Seri is a kind human being and his wife – of course due to long time using our products 🙂 has a lovely complexion.

Here some nice images of this successful and pleasant show. I’d like to mention that we are proud to bring a special article about Karin Gunthor. She has a truly unique and very impressive background in natural healing. Karin worked in hospitals in Africa, Nepal, United Kingdom and India as a clinical nurse. Through what she saw in life, followed by studies at few universities, she became deeply involved in ayurvedic medicine. More about this wonderful person very soon.
We wish Bee and Calvin all the success in their journey to succeed with Paul Penders products in this beautiful and inspiring new country Australia. They promote our products to as many people as they can. We are enormous thankful for having committed distributors around the world like them. People who themselves live following a natural lifestyle and a thinking process of kindness that ultimately will bring all of us on this planet towards a better world. I always love the way Bee writes with a touching style; the way she is by heart.
Thank you Paul Penders Australia!


An encouragement to wake up

After we have tested this product, we say… please.. DO try Paul Penders Hydrating Control Serum (HCS) at home, will you? Because it is a real savior when your face is in trouble!

The tube contains a creamy serum with a surprising effect! Your skin will feel soft and smooth, and it seems like your face is being ‘tight up’ a little. You’re now ready to face the outside world all bright and shiny!
Hydrating Control Serum provides your skin with her need for hydration and attends her natural resilience, softness and radiant complexion.
The purely natural ingredients of this serum richly provide your skin with the right vitamins, ceramides, liposomes and powerful anti-oxidants to prevent the early signs of aging and simultaneously encourage the production of healthy chloroplasts.
Hydrating Control Serum is preferably used underneath your day moisturizer as it increases the activity of the moisturizer in that way.
The special LevensESSENTIE Gold® certified organic herbs, as well as plants extracts are for women who believe that nature provides the best ingredients to keep their skin healthy.

But also to people who believe that their choice for honest natural products give a fair chance to nature, because these specific choices defines the future of our earth’s children as well.
Author: Maureen (Translation testimonial from Beauty Journal in Europe)

ICT, the Well Kept Secret to Beautiful Skin

For many years, we at Paul Penders understood the scientific wonders of ICT and how, with innovation, it has been used effectively in skin treatment to remove old and dead skin cells to reveal a new skin that makes you look and feel younger.
Actually the mixture of certified organic herbs and CO2 has been a well-kept secret behind the success of ICT (Intensive Clarifying Therapy). It is the unique application and scientific knowledge that produces excellent results in this exciting skin treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps to improve the elasticity of the skin, and gives you a softer, smoother and clearer complexion.

The beautiful effervescence resulting from the mixture of two product components from ICT produces very tiny bubbles of CO2 and a small amount of oxygen, which complement each other to keep your complexion always aglow and looking fresh.
We are excited with C02 based on new scientific evidence and the increased medical use of CO2 lately. At Paul Penders, we believe in providing you with the knowledge of how our products work so that you can use them confidently.
How CO2 is used these days for skincare
Dermatologists in USA bring CO2 just below the surface of the skin; it diffuses into the surrounding tissues and literally “melts away” fat cells and unwanted stretch marks. CO2 causes the blood vessels to dilate and increase the oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin. This helps to eliminate fluid build-up between cells, and the skin is stimulated to produce more collagen. Fewer fat cells result in a firm and younger looking skin.
Research conducted at the University of Siena in Italy showed that CO2 was effective in helping women lose fats in their thigh and stomach. At the same time their skin became firmer and cellulite smoother.
Medical CO2 treatments are also used to treat layers of damaged skin with excellent results. The laser treatment helps to remove fine wrinkles and giving the skin a smoother complexion, besides minimizing facial scars and heavily pigmented areas. The treatments are effective in softening lines around the eyes and mouth.
We at Paul Penders appreciate CO2 as a Big Life Giver and essential part of our eco system. CO2 has been received adverse publicity about greenhouse effects and global warming but new research however shows how C02 contributes to sustain life on earth.
We, at Paul Penders, use the great advantages of C02 combined with certified organic herbs, while more and more dermatologists worldwide now continue to explore the wonders of C02 for truly beautiful skin from a medical perspective as well.

All one needs is ICT.

You can expect the best results in anti-aging treatment with Paul Penders ICT. On top of the beautiful effervescence which helps to allow quick penetration of nutrients into the skin, ICT contains 22 certified organic herbs and essential oils, ceramides and vitamins which help to nourish the fresh skin cells after the ICT has done its job. These nutrients, which are ‘food to the skin’, will improve the skin’s elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and increase moisture levels of the skin.
To prepare a fresh ICT treatment is a simple three-step process:

  1. Mix the two product components – two scoops of ICT I with ¾ scoop of ICT II (for multiple amounts use same multiple dosages). Application tools and directions are inside the ICT packaging box.
  2. Let the mixture develop for a few minutes and apply mixture with a brush or spatula onto face and neck but avoid applying close to the eyes. For dry and sensitive skin apply first a moisturizer, only then apply ICT.
  3. Leave 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse off.